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We Can't Wait Another 40 Years to Close the Wage Gap

When I graduated from college back in 1976, women made 60 cents for every dollar that men made. That meant my classmates and I had far less value than our male peers, in the most literal way. That meant the deck was stacked against us from the start. And that meant we were set up for a lifetime of less pay, and the likelihood that we would never catch up.

Fast forward to last May, when my daughter, Chiara, graduated from college. You would think — you would HOPE — that in the four decades between her graduation and mine, we would have closed the wage gap. Here’s the reality: From the very beginning of our careers, women and people of color have been paid less than our colleagues for the exact same work. And every time we get a new job, our salary is based on what we were making before. So not only do we start lower on the earnings ladder — we don’t rise as high with each rung we climb.

Today, women of all ethnicities make, on average, 80 cents for every dollar men make. White women earn 82 cents for every dollar white men make. Black men earn 73 cents for every dollar white men make. And women of color are paid the least by far. For example, Latinas make just 54 cents for every dollar men make. How can this be the case in 2016, in a country that claims to be a meritocracy?

The City of New York is answering these questions with bold, progressive policy because we need to make fundamental changes in the way people are hired in our City. The Commission on Gender Equity, which I lead as co-chair, is working to close disparities in pay in NYC and improve economic mobility. We are bringing the full force of City government to jump-start the effort. The Executive Order we announced last Fall will go a long way to ensure equal pay for equal work in our city, beginning with our hardworking public servants. We can’t wait another forty years to close the wage gap — and we won’t.

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Hi!! Sorry to be a bother but do you think you can do a relationship hcs for our boy ryuji?? Thanks and and I love love love your blog btw!! ❤️

hsjkadhfsj I’M FLATTERED THAT YOU LOVE MY BLOG!! And it’s no bother at all, cutie!!


  • quality boyfriend 10000000/10
  • Sometimes Ryuji forgets to open doors or pull out chairs for you; however, he truly does care about your comfort and safety.
  • In fact, he’s quite protective, and he won’t hesitate to smack a stranger straight upside the head if he catches them ogling at you.
  • Although it’s more likely that he’ll tug you closer and glare them down.
  • When you’re in public together he’ll hold your hand and he’ll shyly peck you on the cheek.
  • Ryuji would spend all day kissing you, if you let him. LET HIM
  • Be prepared for him to brag about you and talk about you all the time. For example, he’ll bring you up in conversations with his friends if something reminds him of you.
  • Ryuji isn’t the type of person to dwell in his thoughts, but he can’t seem to stop thinking about you even as he walks headfirst into a pole.
  • He ADORES it when you come up behind him and slide your hands in his pockets. he’s ticklish on his thighs so watch out
  • Speaking of which, aside from occasional bickering and banter, the only fights you two get into are tickle fights. If you’re comfortable with it, he is MERCILESS, and his favorite way to tickle you is by showering you with kisses.
  • Pillow fights happen frequently too, and he is there to win so don’t expect him to go easy on you.
  • He loves it when you wear his clothes because they catch your scent, and you smell nice to him.
  • Simple dates are enough for him, but he worries that he can’t treat you to anything lavish. 
  • Ryuji’s very spontaneous though, and he’ll be up for anything you want to do or anywhere you want to go at that moment.
  • If one of you has a car, expect late night drives and loudly singing along to your favorite songs.
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  • That doesn’t stop him from showing off, though.
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  • However, the one thing that remains consistent is his boundless affection for you.

Based on this speech and the speeches I’ve heard from other NDP candidates, Niki Ashton is now my favourite for NDP leader.

I’ve been waiting for a candidate to boldly try to take the party to the left, and Niki Ashton is doing that and saying that pretty clearly.

She’s channeling a lot of Bernie Sanders and pushing for very bold, very progressive policies and language. Was very pleased to see her describe herself as a democratic socialist. The NDP has lost its way in recent years, and I do feel that with her at the helm it could become a real force for progressive change in Canada. Not ‘Liberal-lite’ as it appeared to be in the last election under Mulcair.

The reason Democrats didn’t push for full Medicare for everyone - single payer - was they believed Republicans would fight tooth & nail to repeal such a progressive form of healthcare. So they went with a more moderate, centrist approach: the Affordable Care Act.

And now Republicans are about to repeal it anyway, out of spite and hatred.

