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So I finally got round to making this post after the other got destroyed, sorry about the long wait, I hope you still want to know.

Serena’s feelings for Bernie: A rambling text post by Lily.

It seems to me that Serena is at least aware of some sort of connection with Bernie. The lingering looks and the smiling with her eyes have become too much to say otherwise really. (as exhibited in last weeks episode, S18e41 ‘A perfect life’).

I feel like Serena is probably also aware that these feelings are not altogether platonic. I think initially Serena might (or might have done already) struggle or fight against it but against her feelings for Bernie, (not her sexuality as such).

~I don’t know from your ask which you were referring to but whilst we’re here let’s just say that Serena is a very assured and confident woman and I think that she will be totally, like Bernie, “confident within her bisexuality”.~

So yeah, anyway. If you were meaning her feelings for Bernie then I think she might fight against them for obvious reasons; she’s her friend, she’s also a colleague, she split from Robbie not so long ago, then there’s the tinsy tiny matter of Alex… But after a period of worrying and drinking shiraz she’ll have a bit of a 'eureka moment’ (like she did with her deputy CEO job) and realise that she should just accept it because she can’t exactly change it.

Regarding the whole 'move’ business, if Bernie were to make a move sometime soon then Serena would be surprised but I think she may also be a little annoyed. I know this is kind of contradictory to my obsessive berena shipping but I think that Serena isn’t ready for a relationship just yet. I also think that she thinks that too because she just managed to wriggle free of “the tyranny of the board”, she has Jason to focus on, and a trauma bay to run. So her and her trauma bae (I stole someone’s pun) will have to stay in their little spot of bliss, knowing that they are almost in love with each other but not daring to do anything about it in case they break their little harmony.

So yeah, you asked and I coughed up a dictionary and all my little midnight musings about these two. I’m really sorry that this didn’t have a 'read more’ but I’m still new to this whole Tumblr text post thing and after last time I thought it best to leave it. Also apologies for my general randomness and for being really late. :)

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Mama Maximoff 2: A Question Of Parenthood

Based on the prompt from the wonderful @padmeamidala242:

Hi! So could you like do a mama maximoff head cannon like how she tells Peter about who his father is and like daily life in the maximoff household?

So I’ve focused on how Mama Maximoff explains who Peter’s dad is. I may try and make a separate post on daily life but I guess it kinda filters through all these posts. If anyone has any specific questions let me know!

(As always comments in bold, italics and within brackets are made by @ishouldprobablychangemyusername my sarcastic bad influence friend)

Okay so let’s talk about this whole “who’s my dad and why do you know that guy I broke out of prison” thing

- Peter comes home after breaking Erik out of prison and is like super pumped (he comes home with many new boxes of twinkies to celebrate)

- Like its not everyday you get to break out a top security prisoner and be assured that you won’t be caught or tied to it in any way.

- So like obviously he goes home and tells his Mama everything

- And she’s sighing and huffing laughter at all his enthusiasm

- Up until he mentions Erik

- “Oh yeah and like the guy they wanted out could like control metal!!”

- She just freezes and drops the glass she was drying.

- Peter is at her side in an instant, hands hovering over her shoulders (Peter catches the glass so it doesn’t smash)

- All she manages to let out is a kind of half laugh, half sob.

- And Peter is just in shock because he’s never seen his mama act like this, usually she’ll either sigh or smile at his rambling stories of the weird people he meets (and occasionally chastise him for endangering them etc) but he can tell this is something very different.

- And so like he helps her into one of the dining room chairs and is still hovering protectively, darting around and he brings her a cup of tea which she holds protectively.

- Peter just keeps bringing her blankets and biscuits and is nervously hovering around his mama until she holds out a hand to still him. (he brought so many blankets his mama was practically buried in them)

- He sits down next to her and she strokes her hand through his hair and he just relaxes

- Because this is something familiar, something safe and so he leans his head on his mama’s shoulder and waits.

- And soon he just feels his mama take a deep breath and he knows his mama is building herself back up and is Ready To Go™

- Because let’s be real Mama Maximoff has dealt with so much shit that she can build herself back up in no time at all, and with her boy and her girls by her side there’s nothing she can’t do.

- But then his little sister arrives and Mama maximoff just can’t, she can’t tell Peter while his little sister is tugging on Peter’s sleeve and begging to watch TV with her big brother.

