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YOU ROMANCED BLACKWALL TOO?? OMG!! What did you choose when you found out that he was Tom Rainier? I'm like so curious now. :3

I forgave him immediately and demanded he take me back to the barn for a quickie in the hay 


 Because my previous Follow Forever Post didn’t bold some of my faves I wanted to just make another post because I’m super frustrated!! 

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This was meant for people who I’ve talked to so much and feel v close with and those who I want to get to know even better because I’m so glad we’re mutuals and a lot of you kept not getting bolded on the FF post and I felt like you guys deserved a separate posts bc I’ve gotten closer with you!! 

(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ Let’s stay in contact and if you want to hmu then please do!!


Britney Spears-ies!

I’ll admit I’m a fan of Britney, especially her music videos! Toxic is my favourite video of hers and it has so many different looks going on that I just had to try them all!

Here’s the first one I tried, Nick photoshopped my hair so it matches hers, HE SAVED ME SO MUCH MONEY IN WIG FUNDS! $$$$$$$$$$$$

Step 1: Primer- elf eye primer in Sheer Step 2: Draw the outline of the red using a red lip liner or eyeliner. I started by drawing a line from the top of my brow down to my inner corner, in my crease (leave the lid blank) out into a winged formation connecting with the end of my eyebrow and then over top of my eyebrow. Step 3: Fill in the red. You can use the same pencil or do what I did and switch to a jumbo pencil (saves a little time). - Nyx jumbo pencil in Cherry Step 4: Apply a matte red eyeshadow all over the red eyeliner to set it. - 120 palette Red Step 5: Using a black eyeliner, fill in the eyelid, line underneath the eye, and draw a strong dramatic wing out the side of the eye. - Nyx jumbo pencil in Slate Step 6; Apply a matte black eyeshadow all over the black eyeliner to set it. I used a small brush so it reduced fallout and didn’t blend into the red. - 120 palette matte black Step 7: False lashes - Hong Kong Lashes #10 Step 8: Black eyeliner and mascara - Marcelle black eyeliner, Cargo Triple Action mascara Step 9: Foundation - do this after the eye makeup to reduce blending/fallout issues. - Almay true blend foundation Step 10: Red blush on the highest part of the cheekbones and lightly blend down. I used the same red eye shadow as my blush! Step 10: Red lips! I used Boots No.7 lipstick In Dare Devil and then patted some of the red eyeshadow over top to match! *Bonus!: Red wig or photoshop! You can also add diamond sunglasses and all the black leather you can find Hope you enjoy!!!

Take Care! 

Inspiração do dia: Makes com batom escuro

Inspiração do dia: Makes com batom escuro

Olá meninas, como vão vocês? Eu estou com frio, enrolada de meia e ainda com frio, hahaha, o post de hoje é cheio de inspirações para quem assim como eu ama um batom escuro, sem contar que é a cara do inverno né gatas? Então vamos conferir algumas fotos que achei no Pinterest. Além de ser a cara do inverno, já pensou em ousar na produção com um batom bem marcante pra esquentar seus dias? Pode ser…

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Beauty tip of the day:

Being unique!

When you wear makeup that goes beyond a basic natural look, the biggest thing to remember is that confidence is the key for rocking any look. If bold fuchsia lips are your trademark, or you can’t imagine life without your peacock blue frosted eye shadow, then wear it and wear it well!

Makeup is all about expressing your individuality, and showing off the many sides of your dynamic personality! Your look doesn’t need to follow any rules you can go over-the-top and be outrageous, and it can work. Any diva with distinction knows that if your head is held high, people will notice you first and your makeup second.

Space: The Final Frontier

Space: The Final Frontier

A warped view of the space age alternative…a dream and its weavers Priya , Priyanka, Monali and for the constant nagging, impertinent irritation of the nails on walls quality :  Rahul.

         What secrets do the stars behold,

Who peers down from between the scintillating lamps,

-Can you see me as I smile,

Hidden behind the feathery Nimbus -

Is the void truly empty?

A thousand dreams keep me…

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Beauty tip of the day!

Don’t match up!

Be careful not to match your makeup to your outfit. It can be too much and end up looking tacky. If you’re dressed to the nines, your face should be low-drama and if you are wearing a sparkly dress then don’t apply sparkly makeup. Instead, stick with a smokey eye and if you are wearing bold prints or colour, keep your makeup neutral.

anonymous asked:

What are some of your favorite makeup looks? Thank u!

Hi ^^

Usually i like more natural make-up looks. And make-up with dark red lips..

Like this:

Whit this kind of make-up you can see me most of the time.. sometimes i even go with a naked face outside

If i am to choose a bold make-up. Even if i don’t think i will wear it those are my favorite: 

Hope you like it ^^
Beauty Products For PALE/FAIR Skin | 2015
Hello again! For every downside to being super pale there is a bright side (literally)! The bright blushes, bold lip stick and the sassy winged eye liner!! I...

Pale skin? no problem! check out some of the beauty products I use to make my pasty skin complexion POP! 

INTRODUCTION: Karoline Lang FW15 | Structured Skirt Collection

Parisian ready-to-wear designer Karoline Lang offer us this season fabulous, simple yet subtle structured skirts from her FW15 collection. Combining volume, bold colors and leather accents each skirt has its own unique flair. Perfect for dressing your outfit up or down, each piece has a casually chic feel that easily transitions from day to night.

Karoline Lang price points range from $100 to $4,000 and is at Elodie K in Los Angeles and online at