about to go to sleep

for some reason there is a beetle crawling on my pillow

i put it in a container so i can let it outside tomorrow

me: “i am sorry, beetle, but i don’t want you..”
me: “…in my hair tonight”

laughing forever at my own bad pun


Britney Spears-ies!

I’ll admit I’m a fan of Britney, especially her music videos! Toxic is my favourite video of hers and it has so many different looks going on that I just had to try them all!

Here’s the first one I tried, Nick photoshopped my hair so it matches hers, HE SAVED ME SO MUCH MONEY IN WIG FUNDS! $$$$$$$$$$$$

Step 1: Primer- elf eye primer in Sheer Step 2: Draw the outline of the red using a red lip liner or eyeliner. I started by drawing a line from the top of my brow down to my inner corner, in my crease (leave the lid blank) out into a winged formation connecting with the end of my eyebrow and then over top of my eyebrow. Step 3: Fill in the red. You can use the same pencil or do what I did and switch to a jumbo pencil (saves a little time). - Nyx jumbo pencil in Cherry Step 4: Apply a matte red eyeshadow all over the red eyeliner to set it. - 120 palette Red Step 5: Using a black eyeliner, fill in the eyelid, line underneath the eye, and draw a strong dramatic wing out the side of the eye. - Nyx jumbo pencil in Slate Step 6; Apply a matte black eyeshadow all over the black eyeliner to set it. I used a small brush so it reduced fallout and didn’t blend into the red. - 120 palette matte black Step 7: False lashes - Hong Kong Lashes #10 Step 8: Black eyeliner and mascara - Marcelle black eyeliner, Cargo Triple Action mascara Step 9: Foundation - do this after the eye makeup to reduce blending/fallout issues. - Almay true blend foundation Step 10: Red blush on the highest part of the cheekbones and lightly blend down. I used the same red eye shadow as my blush! Step 10: Red lips! I used Boots No.7 lipstick In Dare Devil and then patted some of the red eyeshadow over top to match! *Bonus!: Red wig or photoshop! You can also add diamond sunglasses and all the black leather you can find Hope you enjoy!!!

Take Care! 

Beauty tip of the day:

Being unique!

When you wear makeup that goes beyond a basic natural look, the biggest thing to remember is that confidence is the key for rocking any look. If bold fuchsia lips are your trademark, or you can’t imagine life without your peacock blue frosted eye shadow, then wear it and wear it well!

Makeup is all about expressing your individuality, and showing off the many sides of your dynamic personality! Your look doesn’t need to follow any rules you can go over-the-top and be outrageous, and it can work. Any diva with distinction knows that if your head is held high, people will notice you first and your makeup second.

Space: The Final Frontier

Space: The Final Frontier

A warped view of the space age alternative…a dream and its weavers Priya , Priyanka, Monali and for the constant nagging, impertinent irritation of the nails on walls quality :  Rahul.

         What secrets do the stars behold,

Who peers down from between the scintillating lamps,

-Can you see me as I smile,

Hidden behind the feathery Nimbus -

Is the void truly empty?

A thousand dreams keep me…

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Beauty tip of the day!

Don’t match up!

Be careful not to match your makeup to your outfit. It can be too much and end up looking tacky. If you’re dressed to the nines, your face should be low-drama and if you are wearing a sparkly dress then don’t apply sparkly makeup. Instead, stick with a smokey eye and if you are wearing bold prints or colour, keep your makeup neutral.

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Using only song titles from one artist/band cleverly answer the questions. Pass to 15 people. Try not to repeat a song (not as easy as you’d think). I’m gonna pick All American Rejects(:

1. what is your gender? Damn Girl

2. describe yourself: Gives You Hell

3. how do you feel: Fallin’ Apart

4. if you could go anywhere, where would you go? Top of the World
5. your favorite form of transportation: Night Drive

6. your best friend is Mona Lisa
7. you and your best friends Move Along

8. if your life was a tv show, what would the title be? Dirty Little Secret
9. what is life to you? It Ends Tonight

10. your relationship: Another Heart Calls

11. your fear: Real World

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i loooove wearing bright eyeshadow because when i tried out eyeshadow before in grade 7 i use to do it bright and stuff, but i got made fun of (and i did before that anyway so) and then i stopped wearing it so i wouldn’t be teased anymore and decided not to do any bold make up like ever again so then heres ME now and NEVERRRR in a million years would i think i would be wearing blue, purple, pink, gold, orange, green, red eyeshadow and dark lips because i was terrified what everyone would think, but every morning i plan my makeup and start doing it, every time i get a second of doubt i remind myself that it doesn’t matter because i fucking liked it. this sounds so stupid, but its just im amazed at how my confidence has grown from when i was younger and its such a big step for me to stand out when i was terrified of that before

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips for an aspiring model?

Absolutely, practice confidence, look in the mirror, state the positive things about yourself. Don’t focus on the negative. Enhance the good features you have, are your eyes beautiful? Enhance that with lashes to get a more dramatic effect in front of the camera. Being a model is very much like playing a role, you have to believe it and in yourself for others to see it too. Don’t ever focus on what you feel is wrong with you, esp not your weight, all weights have a role in the modelling world, it’s how you look and how you present yourself. Focus on that “look”, and by that I mean figure out what you are looking to model (is it in pin up? runway? glamor?) Then figure out the best portfolio for yourself. Buy clothes that fit the genre you are looking to model in, style your hair, practice bold make up. If you are looking to model for a certain company like playboy or vogue for example, study what that magazine wants. Look at the other models, what are they wearing? How is their hair done? Try to match the genre/stye the company wants in your portfolio. Do a LOT of TFP (trade for portfolio) work to start with, build a decent portfolio (Don’t pay a photographer, many photographers are happy to just work with other talent to build their portfolio also in the beginning) That portfolio is what is going to get you gigs, and the photos you will submit to websites and agents. Then network, go to other modelling events, runway shows, meet the people involved with them, befriend people with similar interests online and other models, often models can help each other out, as can a good modelling agency. Just remember your portfolio is key. Best of luck aspiring starlet!

Makeup Tutorial for the Queen of the Reef from Destiny (from the House of Wolves teaser!)

Hi friends!

I was pretty excited yesterday to see the newly rendered slightly updated Queen of the Reef in the House of Wolves teaser. I needed to do a tutorial on her, she just looked too cool!

She’s an Awoken so her skin is super pale and blue-tinted. You can skip all that and just do the eyeshadow, eyebrows, and lipstick if you want a more human looking look!

Anyway, here’s the video tutorial!

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