The lesson here is that you should always fight like hell for what’s right. Go for broke. Republicans are going to resist positive change no matter what. Democrats cannot appease conservatives with centrism or moderation, so they may as well be bold and progressive in their political pursuits.


And We Back, O.Y.P updates. Developments. Work. Progress. After a long wait the new logo and wallpaper/watermark have arrived. Life is hitting up fast but that will not stop the grind. Soon come working with professionals and many more planned out projects. The O.Y.P wallpaper/new watermark I designed it all on photoshop using simple colours and a basic design that’s also bold. The new logo, I fused my old logo (colour), bitmoji (face structure) and a portrait of myself (features and 360WAVES). I owe it all to my friend who digitally designed everything up herself, with her designing skills, she produced my new logo, GWARN GYAL. Anyone with ideas and looking to do a collaboration on any project or future work feel free to DM moi and we can get something started.




The Force Bond Awakens

By: FrolickingFizzgig

* This meta was originally published for me on Reylophos’ Tumblr a few weeks ago, but I’ve decided to post an updated version with images and extra content here.

Since its December 2015 release Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens has remained a topic of much discourse and debate. Months later fans are still ascribing to their favourite theories and predictions in regards to the future of what has been dubbed the Sequel Trilogy. The success of The Force Awakens was very much rooted in nostalgia, with director JJ Abrams inviting old and new devotees alike to depart on a novel escapade in a galaxy far, far away.

Thirty years have passed since the dawn of the New Republic. In spite of Luke, Leia and Han Solo’s great feats in the Original Trilogy, the galaxy is not at peace. The sinister First Order has risen from the ashes of the Empire. History has faded into myth, and all have but forgotten the Jedi of old. Enter Rey, Finn and Kylo Ren, three youths who have grown up with contrasting pressures in the years succeeding the fall of the Empire.

“There’s also heartbreak amid the high adventure, with three lost souls — scavenger Rey, remorseful Storm Trooper Finn, and vengeful, Darth Vader-obsessed Kylo Ren — trying to find purpose to navigating the stars.”

- Director, JJ Abrams

A humble scavenger, a repentant soldier and a petulant black knight… while all are of adult age, our three protagonists are metaphorical children who were prevented from maturing naturally as a result of trauma. Rey was abandoned, Finn was stolen from his parents and subjugated to relentless military training and Kylo Ren’s mind and personality were warped through his innate “gift” of Force-Sensitivity. Though Rey, Finn and Kylo Ren all resonated with audiences, many fans were intrigued by the foundation of a highly unusual dynamic between our new hero and villain. Time Magazine’s review of the film makes reference to the remarkable chemistry brought to life between Kylo Ren and Rey.

“In one of the movie’s finest moments, Ren—unmasked and intense — engages Rey in a major stare-down, an unholy duel between the Light side of the Force and the Dark. The sexual energy between them is strange and unsettling, like a theremin sonata only they can hear.”

With the majority of viewers convinced that Rey will be revealed as Luke Skywalker’s long-lost daughter, the institution of such a potentially inappropriate “energy” has brought about a great rift in opinion, perhaps because no contender has ignited more debate than Kylo Ren himself. 

Fallen son of Original Trilogy lovers Han Solo and Leia Organa, Kylo Ren — then Ben Solo — was ensnared in childhood by the mysterious Dark Side affiliated Supreme Leader Snoke, head of the First Order. He was manipulated into betraying his family and leaving Luke Skywalker’s dream to restore the Jedi Order in ruins, earning the moniker “Jedi Killer.” Regarded as the ideal focal point of the Light and Dark, Ben Solo developed an obsession with his maternal grandfather, Darth Vader. He descended to the Dark Side, training under Snoke and becoming leader of the enigmatic Knights of Ren; however, he was never able to completely relinquish the Light from which he was born. Kylo Ren is a man caught in limbo, at war with the world and with himself.


Forgive me. I feel it again. The pull to the light.

Rey on the other hand can only be described as the dramatic antithesis of Kylo Ren. A dormant Force-Sensitive who was abandoned on the desert planet Jakku as a young child, Rey grew up scavenging the wrecks of an ancient battlefield, waiting in vain for her family to return. 

