bold sky

character truths, bold  =  always / often; italic = sometimes

ʀᴇᴘᴏsᴛ ! ᴅᴏɴ'ᴛ ʀᴇʙʟᴏɢ !

1.   smoking:   the  action  or  habit  of  inhaling  and  exhaling  the  smoke  of  tobacco  or  a  drug.
2.   binge  drinking:   the  consumption  of  an  excessive  amount  of  alcohol  in  a  short  period  of  time.
3.   drug  abuse:   the  habitual  taking  of  illegal  drugs.
4.   nail  biting:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  anxiety/tension.
5.   lip  biting:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  anxiety/tension.
6.   night  owl:   a  person  who  is  habitually  active  or  wakeful  at  night.
7.   early  bird:   a  person  who  rises,   arrives,   or  acts  before  the  usual  or  expected  time.
8.   negative  attitudes:   a  philosophy  of  approaching  life  with  criticism &   pessimism.
9.   positive  attitudes:   a  philosophy  of  approaching  life  with  optimism   &   confidence.
10.  swearing:   the  use  of  offensive  language.
11.  superstitious:   an  irrational  belief  that  an  object,   action,   or  circumstance  not  logically  related  to  a  course  of  events influences  its  outcome.
12.  inspecting fingernails: a common body language sign of boredom.
13.  scratching  your  neck:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  uncertainty.
14. foot  and  finger  tapping:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  stress/impatience.
15.   nose  touch:   a  subtle  body  language  sign  of  deceit.
16.   flipping  hair:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  craving  attention.
17.   twirling  hair:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  flirtation.
18.   cracking  knuckles:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  readiness.
19.  hands  behind  back:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  confidence.
20.  finger  pointing:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  authority.
21.   hands  on  hips:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  readiness.
22.   hands  in  pockets:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  mistrust/reluctance.
23.   frequent  touch:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  warmth/familiarity.
24.   throat - clearing:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  rejection/doubt.
25. jaw - clenching:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  hostility.
26.   eye - rolling:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  irritation.

27.   head - tilt:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  interest.
28.   whistling:   to  emit  high - pitched  sound  by  forcing breakthrough  a  small  hole  between  one’s  lips  or  teeth;   usually  to  a  tune.
29.   humming:   make  a  low,   steady  continuous  sound  like  that  of  a  bee;   usually  to  a  tune.
30.   perfectionism:   refusal  to  accept  any  standard  short  of  perfection.
31.   photographic  memory:   the  ability  to  remember  information  or  visual  images  in  great  detail.
32.   paranoia:   a  mental  condition  characterised  by  delusions  of persecution,   unwarranted  jealousy,   or  exaggerated  self - importance,   typically  worked  into  an  organised  system.
33.  exaggeration:   a  statement  that  represents  something  as  better  or  worse  than  it  really  is.
34.   intuitive:   using  or  based  on  what  one  feels  to  be  true  even  without  conscious  reasoning;   instinctive.
35.   quick - witted:   showing  or  characterised  by  an  ability  to  think  or  respond  quickly   &   effectively.
36.   interrupting:   breaking  the  continuity  of  a  conversation  with  one’s  own  statements.
37.   doodling:   to  scribble  or  make  rough  drawings,   absentmindedly.
38.  irritable:   having  or  showing  a  tendency  to  be  easily  annoyed.
39.   gambling:   to  play  games  of  chance  for  money;   bet.
40.   travel - sick:   suffering  from  nausea  caused  by  the  motion  of  a  moving  vehicle,   boat,   or  aircraft.
41.  sensitive:   having  or  displaying  a  quick   &   delicate  appreciation  of  others’  feelings.
42.   melancholy:   a  feeling  of  pensive  sadness,   typically  with  no  obvious  cause.
43.   chewing  gum:   the  exercise  of  chewing  flavoured  gum  which  is  not  intended  for  swallowing.
44.   fidgeting:   to  make  small  movements,   especially  of  the  hands   &   feet,   through  nervousness  or impatience.
45.   skeptical:   not  easily  convinced;   having  doubts  or  reservations.
46.   neat - freak:   compulsively  obsessed  with  cleanliness.
47.   gossiping:   divulging  personal  information  about  others.
48.   prim:   feeling  or  showing  disapproval  of  anything  regarded  as  improper;   stiffly  correct.
49.  abbreviating:   giving  others  nicknames/shortening  names/giving  pet  names.
50.   having  a  catchphrase:   having  a  sentence  or  phrase  typically  associated  with  a  specific  person.

