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So are Shaak Ti and Fives partners at the precinct like Anakin and Rex? CAUSE I'M DOWN FOR THAT

Ah, no, sorry. Shaak Ti is a behavioral analyst, or maybe criminal profiler is the term? She also does crisis negotiation and teaches part-time at the police academy, because if CSI can combine 14 jobs into one character in order to keep them on screen longer than so can I. :P Anyway Fives meanwhile is a SWAT officer. They are definitely good friends, though! Here’s a post about them. C:


Hello! As the year does its final curtain call i would like everyone of my followers for following such a trash blog and making my fourth blog on this hell site a decent one, i’ve only been on here roughly four months but its been the best four months because of y’all. everyone on this list has made my time here excellent  now enough talking, and lets get this thing started. (and yes this may be all the people im following, but i’m following them for a reason!)

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Y'all need to stop what you doin and follow all of these beautiful people
HP Tag

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What is your name?: Ruth

How old are you?: 27 (28 today oh god)

What House(s) are you in? Ravenclaw

What kind of blog do you run? Current active sideblog with all things Harry Potter and A LOT of Cursed Child, Drarry and Scorbus. (Also other ships i.e. Hinny.) Main blog has other multi-fandom things that I love. 

Your Patronus? Polar Bear (how…?)

Your Pottermore House results? Ravenclaw

Which book is your favorite? Prisoner of Azkaban

Which book is your least favorite? Love them all but if I had to choose then possible Order of the Phoenix 

Which is your least favorite movie? Order of the Phoenix

What is your favorite quote? “After all this time?” “Always” (also “There is no need to call me Sir, Professor.” Sassy!Harry is the best Harry)

Favorite Potter? Harry 

Favorite Weasley? Ginny

Favorite Malfoy? Draco (Sorry Scorpius, daddy wins this one)

Favorite Black? Sirius

Favorite Marauder? Padfoot

Favorite Golden Trio member? Harry

Favorite Silver Trio member? Ginny

Favorite Female character? Can’t pick between Ginny or Luna

Favorite male character? Apart from Harry and Draco? Neville.

Favorite Professor? Lupin

Favorite House? Slytherin 

What character do you dislike the most? Umbridgeeee more like UGHbitch

What ships are your favorite? Drarry and Scorbus

Is there a movie that you liked more than the book? Love the whole aesthetics of the movies but nothing beats the books!

If you could make your own House, what would be the traits? Bravery, Honesty, Friendship

What would your Amortentia smell like? Tangerines, morning spring air, and a bit of something else…

Which do you prefer - owls, cats, or frogs? CATS hands down (also I am bitter that Stuart’s kitty didn’t win twitter poll)

Which is your favorite Harry Potter Era? Cursed Child Era (though they’re all my favs)

So, I tag… @bounding-heart, @platinasi, @ohscorbus, @emopeej, @buzzybluepenguin, @torestoreamends, @itsmusicalphan24601, @aquiveringgeekness, @fangirl-by-night , @drarryking, @kingdomofscorbus, @mxlfoydraco, @sparebowkerjr ….(will add more once I’m back on my laptop)

Actually it seems like most people have been tagged already, sorry if I have tagged you again, and quoting @ mrsellacott –> if you want to do this, then do so! If I didn’t tag you, you can do it as well if you want! =)

It’s Just Breakfast! Part 5

A collaboration with @dontstopwiththelyin

Summary: You and Bucky bein all cute and domestic and fluffy after the shenanigans that brought you together. 

Warnings: Mentions of smut but nothing to graphic, Language, Fluffy, Sleepy Bucky, and I think that’s it! 

A/N: So, I’m sorry I haven’t been on top of posting these like I was with Dude, Where’s My Mug? I’ve had some stuff going on and been super exhausted. But I wanted to let you guys know that I’m labeling my Tag lists at the bottom of this post. If you aren’t on the permanent tag list and would like to be just shoot me an ask! And if your name is bolded for some reason Tumblr wouldn’t let me tag you.  ~Lish

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   There is a soft, agitated tapping that reverberates through the dreary corridor positioned outside of the king’s study, as if the footsteps of bored guards have synced with the obnoxious tick of the candle that counts down too many hours spent behind a locked door in a stuffy room. A groan settles on his tongue, but never slips from his chapped lips, and the shout he has nestled in his throat dies just as quickly. Instead, dull teeth sink themselves into his fleshy bottom lip where dried blood has already found its home. He’s used to the background noise of the castle, he tries to remind himself, as cobalt hues glare down at the stout pile of papers spread out awkwardly upon the desk in front of him.  