Rey’s lonely existence is changed forever when she encounters rogue Stormtrooper Finn. The two become quick allies, fleeing together from the minions of the First Order. They commandeer the long-lost Millennium Falcon in order to escape Jakku, and their act of evasion soon leads them to old heroes of the Resistance Han Solo, Chewbacca and Leia Organa. From this point, much of Rey’s journey involves her integration into Kylo Ren’s family and former life. It can be said that she serves as a replacement for the lost Ben Solo. She comes to view both Han Solo and Leia as parental figures, she inherits the Millennium Falcon and Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber, and there is very much the suggestion that Rey will be apprenticed to Ren’s uncle and former Master, Luke Skywalker. 

Rey’s strong connection to the Skywalkers is made concrete when she is called by Anakin’s lightsaber. The weapon sweeps her into a Forceback that illustrates past, present and future — Luke Skywalker and R2-D2, the hall of Cloud City, the moment of her abandonment, a rainy battlefield and a snowy wood. She is pursued by a black knight through the vision — he stalks her, storming toward her, saber drawn. The knight is everything she opposes, her worst nightmare in the form of a faceless monster. Fear of her own capacity and of this knight leads Rey to flee the call of the Light, leaving her vulnerable. In the ancient forest of Takodana, she and the black knight with whom her life has become inexplicably entangled — Kylo Ren — are brought together for the first time.

“Without the slightest hesitation, the cloaked figure of Kylo Ren emerged and strode forward to join the battle. A stunned Rey could only track him with her eyes. She had seen this man before, in a daydream. In a nightmare” (The Force Awakens novelization).

Kylo Ren incapacitates Rey and spirits her away in his arms, cementing the inception of a troubling fixation he develops on her as the film winds down. Fans and critics alike have remarked on their unsteady rapport. Rey and Ren are as similar as they are dissimilar, two sides of the same coin, Yin and Yang — he is Dark with a little Light, she is Light with a little Dark.

This essay will discuss their connection by addressing one of the most compelling theories to emerge from The Force Awakens — that Kylo Ren and Rey formed a “Force Bond” accidentally during the infamous interrogation scene. Expect very little reference to non-canon content. My intention is to concentrate on the film The Force Awakens and its accompanying script, novelization and production interviews in order to provide the casual viewer with a coherent introduction to the Force Bond as potentially depicted in the Sequel Trilogy. I will focus on three narrative elements presented in The Force Awakens: Kylo Ren and Rey’s unsettling emotional connection, Rey’s use of advanced Force-Sensitive abilities following the interrogation and Rey’s decidedly familial association with Han Solo and Leia Organa. However, I will not be discussing any other theories relating to the film; this text is solely meant to illustrate the most conclusive evidence supporting the Force Bond.

First and foremost, let’s clarify what a Force Bond is. I will elaborate on the bolded as the paper progresses. “Common to occur between Jedi Masters and their Apprentices, a Force Bond was a link through which two Force-Sensitives could influence each other. It allowed the communication of feelings, thoughts and images […] and granted greater coordination in battle. Through such connections the Force easily flowed, sometimes allowing one’s will to bolster the strengths of the other, or possibly draw upon their strengths” (Wookieepedia).

In brief, a Force Bond is an intimate link between two Force-Sensitives that goes beyond the normal affiliation all Force-Sensitives are capable of establishing through the Force. Those under the influence of a Force Bond share their thoughts, emotions and abilities with another. Force Bonds were made canon in The Clone Wars TV series, which established that a Bond existed between Jedi Master Yoda and his ex-Padawan Count Dooku. In the Extended Universe, Force Bonds could form in a variety of different ways, either over time, after a near-death experience or “through being imbued by a particularly strong Force Sensitive.” But what does all this have to do with Rey and Kylo Ren? I present this passage from the interrogation scene in The Force Awakens final script.

Trepidation flashes across Rey’s eyes. Kylo Ren moves closer, his hand rising toward her. She recoils, but has nowhere to go. Kylo Ren nearly TOUCHES HER FACE…

THEY’RE BOTH SURPRISED: they react to a feeling that passes between them – AN ENERGY THEY RECOGNIZE IN EACH OTHER.
And then it’s gone. Adversaries again.

The implication of this excerpt is fascinating — something unknown passes between Rey and Kylo Ren, linking them briefly, then vanishing. There are many theories in circulation about what these lines might infer to. Are they simply sensing the Force itself in each other? A familial connection? Perhaps even attraction? The elements come together more clearly when the Force Bond is applied to the passage. It has been suggested that this moment in the script represents the forging of the Force Bond itself. They were predisposed to form such a Bond, and the Force literally and metaphorically brought them together.