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Blown Away (Isaac Lahey Imagine)

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Summary: Isaac Lahey who is still has nightmares about his abusive father coming back from the dead to come and put Isaac back into the freezer. But with the support of his girlfriend (you, yes you), he’ll never have to be afraid.

Characters: You, Isaac and mentions of his father.  It’s the Madilyn Bailey version because I knew this one first before the original. 

~Dry lighting cracks across the sky~ 

The bolding thunder creating a loud boom that shakes across the sky, almost like an percussion drum playing. 

 The cracks of lighting visible to see but the lights are the colour of white mixed with yellow and purple, making it look a whole lot more scarier than normal. It sounds like someone is screaming and you hated that. 

~Those storms clouds gather in her eyes~ 

You couldn’t sleep due to the sounds that keeps you up at night. The storms scare you completely, making your heart bang across your chest increasing the blood in your bones. 

You look over at Isaac who is sound of sleeping. You smile, he looks peaceful when he’s asleep. Especially everything that happened to him. 

~Daddy was mean a old mister~ 

He spent almost his live locked in a freezer by his father. You never knew that he was hurting, until you saw the pain in his eyes. Full of lost and hope destroyed, he’s a broken child with nothing to fix him. Not even a bandaid could fix such a broken boy. Nothing could… 

~Mama was an angel in the ground~ 

He would visit his mother at the cemetery, that’s where she lies. She was such an amazing and beautiful mother who would look after her beautiful two sons. But such a tragic thing happened. Isaac wouldn’t even talk about her or his brother Camden. Who died in combat. Such a tragedy to such a beautiful loving family. 

~The weather man called for a twister~ 

 You check your phone to see that the time was midnight and saw that the weather was going to be a twister. Oh great you thought. You place your phone back and jump into bed with Isaac. Hoping you can try to get some sleep.

~She prayed to blow it down~

You first knew about Isaac getting abused when he finally told you and showed you his scars. They were horrifying and it broke your heart, just by looking at the lost battles he had with his father. 

You prayed every night hoping that Isaac would be safe and away from his father for good. You loved him with your whole heart and it made you upset that he lived like that. 

But one night everything changed him. 

Isaac was bitten by Derek, and got turned into a werewolf. You were the first to know, but you completely freaked out. You knew something was off about him before he told you, he was acting strange. Like he was more confident in himself, he flirted with girls (before that he wouldn’t even speak to one he got too embarrassed). 

Before you knew it you start to hear this noise like whimpering noise. You get up in a sitting position and look over at Isaac who started tossing and turning in his sleep. 

“No, please don’t put me back please.” You hear soft as a whisper. He sounded like he was crying almost? You turn to look over at him to see that tears are running down his face. He was having an nightmare. 

“Isaac, Isaac. Wake up.” You said as you start shaking him awake. He wouldn’t budge. You sit on top of him and grab his shoulders and shake them. “Isaac wake up. It’s a nightmare.” You said trying to grab hold of his attention. 

“Please no! I didn’t mean too! I’m sorry, please just don’t put me back!” You hear from him. 

He couldn’t wake up, so you did the first thing that jumps in your mind. Your lips smashed onto his hoping this will wake him up. You feel a hand reaching to your waist to pull you closer, another putting back a strain of hair behind your ear. He was awake, your plan worked. 

“Isaac?” You whisper to him. You open your eyes to meet his breath taking crystal blue orbs that you’ve been dying to see. He looks at you as his tears fall in a fast pace. You wipe the tear away from his cheeks and look at him. 

“He was going to put me back in that freezer, that cold freezer.” He said as he starts to cry again. You immediately pull him in for a hug as he hugs you back tightly. You can hear his sobs making your heart shatter. Your hand tangles through his soft curly hair. 

“He’s never coming back, even if he does I’ll make sure he’ll never hurt you.” You say as he looks up at you with full hope in his eyes, something you never seen before. 

“Thank you.” He whispered as you smile shyly. He kisses you one last time before pulling you down with him. You’re on your side as you can feel Isaac’s body pressed against yours. You grab his hand and hold it tightly never wanting to let go.  

