It’s easy to dismiss or underestimate the power of prayer! But we cannot do anything on our own, truly. We are destitute without the power of God and incomplete. If we are to battle we need the Holy spirit. Not just the Holy Spirit alone, but the spirit of excellency!! Study up, be knowledgeable, and awake. Build your muscles, but in your action don’t forget to take God with you! We Don’t have to fight our battles alone.

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Be wealthy! wisdom and wealth comes from God. The power to make your dreams come true, starts in you. Don’t settle for anything less than your Absolute best!

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Thank God for relief! When we sacrifice the image of who we think we are for His purpose we experience peace. When we’re trying to hold a pose. 📷 we don’t breathe. Sometimes this carries into life, but we don’t have to hold a position of stagnancy and complacency. God wants to move us for His glory. Put down the image, put down the facade and hand it over to God. Put down your life story, submit it to God, trade it in for a new one. Release soul ties and bondage, Testimony: God allows us to experience a new freedom that’s totally clean and totally pure. (# Holiness), Holiness is not something you do, Holiness is something God gives. We have to present ourselves before Him in all of our sickness and all of our scars. Be made whole!! Holiness is not performance based.

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Your struggle wasn’t made to stop you, it was made to launch you. Don’t let the value of your struggle go for cheap. If you didn’t have what it takes to excel, the enemy wouldn’t be fighting you so hard. Your success has the potential to bring millions out of bondage, to set captives free. You have Every right to win!! Your struggle wasn’t for nothing! Stop letting the enemy win!! Go Prosper!! Stop giving the enemy discounts!! know your worth!! God’s got you covered!!
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Don’t go back into your trauma. We can’t step half way, we have to Realize that God is able to do just what He say’s He can do. There is nothing we can want that He’s not able to provide. Faith is taking the first step, Faith is also Never turning around again!! Stay on the path of God’s grace with everything you got!! “Break Free For Real” today’s post on 📖☁💪📆 #1Corinthians10:13 #BOLDJournal #Inspiration #faith #Grace

Solomon chose wisdom over everything. Wisdom rejoices in truth. Wisdom is an empowerment serum for the soul.  Don’t wait to be validated by anything or anyone. Consume wisdom. Grow and live. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re too young to be wise. We wanna downplay wisdom because its easier to follow the crowd and act a fool. Wisdom is more valuable than anything we clamor to possess. when you think you don’t have anything seek wisdom. “Why spend money on what is not food? Why work for what does not satisfy you?Listen carefully to me.Then you will eat what is good.You will enjoy the richest food there is.” (Isaiah 55:2). “seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” (Matt. 6:33) The kingdom protocol is filled with wisdom.Wisdom is more More valuable than rubies and precious stones.

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Big Sky Country by Vicki Rawlins at

This is the beauty I want in my life, the image itself, and the feel it brings. Can you tell I love clouds? Clouds denote the glory of God. There is such an animated clarity here. It’s clearly skillful work by the artist. Another plus… it looks like Mufasa from The Lion King is about to come breaking through the clouds at any minute. Very glorious and splendid.

Four Sisters by Holly Royval at

Love this! The color contrasts here rock! The sisters here are similar, but different in personalities, that’s how we know they’re sisters. It is an image of us all. Human kind as a whole, we belong to each other, but we have differences in authenticity. Beyond the meaningfulness of the lesson the picture is just nice to look at. Are the four sisters: style, class, elegance, and sophistication? because that’s what this painting says to me.

Facades by Qing Ji at

My grandmother use to have a picture just like this in her house. It brings back sentimental feeling and memories, and at the the same time it makes me want to travel and go somewhere far away that I’ve never been before. (Italy, maybe.) Pretty much anywhere that’s not where I am. This picture makes me believe and wander. There’s motivation here, motivation for something better.