Kylo Ren’s behaviour and proceeding dialogue have been considered with much scrutiny, his entire interrogation of Rey starkly contrasting the brutal methods he employed on Poe Dameron. There can be no doubt that Kylo Ren has a soft-spot for the scavenger girl. Ren is awkward and almost gentlemanly with Rey in his own way, watching her sleep from a submissive position, removing his mask when she expresses mistrust, reassuring her that he has no idea where her friends are. In the novelization, which is based on a slightly older version of the script, Snoke even reprimands his Apprentice for feeling “compassion” for Rey. Many have acknowledged that Kylo Ren seems to change drastically when he is in Rey’s presence, abruptly adopting a much more tranquil and stoic air. Similarly, Rey portrays a great deal more ferocity and unpredictability when she is around Ren. Could this be proof of Ren and Rey’s mutual capacity to share feelings through the Force Bond?

The evidence takes a much more tangible twist as the film progresses into its Third Act, following the interrogation. When the movie was first released in theatres, reviews popped up everywhere, and most — if not all — addressed what is now considered one of the biggest plot-holes in Star Wars history. Right after the interrogation, Rey abruptly and without any prior suggestion develops powerful Jedi abilities, most notably Mind Reading, Mind Tricking, Force Telepathy, formidable lightsaber skills and a sudden alignment with the Dark Side. 

Why was this considered such a conundrum? Well, because every other Jedi established in the canon had to train for years in order to reach the level of Force mastery Rey managed to achieve in the span of an hour. Both Anakin and Luke Skywalker — arguably two of the most powerful Force-Sensitives ever to exist, the former of whom was literally created using the Force — had to train tirelessly in order to grow more powerful. Yet Rey, it appears, does not fit into this equation. She is an enigma of a Force-Sensitive. Some viewers even dubbed her a Mary Sue, an “idealized or seemingly perfect fictional character who saves the day through unrealistic abilities.” Surprisingly, most fans and critics wrote Rey’s random abilities off as “plot-powers,” but to quote the dearly departed Han Solo…

Could there be a more down-to-earth explanation that doesn’t paint the hero of The Force Awakens as some kind of Jedi Goddess? I would think so, and I posit that a Force Bond is that explanation. Not only did Rey gain access to those abilities through Kylo Ren, she was able to do so because he used them. She was inadvertently feeding on Ren’s training and Force-aptitude through the intimate connection they unknowingly forged. This takes us back to the definition of the Force Bond, which states that those under the influence of a Bond can bolster the strengths of their connected individual. Is it possible Ren was inadvertently heightening Rey’s untrained abilities, unwillingly bolstering her strengths through his own?

Ren was previously characterized throughout the film as being a powerful — be it unpredictable and not fully-trained — Force-Sensitive. He portrayed three distinct abilities: he was able to stop a blaster-bolt in mid-air using Telepathy, he retrieved information from the minds of others and he displayed a highly unusual and effective lightsaber style. Is it a coincidence that Rey gained all of these abilities as well, not just because he used them, but when he used them on her? Not before, not after, but when. 

When Ren entered her mind, she shifted the balance of power by entering his; she took the Mind Trick she used on the Stormtrooper guard right out of Ren’s head, as suggested by Star Wars “loremaster” Pablo Hidalgo.

When Ren attempted to use Telepathy to draw Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber into his hand, Rey surprised even herself by snatching the saber in Ren’s place. 

When Ren offered to teach Rey the ways of the Force after battling fiercely with her, Rey suddenly gained lightsaber skills that strikingly mirrored the style Ren utilized against both she and Finn (hard blows, circling movements and a lack of emphasis on defence). Rey even used one of Ren’s signature one-handed saber flips to scar his face after he was already disarmed, much like how Ren slashed Finn’s back after his saber had been lost.

Kylo spins like Kylo.

Rey spins like Kylo.

Rey is even walking like Kylo in the below image. This gif does not do it justice at all. Her fists are even clenched, a physical characteristic Ren maintained throughout the entire film.

Every ability Rey gained access to was previously established as being a “signature” of Ren’s Force-aptitude, or one of his “strengths.” His Mind Trick, his Telepathy, his lightsaber style, his deep affiliation with the Dark Side. Throughout the final fight Ren bolstered Rey’s strengths through the Force Bond, unintentionally allowing her to assimilate his abilities.

