This is my life.
People and the world will put me down, tease me, forcing me to follow their ugly standards and belittle me, but I don’t care about it and these haters. I just do the best of me. I don’t need to impress others. I don’t need a revenge or payback. Cause I’m not like them. My life, is not defined by them.
My (always late) reaction to the episode.

It was cute…even more than the average episode maybe. Rainbow’s extreme enthusiasm for her pet that does nothing but float in place is pretty endearing too. Dash episodes can be grating but this didn’t feel that way for me.
Either the writing for this season (or me?) changed a bit. Maybe some of both, but I’m definitely liking this season more than the last two.

when beauty magazines or clothing stores say stuff like “bootcut jeans are back” or “flares are back!!!” it’s like…u know people actually have to start wearing them for them to be ‘back in fashion’ right???? like u cant trick me into wearing flares with a bold statement and a few nice pics of white girls in huge pants