Her skin was brown.
She had a warm glow to her, something that symbols comfort and peace.
Her glow was like coming home to a fresh, homemade sweet potato pie- or watching a romance while covered in the warmth of blankets.
She brought ease. She brought comfort.
Her skin was brown.
Her smile was bright. It was eye-catching. You couldn’t just glimpse. Your jaw would drop as your eyes grew wider and the room lit up. Your heart felt ticklish- or as if butterflies were flying in your stomach. Her smile was a powerful weapon when it came to falling in love. You could tell it was something she loved doing, because what made her smile so heartwarming, was that it was genuine.
Her skin was brown.
Her eyes. Oh her twinkling eyes glistened in sunlight. Her eyes told a narrative. Her eyes represented the strength of a lion, the boldness of an eagle. But they were soft. Soothing. She smirks as she stares at you because she could see right through you. You grew nervous, slighty intimidated. Her eyes consists of power that could make any man weak. Her eyes were a mixture of it all.
Her skin was Brown.
Her hair is one of the things you first notice when she walks into the room. Her hair was big. Her hair was beautiful. Her hair carried strength as it reach towards the stars. It stood up. She admired her fro, but it didn’t matter what style she wore because it all fit her beauty in different ways.
Her skin was brown.
Her skin was brown. Her skin was beautiful. Her skin represents the color of honey to the color of chocolate. Her skin varied. Her skin was like brown sugar. Like a cinnamon. Her skin was the color of soil that created the flowers and the trees. Her skin carried nature. Her skin bakes in the sun wonderfully. Any color she wore compliments the melanin she carried. Her skin was magical. Her skin was unique. Her skin glistens when she comes out of the water. She loved going to the beach because it was nothing but her, nature, and the beauty they reflect upon each other.
She was a masterpiece and her soul was was the craft. It was the goodness of her heart that reflected the beauty that forms around her. Her aura.
She was lovely. She was charming. She was amazing. She was perfect.
And her skin was brown.
—  Savannah
A brown girl.