On another note, Rey’s interactions with Han Solo, Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker — the family Kylo Ren denounced — take a decidedly familial twist. Simply put throughout the film Rey comes to view Han Solo and Leia as parental figures. The transformation is uncommonly swift, with Rey seeming to feel an immediate connection to Kylo Ren’s family, even likening them to her own family. Observe these quotes from the novel and script.

“’And Han Solo,’ Ren continued relentlessly. ‘He feels like the father you never had’” (The Force Awakens novelization).

“Leia found herself fiddling with the seals on the on the front of the jacket Rey was wearing. Feeling foolish, she told herself even as she continued. […] But it felt so right, and so natural, to be doing so” (The Force Awakens novelization).

[Leia] embraces Rey. A mother’s embrace.

Taking into consideration the fact that Force Bonds grant Force-Sensitives the ability to share or transfer feelings and emotions — perhaps even assimilate strong emotional affiliations — is it so strange that Rey would be privy to a strong parental bond with Kylo Ren’s family? Bear in mind the fact that Rey had never interacted with before embracing. Perhaps Rey is feeling a particularly powerful connection to those who were once central in Kylo Ren’s life as a result of a subconscious capacity to bolster Ben Solo’s emotions through the Bond. Leia is also Force-Sensitive, and would possibly be able to sense her son’s connection to Rey through Rey herself.

The release of Episode VIII’s working title — Space Bear — also supports the Force Bond theory. Not long ago actors Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill shared an on-set photograph of the director’s chair, which featured the insignia of a panda wearing an astronaut’s helmet. While this might seem inconsequential, it is interesting to note that pandas are huge symbols in Chinese philosophy relating to the iconic concept of Yin and Yang.

Because the philosophy is complex I’ll make my description as succinct as possible. Yin is the passive “female” principal, associated with the earth, darkness and cold. Yang is the active “male” principal, associated with heaven, light and heat. Together, Yin and Yang represent “opposites” in perfect harmony. One cannot exist without the other. Yin is dark with a little light, Yang is light with a little dark.

A comparison can immediately be made between Yin and Yang and the Dark and Light sides of the Force, but applying the concept specifically to Kylo Ren and Rey sheds even more light on the potential symbolism. 

Ren is Yin — passive and submissive (to Rey, who overcomes him mentally and physically), “female” (he is often described as feminine), dark (the Dark Side of the Force) and cold (he is associated with Starkiller Base, a weaponized planet blanketed in snow). 

Rey is Yang — active and dominant (over Ren), “male” (she is a girl in the traditionally “masculine” hero role), light (the Light side of the Force), and heat (her name is a variant spelling of a “sun ray”, and she is associated with the desert planet Jakku).

While the Yin and Yan philosophy can easily be attributed to Star Wars through the Force, but the very specific symbolism pandas bring to the table is completely new. It implies that the Dark and Light must harmonize in order for the Force to achieve true “Balance.” Could the Force Bond be the connection that allows opposites to find harmony in each other?

The Force Awakens sparked hundreds of theories, some ridiculous, some believable and some inherently compelling. The Force Bond appears to be one of the most logical and non-convoluted to come out of this entire film, perhaps because it heightens what is already widely considered to be one of the most fascinating and passionate hero/villain dynamics ever brought to the big screen. Fans can only expect that this connection will be further elaborated upon in the next two Episodes. Writers, you’re our only hope.

I end this essay with entries from the film’s script that further strengthen the validity of the Force Bond theory.


Don’t be afraid. I feel it too.

I’m not giving you anything.

*   *   *

The FEROCITY of confrontation builds until it hits critical mass AND REY DOES THE UNTHINKABLE! SHE ENTERS HIS HEAD, AMAZED AT WHAT SHE IS SEEING!

*   *   *

SLOW PUSH IN ON REY, shackled, mind still racing over what’s happened between her and Kylo Ren. She is flooded with emotions, feeling her potential, her strength, that in this moment of being restrained, perhaps anything is possible.

*   *   *



*   *   *


You need a teacher! I can show you the ways of the Force!

The Force.

Rey closes her eyes for a long beat. When Rey opens them, she is centered, fortified, and she POUNDS BACK, SINGLE HANDED SWIPES, hitting Ren’s gnarly, spitting saber with incredible FORCE. It’s so fast now, so furious, that Kylo Ren FALLS BACK – She ATTACKS HARDER!

*   *   *

And she could kill him – right now, with ONE VICIOUS STRIKE!
But she stops. Realizing she stands on a greater edge than even the cliff – the edge of the dark side.

