bolete mushroom

a marker & graphite study of a mushroom called the bovine bolete. medieval knights despised this species and left it for cattle-drivers, hence its name. while not poisonous, it’s not particularly good eating, with its soft yet elastic flesh making it practically inedible.

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The Bluing Bolete - Gyroporus cyanescens

Just sneezing at this fungus seems enough to turn it blue. Whenever it’s touched or damaged it instantly turns a most intense and brilliant shade. One of a few blue edible mushrooms and is an exception to the blue staining bolete rule. A safe rule to follow as there are a number of toxic ones to be wary of, like Boletus sensibilis and B. subvelutipes.


The final harvest… I found a lot of familiar edibles on this trip (crown-tipped coral, #5; lobster, #8), as well as a few boletes & shelf mushrooms I have yet to spore print.

I’ll probably toss most of the bag because there are 3 major mushroom rules to follow:
“Small & brown, put it down”
(Because most small, brown mushrooms have a lot of look-alikes and can be easily confused)
“When in doubt, throw it out”
( A lot of them were so fresh and soft that they crumbled in a heap together, so better not to play with poison, eh?)
“A shroom with a gill can make you ill”
(Some gilled mushrooms are fine, such as portobellos, but a lot are not, so better safe than sorry)

So far, the coral was delicious after cooking it up in some butter! Had a peppery taste that went nicely with my pasta.