 A:N sorry if this sucked, i couldn’t be bothered to write the full song. I hope you enjoyed it since this is my second imagine on here. I liked the song and hopefully it’ll fit with this imagine. I’m sorry if Isaac is not in character, I’m sorry if this sucked, i’m sorry for any spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes. 

A Happy Birthday to the man and the legend, Mr. Jimi Hendrix. 

Even If You Are Trouble (Part 2)

Quicksilver (Post X-Men Apocalypse) x Reader

Word Count: 1034

Part #1 can be found here

Plot: Sequel to the previous fluffy fiction. A dash of Scott, a guest cameo by the one and only Hank, a little jealousy and all of the sexual tension. Just. All of it.

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The rain was falling in cascades outside the school windows, silhouetting the stars in bold watercolors against the sky. Scott had left one of the windows cranked open during the day, but when Peter arrived to their shared room and found the night’s rain cooling the air, he’d taken a chair and pulled it up to the window to look out at the stars.

He closed his eyes, allowing the music from his headphones to drift around him. The song was soft, but powerful - and it brought images to his mind of the way her hair smelled of strawberry shampoo this afternoon, and of him kissing her on the cheek.
He felt his face redden, and ruffled his hands through his hair in frustration. He enjoyed knowing they all saw him has the confident rule-breaker. Troublemaker.
But now, sitting on a seat overlooking the sky - he felt the armor breaking, as it had been since the day he’d first arrived here.
Peter wasn’t used to having a lot to lose - and that scared him more than anything.

As the song faded out, Peter heard a murmur. Breaking out of his thoughts, he turned around to see Scott was standing in the doorway. Peter swung his feet off of the window ledge and onto the floor, and quickly removed his headphones.
“Sup, man.”
“Are you ever not wearing those things?” Scott jested, rummaging through his drawers. Trying to find mints so he could get back to smooching Jean, Peter internally jested.
Peter smirked “are you ever not wearing *those* things?” he pointed at Scott’s glasses.
Scott was not amused.
“You like her, don’t you?”
Peter suddenly felt a need to readjust his goggles. His hands found his way to them and he fidgetted them around in his fingers awkwardly, his head spinning with defensive retorts “Yeah, I was just thinking to myself ‘man, I’d really love to bang Jean sometime’”.

Scott turned around, and made a gun action with his hands, pretending to fire at Peter.
Peter instantly dived to the floor, pretending to writhe in pain. “How could you?! My love for Jean is ever tarnished by my deeeaaaatth.” he gurgled, flapping his arms and legs across the wooden floor.
Scott couldn’t help but chuckle. “Look, Peter, you’ve been talking about (y/n) for months now. You’re both my friends, and trust me - she’s game if you are.”
Peter’s head shot up from across the room “dude, I didn’t know you were a psychic”.
“One of my many hidden talents” Scott remarked, pulling a t-shirt from out of his drawer. “Just…think about it. Because I’ve seen her and Kurt hanging out, and well-” Scott coughed “-he might be a blue guy with boyband hair, but he’s a good guy nonetheless.”
Peter felt his face turn cold.
Had Kurt left this afternoon because he had heard about Peter’s interest in (y/n)? Or had it been Kurt’s nervousness around the girl Peter harboured feelings for?

Peter took a deep breath, and pushed his goggles back onto his head. In a split second, he’d laced up his boots and shoved on his jacket.
“I’m going to go get more dessert before the vultures swarm”
Scott raised his hand to his head in mock salute “God speed, my friend”
Peter chuckled at the terrible pun, and sped off like a bullet, leaving the window swinging in the breeze behind him.


When Peter arrived downstairs in the lower area of the mansion, he really felt the nerves kick in. His body was like a live wire; even for him, his blood was pounding in his ears.
The soles of his boots echoed off of the metal floor as he headed for the training room - no doubt she’d be down here sparring with Hank, as was per their usual practice on a Thursday night.
What would he say? 

He ran through the scenarios in his mind, each more ridiculous than the last:

We should hang out in my mom’s basement sometime!
I know you like milkshakes; I like milkshakes. We should get milkshakes. Alone. Together.
Date style.

Peter cringed internally as he pictured himself winking. Somehow, the narrative wasn’t working in his head. He took an unsteady breath, blowing his hair out of his face, and opened the door.