Author Shoutouts and Story Recs

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Looking for something to read? I’ve got ya covered (for probably at least a few months!)

Story Recommendations 

These are the stories that I’ve read a million times, fall back on when times are tough, and that have helped me improve my own writing. I hope you love them as much as I do.

Warning: Long Text Post

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On Fasting and Periods

It’s that excruciating time of the month. No, Ramadan hasn’t gotten so difficult that I’ve just decided to give up. I’m on my period. (great timing, uterus)

Those words are surprisingly difficult to write so overtly. Because for all my boldness, progressiveness and “liberation”, I still struggle to talk about this - thing - in mixed company, particularly during Ramadan. It’s so juvenile to feel that way. 

In the Lord’s infinite wisdom, he decreed that women should not fast while on their periods - which makes complete sense, because at the very least, not eating and losing all that blood is a terrible combination. But even though it’s a rule written in the texts, that everyone knows, we all act like it’s a secret. Men act like they don’t know, asking stupid questions like “Did I just see you drink water?! Are you not fasting?!?” Women act like they should be ashamed, like they’re terrible Muslims for not fasting while on their periods, which is what I used to do for a long time. Fast while on my period. Because I was afraid someone (read: any Muslim man in the world) would see me eating or drinking and reprimand me for it, even though it’s none of his business and, more importantly, even though God told me not to

I think the worst part is that people (read: Muslim men) assume that you’re somehow lucky. Like you’re on vacation. “At least you’re not fasting.” Like fasting is really the most difficult thing my body can go through. 

So allow me to make this a wildly uncomfortable read for everyone by telling you, dear reader, about the “break” that is my period:

[note that this experience is *mine* and doesn’t necessarily speak to the experience of all Muslim women across the world. Also note that, while the language used below may seem like it, it is not an exaggeration.]

Almost every month, I go through a death of sorts. I’m not trying to be poetic when I say this, although sure, one could say that like the phoenix, the lining of my uterus is reborn every month. I mean I almost die. 

My menstrual cramps are not the ones depicted in Motrin commercials, where the woman hugs her stomach and cutely winces at the camera, and then in the next shot she’s taking a (singular) Motrin pill and then skips off in her white pants to have lunch with her friends. My menstrual cramps are not even limited to my “menstrual area”. For about 5-7 days (plus two weeks; see below), my menstrual cramps take over my entire body.

It starts with pain attacking all the joints, two weeks before my period has even started. During this time, there’s also the light flirtation with actual menstrual cramps - random stabs of searing pain here and there (usually at night) to remind me of the impending, looming doom. As we get closer to D-Day, these symptoms start to intensify and attack more regularly. By the time Aunt Flo has arrived, I am veritably alight with pain from my stomach all the way down to the soles of my feet. My wrists, knees and ankles, which before just ached, now feel like they’re about to explode. Iron nails (like the ones used to secure train tracks) feel like they’re being hammered into my hips and down through my legs to fasten me to the ground. 

When I’m feeling this way, my appetite is obliterated and food is the literal last thing on my mind. But there’s still vomiting, which in my younger years was a 100% certainty. Violent, gut-wrenching vomiting that doesn’t stop once my stomach is empty, and occurs even if my stomach is already empty because my body is trying to kill me. I have spent many a time passed out by the toilet bowl after wishing for the sweet respite of death. 

(I have a lovely anecdote from my college days on one such occasion in which I almost passed out in the street trying to get home. Let me know if you’re interested.)

But I prefer the vomiting to the alternative, which is extreme bloating. If I don’t vomit, then you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m bloated larger than a hot air balloon. My abdominal area is so distended that my skin feels like it’s going to rip open like a zipper and show my internal organs. During these times, even the lightest fabric feels like acid is being poured on my belly.

(So you can imagine how being fully clothed would be a problem)

And nothing helps. My current starting dosage of ibuprofen is 600mg, and it doesn’t even cause a dent (or maybe it does, but by then I’ve already lost consciousness, so what’s the point). Last night, after (only) 4 hours of continuous, uninterrupted, excruciating pain and bloating, I started to cry in the middle of the street while waiting for my father to come drive me home. Because even worse than the pain is the frustration at being in so much pain, and not being able to do anything about it. 