      It’s at such moments, in the seclusion of his study, that he wishes Tibarn would have left behind a manual of some sort (or at least gave decent advice), but the hawk king had always been the type of leader to play everything by ear. Alvah, on the other hand, was not, and the piles of organized documents (of varying sizes) were proof that he put too much thought into every action he chose to take. And he took too long at that, the nearest packet would imply, dated two months ago, He supposed that, on the bright side, he was at least getting around to it. He wasn’t a bad king, not by a long shot, but he focused heavily upon his own people and made little effort to maintain contact with neighboring nations (which he continuously tells himself he’ll get around to eventually).

      Three in the morning always seemed like the past time; kept awake by the workload and the constant pacing of the guards stationed outside, but the thickening creases forming on his forehead would imply he wasn’t going to make much progress this morning. Heaving a sigh, and leaning back on the aged chair, he counts the panels on the ceiling for at least the fifth time that day. The number always seems to change, but the deep bags etched beneath his eyes would hint that he’s too tired to even remember what the total had been the last time he had counted them. 

      “Damn,” he hisses before the curse is forced back down his throat by the sound of the door swinging open, and slamming against the wall with a powerful thud that is most certainly going to add to the scuff marks already lining the walls. He thinks his heart is somewhere lodged between his tongue and his front teeth, but he he swallows it back down with the grace of a thousand screaming children before he wills himself to stare at the man in the doorway. His chest heaving, and eyes puffy with tears and sweat, Alvah can already feel the dread as it crawls its way down his spine, but he manages to sputter out a harsh, “What?” anyway.

     The man takes his time to heave in fistfuls of air before rattling off some incoherent stream of shrieks that Alvah somehow scrambled together in his head to figure out that some stranger had thrown his entire guard into disarray. Why, he didn’t know and didn’t care. Slamming his palms down onto the table to stop the man from speaking, he scatters the papers before pushing away from his desk. “I’ll take care of it.” 

      There is a jumbled mess of protests that follow his words, but Alvah has never had the demeanor of a proper king, and shoves his way past the poor guard instead of listening; black, feathered wings stretching out from their stiff bend in the hallway. Most of his men are young and poorly trained; Tellius hasn’t endured a war in some time, and he’s always felt a slight obligation to protect them. And as those thoughts swim through his mind, he picks up his pace; the sound of hefty boots echoing throughout the thick halls of the castle as he walks. Reaching the end of the pathway, he extends nimble fingers to grab hold of the golden handles on the window, and flings it open the about as much pose as the guard had done with the door to his study. One boot is already braced against the windowsill when he hears the frantic shout of his guards, and he’s already leaping from the opening before they can grab hold of him.

       Massive wings extend to their full length behind him, and beat steadily against the chill of the early morning air only a handful of times as they lower him effortlessly to the ground.He knows this kingdom like he knows every scar that covers the backs of his hands, and he knows every single one of his soldiers on a personal level; it takes him only a moment to spot the dark-haired girl in a group of confused, young soldiers who part for him like he’ll behead them if they say something wrong.

     “I would prefer it if you didn’t harass my men too much,” he begins, folding his wings against his back as he makes his way towards the woman. “They’re delicate creatures, and I would rather not have to clean up their corpses when I just stopped cleaning up their feathers.” He halts a few feet from the stranger. “I am Alvah, King of  Lagois. In other words, I rule over the soil you’re currently standing in. State your name and purpose, if you wish to avoid my talons, or we could just skip straight to your death if you’re here to bring harm to my people. If not, I suppose it’s a pleasure to meet you.”            

Signs as Crayola Colors

**Classic 1990-2015 **

Aries: Razmatazz 

Taurus:Macaroni and Cheese 

Gemini: Inchworm

Cancer:Cotton Candy

Leo: Mango Tango 

Virgo: Mahogany 

Libra: Tickle Me Pink

Scorpio: Jazzberry Jam

Sagittarius: Wild Strawberry 

Capricorn: Dandelion 

Aquarius: Outer Space 

Pisces: Purple Mountains’ Majesty

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now, but I finally hit 2k and I wanted to do something to celebrate! Thank you all so much for being a part of my experience on here, I appreciate every single one of you. This past year especially has been great, I’ve met a lot of great people and made amazing friends. <3

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Face reveal?

Uh, no. I would put the “I refuse to do a face reveal” in bold, but for some reason Tumblr won’t let me edit my posts.

It claims I’ve ‘already answered two questions today’…but I’m not trying to answer another question???