She stood there in her uniform; the emblazoned “X” sprawled across her chest. Her hair was pulled back from her face as she stood in the centre of the room, holding her stomach and panting. Hank stood opposite her; all blue fur and padded feet.
“Peter” (y/n) breathed, her eyes reaching up to his face. Something about the way she looked at him with a mixture of relief and nervousness made him feel as though his blood was on fire.
“Is she taking it easy on you, Hank?” Peter asked, folding his arms and leaning against the door frame “I hope you haven’t taken much of a beating”.
Hank grinned “Nothing I can’t handle. Was there something you needed, Peter?”
Peter swallowed.
“Just wanted to know if I could borrow (y/n) off of you so you don’t get your ass kicked too many times over.”
(y/n) looked over at Hank “I figured we were finishing up soon anyway. I could use a night off”.
Hank nodded, jogging over to the control panel on the wall “yeah, no complaints here. Gives me some time to work on my new jet prototypes.”

(y/n) jogged over to Peter from across the room. Peter felt dizzy from the feeling in his chest demanding he lean in closer; he could see the way her lips curved at the edges, the way her hair fell delicately around her face.
“So, what’s up Speedy?” she winked, nudging him with her fist.
“I’ll have you know I’m Captain Professor Speedy” Peter jested, and then leaned in closely, closely enough to feel the heat rising from her face “and I have been given a very urgent mission by Scott”
“Oh?” she asked, raising her eyebrows comically.
God, he loved it when she did that.
“No time to lose!” he yelled out, suddenly sweeping her up and darting out the door, her laughing as he did.

A/N: No, I’m not cruel enough to leave this story there; Part 3 is in the works, but you’ll have to be super patient.

anonymous asked:

That photo of yours that you've named sanctuary looks fricking amazing! Is it several photos stacked together? and was the clouds really that dark or did you edit it afterwards? and at what hour did you take it? I really really like it with the bold sky and the line leading into the photo and the moon and birds in one corner of the sky! Keep taking photos, you're really really good at it!

It was like this. I have manipulated the dimension, changed colors and light. The moon star and birds themselves afterwards mounted. It is recorded in summer 2016. Between 18:00 and 19:00 hours. I was thrilled and very amazed when the clouds formed. It has become a work of art and I also love it. Another world for the soul. Regards John from Switzerland!

When love scatters and spread through the sky,
A bold balmy breeze embrassing a delicate icy wind ,
The moon and the sun are now bonding closer .

A new feeling flutters in the atmospher ,
An ambient touch , a silky kiss ,
The sound of the bell has rung .
The moon and the sun put a ring to commemorate .

The whiteness for a pure heart ,
The blackness for a reckless mind ,
No matter what fate has up its sleeves ,
The moon and the sun celebrate their marriage .

A gift for a betrayal , a kiss for a tears ,
When the loving one fades beyond horizon ,
Never loose a grip on their hand .
The moon and the sun are bidding farewell .


Aries: Bright, bold red that stands out amongst the crowd. It shines brightly in the sun, displaying the temper and perseverance of Aries.

Taurus: An ombre of dark brown to light blonde. Something natural, beautiful, and sensual enough to catch another’s eye.

Gemini: Gemini would have various colours in their hair. it will be forever changing along with their personality. Perhaps purple one month and a brilliant blue the next.

Cancer: Cancer would favour bright highlights to go with their personality. Being a water sign, they’re quite sensible, yet have a signature shy nature.

Leo: A brilliant orange like flames licking at the sky. Their bold personality calls for a bold colour. A color that will show just how fiery they can become.

Virgo: Virgo is a very organized sign. They would stick to natural hues, like an earthy brown or dirty blonde. Something simple and easy to maintain.

Libra: Dark blue or teal would fit Libra. Something cool and serene to match them just right. A libra may even go a bit darker, dipping their toe in colors such as dark brown and black.

Scorpio: Dark colours, such as black with a blue sheen, would fit scorpio’s mysterious personality quite well. Anything to keep one guessing, waiting, and wanting to know more.

Sagittarius: Blondes and purples would fit Sagittarius. These colours would do well with helping the broad-minded and optimistic sag express themselves.

Capricorn: Capricorn is very orderly and conservative. Colors on a natural spectrum would fit them well. light browns and dark blondes would fit the Capricorn.

Aquarius: Aquarius would be seen with a ocean blue or seafoam green. Anything that can correspond with their unique thought process and ability to understand abstract concepts.

Pisces: Light pink or a beautiful rose red would fit the kind, friendly pisces. A colour fit for their wide smiles and bubbly personalities.