I won’t get into what it feels like to be going through all this, and still be forced to interact with people in a normal fashion, without letting them know that you’re being murdered by your own body and literal blood is coming out of you, fielding their questions about why you’re drinking water so you won’t embarrass yourself or make them uncomfortable, and (if they’re progressives) smiling politely while they tell you how “lucky” you are that you’re not fasting, I’ll just end with this:

I would rather fast 24 hour days for a full month, than go through one day of this. 

when butch women wear suits, we’re accused of conforming to stereotypes and being regressive and we’re bashed for it, but when a cishet woman wears a suit it’s considered Revolutionary ! Bold ! Progressive ! i wonder why

So, many of you have probably read [this] post where I shared what a youtuber had to say about the Force Bond theory. I managed to run into them in another video comment section and they were gracious enough to show me their full write-up of the Force Bond theory.

They don’t have a tumblr so they allowed me to share this with all of you. Many of us have already read about the Force Bond theory at some point or another, but this is a wonderful essay and I recommend you take the time to read it!

 "The Force Bond Awakens"

                                                           By: FrolickingFizzgig [x]

Since its December 2015 release Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens has remained a topic of much discourse and debate. Months later fans are still ascribing to their favourite theories and predictions in regards to the future of what has been dubbed the Sequel Trilogy. The success of The Force Awakens was very much rooted in nostalgia, with director JJ Abrams inviting old and new devotees alike to depart on a novel escapade in a galaxy far, far away.

Thirty years have passed since the dawn of the New Republic. In spite of Luke, Leia and Han Solo’s great feats in the Original Trilogy, the galaxy is not at peace. The sinister First Order has risen from the ashes of the Empire. History has faded into myth, and all have but forgotten the Jedi of old. Enter Rey, Finn and Kylo Ren, three youths who have grown up with contrasting pressures in the years succeeding the fall of the Empire.

“There’s also heartbreak amid the high adventure, with three lost souls — scavenger Rey, remorseful Storm Trooper Finn, and vengeful, Darth Vader-obsessed Kylo Ren — trying to find purpose to navigating the stars.”

- Director, JJ Abrams

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What the day you are born says about you

