It’s finally done!
After 10, 000 years this fananimation is finished.
Based on the beautiful Korrasami poster Bryan K. made.

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¡Finalmente está terminada, después de 10, 000 años!
Basado en el hermoso póster de Korra y Asami hecho por Bryan K.

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Lavabending is a specialized sub-skill of earthbending that allows the user to manipulate molten earth. This rare ability allows the bender to phase-change earth into lava, lava into earth, and otherwise manipulate existing lava with great dexterity.

Legend of Korra x Star Wars: The Force Awakens crossover commission by drakyx from her patreon.

Had to make a request for one of my new favorite Star Wars movie.

It made sense to have Korra as Rey, being the kick-ass female protagonist of the movie. I thought Finn’s quick and funny personality was closer to Bolin’s. Poe really had that cool guy vibe to him so I naturally thought of Mako. This way, Mako and Bolin could have that bromance dynamic that Poe and Finn had in the movie, and Korra and Bolin could have the fun, dynamic relationship as well. 

Big thanks drakyx for making this really come to life!