bold tigers


The Signs as Big Cats!

Aries: Tiger (courageous, bold, goes their own way)
Sagittarius: Lion (loud, social, never backs down from a fight)
Leo: Serval (outgoing, independent, quick/agile)
Capricorn: Pallas cat (enduring, a bit grumpy, solitary)
Taurus: Jaguarundi (persistent, strong under pressure, versatile)
Virgo: Caracal (elegant, well-mannered, dauntless)
Cancer: Cheetah (graceful, introvert, doesn’t like conflict)
Scorpio: Sand cat (resourceful, quiet yet observant, fierce)
Pisces: Geoffroy’s cat (shy, adaptable, adorable)
Gemini: Black-footed cat (needs lots of freedom, fearless, creative)
Libra: Asian golden cat (wise, balanced, tactful)
Aquarius: Jaguar (independent, strong, associated with water)