This is my life.
People and the world will put me down, tease me, forcing me to follow their ugly standards and belittle me, but I don’t care about it and these haters. I just do the best of me. I don’t need to impress others. I don’t need a revenge or payback. Cause I’m not like them. My life, is not defined by them.

I just want everyone to know that after hearing all the songs live it has really amplified my love of this album like, this is going to be a really bold statement but my love for EYCTE might beat out my love for… Humbug… my favorite record… of all time….


Amedot is real.

A very bold statement to make knowing how it could upset some Lapidot fans or other fan ships that involve Peridot, but I think we need to face facts. Amethyst and Peri are becoming very close friends and this episode is proof.

I’m not here to analyse every frame of each episode, I’m just giving my first impressions. Amethyst cares for Peridot, a lot. That is important. Peridot is still growing into her own and still has so much to learn, it’s nice to see that Amethyst is playing a big part in that. Their interactions are so cute you just can’t look away. I don’t even care if it doesn’t evolve into something more romantic, honestly I just love to see them together.

And let’s not forget about Green Magneto! Holy smokes indeed, this might actually mean she always had the potential to control metal without her even knowing! Which means all the time when she had her limb enhancers, she was controlling them with her power! Can all the new Peridots back on Homeworld do this? We shall see.

Too Short to Ride. Any episode that involves Peridot is a win. 

Maddie & Tae sang a new song at a writers round which I listened to 3 times and was so inspired by that I wrote a song named “Build a House” in 10 minutes and I don’t know if I have been this proud of something since CK…

My (always late) reaction to the episode.

It was cute…even more than the average episode maybe. Rainbow’s extreme enthusiasm for her pet that does nothing but float in place is pretty endearing too. Dash episodes can be grating but this didn’t feel that way for me.
Either the writing for this season (or me?) changed a bit. Maybe some of both, but I’m definitely liking this season more than the last two.

The people that have been following my blog (THANK YOU BY THE WAY!!! You are the sweetest) already know that I am crazy about bricks!!!  These walls look amazing!!! 

If you really want to make a bold statement in your home, then you should consider buying a ceiling mount fixture with an adjustable arm. That will give your dining area an industrial style and it will look very modern! I love the idea!!!