- Ands so she pulls away from Peter and shoo’s them off to go and watch the TV together.

- That’s when it happens.

- As Peter sits with his little sister on his lap playing with his “shiny” hair an emergency news broadcast takes over all of the (limited) channels.

- And it’s Erik. The guy Peter had helped break out of prison. The guy that’s now threatening a whole bunch of people and Peter is in shock.

- He’d put his trust in those three people who had come to his door and now he’d put people at risk.

- Ok so during this self destructive spiral of despair Mama Maximoff has joined her two children on the floor and even Wanda came down stairs, their little family all huddled on the carpet watching, watching and waiting.

- And eventually it’s over. A shapeshifter saves the day. Erik Lehnsherr is gone and no-one is dead.

- Peter just holds on tight to his family and they don’t talk again that night. Not even when they all end up wandering into the living room in the early hours of the morning and falling asleep with some warm milk made by Mama Maximoff.

- They don’t really mention anything to do with that day and things are fine.

- And so much later Mama Maximoff descends into Peter’s basement and sits down on his sofa with like a plate of twinkies and a chocolate milkshake.

- And so Peter is instantly suspicious. (mama Maximoff has been trying to get him to eat healthier for a while)((it’s not working))

- Like “Wait what did I do, what’s happened why are you feeding me my fav foods”

- “Boy just sit down we’ve Got To Talk™”

- And so Peter is on edge but he takes the food and sits down on the floor in front of his mama and listens.

- So she tells him how back in the days when she was actually a damn good concert pianist she was working at some classier bars when she started talking to a guy.

- And Mama Maximoff is not one for one night stands and neither is Erik so they begin a Thing™

- They share quips and jokes over beer, then stories and conversation over coffee, then they don’t need to speak at all and they’re happy.

- They live together for a short while, and it’s all good. But then they start to notice that they’re moving further apart.

- The split is mutual, mainly because Erik is still living in the past and it’s preventing him from considering a future.

- So Erik leaves, a healthy sum of money left behind almost as a “Sorry I can’t be what you need, but I hope you can put this towards a better life with someone who can give you the world” (Cause Erik is a sappy family man lbr)

- And so Erik leaves and Mama Maximoff becomes just that, Mama. Soon no bar will take her and she ends up giving birth to twins, twins! One child is hard enough but two is almost impossible.

- But since this is mama maximoff she squares her shoulders and grits her teeth and raises her children the best she can. (which is really well cause mama Maximoff is awesome)

- So back to the present and now Peter has shifted so that his head is in his mama’s lap and her hands are stroking through his silver hair, soothing herself as much as Peter.

- And so Peter discovers that at one point this dangerous criminal was once a man who just wanted his Mama to have what she deserved.

- Basically Mama Maximoff is one tough woman and Erik Lehnsherr needs to stop.

- Peter just loves his Mama and doesn’t know what to think of his father. All he knows is that he has his Mama and his two sisters, and that’s all the family he needs.

So like this got super super long but I hope it’s what you wanted!!!

(Feel free to send prompts or ask questions, I warn you I’m making this up as I go but I am loving it)


Here are some illustrations of me & some of my friends all beat up and weird looking for another Bold Italic article, this one by Tony Bravo about online dating nightmares. Thanks to Sarah Han for the commission, and Isla Bell Murray for the awesome design job!

Here’s the article :

Starter For 10 (2006) — Atonement (2007)

okay guys you know what    ?what the shit. what the SHIT !!!! these pictures!!! are from One Fucking Year apart. in one  (1) year, james no-middle-name mcavoy aged from a lost bambi forest child with an unfortunate haircut to THIS hunky piece of stoic manmeat   i just don’t ????fucking get it ???? can someone PPlease give me a Scientific Explanation as to how this man, this biological multicellular organism, this piece of organic matter, managed to evolve !!!!! from “”bright-eyed freshman”” to “”senior with a bitter and raunchy past”” from the years two-thousand-and-six to two-thousand-and-seven because i! sure! as! fuck! can’t!!!!


What a day! Featured on the Bold Italic today, check it out! Also, new hair by the fantastic Sara Lamharzi at Glamarama in San Francisco. Now headed out to Speakeasy with a little updated futuristic 20s makeup. So in love with this Bermuda Triangle Lipstick by Atomic Cosmetics!!! Also, using Atomic Cosmetics FemmeBot on my lids. Thanks drbadjen!