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We never got any details on Sally and Paul’s Wedding. 

  • Sally insisting that the court house is fine, and they should save the money. 
  • But Paul, knowing about Sally’s life, refuses, and insists on a small ceremony. It doesn’t take much convincing, especially once Percy starts telling her that a ceremony would be nice. 
  • They get married in late April, at Montauk (it was Percy’s idea.) 
  • Sally wears a short white dress, with her mother’s veil she pulled out of storage. Paul and Percy wear suits with blue ties. 
  • Annabeth goes as Percy’s date (”Shut up mom, it’s not a date, it’s just Annabeth” “But she’s your plus one.”) 
  • The minister is one of Paul’s friends. 
  • Percy walks Sally down the isle. Everyone cries. 
  • There are only about ten people total, and they all just go out for a nice dinner for the reception. 
  • Even though it was small and casual, it was beautiful, and Sally was glad she let Paul talk her into it. 
  • Paul and Sally go Vermont for their honeymoon, and for the week they’re away Annabeth crashes at Percy’s, and they play video games all week in between school. 

I   A M   S I N I S T A R

By Furries in a Blender.

Sally and Paul Christmas Miracles: No matter how bad the year had been, something always went right on Christmas. 

This is kind of a continuation from the Percabeth story from two years ago found here

This can get a little dark TW for mentions of death/miscarege

The best part of the year was always Christmas. It meant a bad year was almost over, or it gave her a chance to celebrate a good one. No matter how a year had been, Christmas always brought small miracles to the Jackson home. 

The year Percy was 8 was the second Christmas with Gabe. The year before he threw one of Percy’s few gifts into the fire when Percy dropped some cheep disposable ornament. That year though, he went out with his friends and got so drunk he forgot to come home. Sally and Percy were able to enjoy Christmas on their own, without any melted plastic. 

The year Percy was twelve, they had gotten rid of Gabe forever, and even though they didn’t have much cash, they had some blue cookies and a modest tree, covered in home made ornaments. That was all they needed. They didn’t have Gabe and Percy was alive, that was all Sally needed for the perfect Christmas.

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Just a little creepy chaos before bed.

Haunting Ground – Something Lacking.