Day 1: You are… Leader – Who is born under the number one usually likes to boss. It is creative, logical, quick thinking and discuss various subjects with ease, even those over which you have little knowledge. You love to be praised and admired. On the other hand, when your projects are not realized, you tend to get very nervous, which can lead to health problems. Keep focused on a goal is a feature to be worked on, as people who were born on that day would like to start multiple projects at once and end up leaving it in half .
Day 2: You are… Diplomat – Who is born on the second day of the month has the gift of harmonizing groups wherever you go and reconcile those conflicts. You are capable of putting yourself in the other’s place, to understand the feelings of others and, therefore, unable to hurt anyone. Although accustom engaging in complicated romances, it is the stable relationships that give you peace of mind; It has everything to be a great spouse. In professional life, it’s great working as a team and like to take orders. Just need to be careful not to underestimate their skills and capabilities.
Day 3: You are… Charismatic – Who was born on day three is creative, expressive and popular. It may seem irresponsible for those who do not know you well, but in reality, it is a righteous person, dedicated to family and friends (sometimes too much). Like busy professions, where it can stand out and demonstrate all its versatility. It is the type that works in many activities at once, but just not finishing any of them. Your main challenge is focus on goals that traces to your personal life.
Day 4: You are… Persistent – Those born on day four are people that work tirelessly and hardly fail to achieve their goals. Honest, sincere and conservative, are adapted to routine work, methodical and require concentration. However, when thwarted, can become rude and offensive, but without saving anger for long. In the field of relationships, a woman born that day is less dramatic than man.
Day 5: You are… Versatile – Who is born on this day of the month is fun, lively and bold. Live constantly in search of money, using sometimes unusual strategies to enrich. Similarly, you are stubborn and are not afraid to take risks, but also like to study to achieve your goals more easily. At work, you feel better in occupations that allow you to express yourself. In love, tends to change partner often.
Day 6: You are… Loving – Who is born on the sixth is sentimental, balanced, comprehensive, loves family, home, friends, children, and is also an excellent lover. You have magnetic personality, and wherever you are, you attract attention. Professionally, you feel fulfilled in command positions, where it can contribute to the development of the company and employees. Nevertheless, when contradicted, can adopt stronger attitudes in an attempt to defend your ideological principles.
Day 7: You are… Introspective – Those born on the seventh are perfectionists and somewhat aloof when making new friends. They like to talk about religion and philosophy, as well as issues related to spirituality. When a relationship ends, slow to adapt to a new relationship. Therefore, the challenge is to get to know each other very well before deciding to accept the compromise to avoid suffering. They like to be consulted by all and tends to get choked at work, so it is common to have attacks of nervousness or even symptoms of depression.
Day 8: You are… Successful – Who is born on that day is very dedicated to the business, creative and has great potential to make money. Will be more successful as executive working on their own or in some activity where money is present in large quantities. It belongs to the business and therefore should always develop your creative ability to conduct your projects. It is, to some extent, pessimistic, which leads them to have outbursts of solitude and moodiness.
Day 9: You are… Humanist – Who is born on the ninth is moved by compassion and want to improve humanity. It is a lover of the truth, generous, courageous, combative and not afraid of eventual defeat, knowing that still get what you want. They have the habit of postponing their commitments and sometimes ends up in financial trouble because of that. Do not like to take orders and will be more successful working with issues related to religion, philanthropy or charity.
Day 10: You are… Confident – Who is born under the number ten is bold, progressive, independent and captive others easily. It is a leader by nature and needs working in senior positions, preferably in engineering, metallurgy, trade or sales. To have professional success, a hint is to develop the spirituality and the sixth sense. This may help you not to get involved with unscrupulous people and to overcome the difficulties of the routine. It is possessive of their things, friends, partners and even with its spouse.
Day 11: You are… Balanced – Who has the number 11 on the date of birth is delicate in their actions, have tact and discretion to deal with problems. It is affectionate, sentimental and needs a home to feel safe and protected. It is usually taxed as exaggerated, especially in its romances, as it’s carried by emotions. Also get frustrated when trying to impose their views to others and are not be succeed. It is more dreamer than doer and because of this, should seek professional technical guidance to be successful.
Day 12: You are… Communicative – Those born on the 12th have artistic taste, manual skills and hardly give up their ideals. They are practical and agile in time to take action, but often end up taking more commitments than they can deliver, thus, are always busy. Honest in its purposes, like helping others. Therefore, they tend to become politicians or work in activities involving social interests. Must overcome impatience as almost always let themselves be dominated by nervousness.
Day 13: You are… Skillful – Who is born on the 13th is bold and dynamic and prefers to make it happen than wait. It is skilled in manual works, even when requiring specific knowledge, because, from a simple observation can learn the technique. Cheerful and talented, often do well in artistic professions or involving entertainment. It is very loving, but finds some difficulty in expressing their feelings.
Day 14: You are… Understanding – Those born on 14 aim to understand the phenomena, people and facts that somehow interfere in their lives. Almost always live in the present and have little concern about the future. Usually they behave as leaders in any situation or group. Will do well working with capital movement, either as financial speculators, real estate agents or negotiators. To be happily married, they need a spouse who, like them, enjoy a hectic life, who likes to travel and see new places.
Day 15: You are… Magnetic – Who has that number on the date of birth is usually friendly, pleasant and affectionate. At work, it is the target of attention, being envied by many. It has no major financial problems cause it is smart, intelligent, persevering and always finds a way to make money. Loves social gatherings and do not mind to spend money, especially when it is with beloved company. You have artistic inclinations and can stand out in the oratory, in art, in music or theater.
Day 16: You are… Perfectionist – Those born on the 16th are analytical, skeptical (only believe what they see or what was proved), they like to know the essence of things and people. One of its major flaws is to expect people around them to live according to their wishes and their views. When this does not occur, they can become cranky. In the professional field, they have great chances to do well in the private sector and universality of business, preferably involving education or moral.
Day 17: You are… Insightful – Who is born this day has facility to become a leader thanks to its intelligence. It is almost always in a good mood and can even be friendly with their opponents. If you want to be successful professionally, you should work with other people. Even when starting an occupation in a secondary position, quickly reach the highest rank. Usually relates well with the opposite sex and is always surrounded by admirers
Day 18: You are… Powerful – This is the number of influential religious leaders, sorcerers, mediums and also of the witches. The 18 is deeply spiritual, expresses the contact with higher dimensions and the own intuition. Those born under this number, it is intelligent and can excel in almost all the activities it performs. Your greatest enemies are your own defects: vanity and ambition. As it is very helpful, you can make friends easily and tends to engage lasting relationships.
Day 19: You are… Good Character – Who is born on the 19th shows a lot of courage and strength. It has an audacious nature, it is passionate and even impulsive, arriving at certain times to perform heroic deeds. The 19 is the number of success, prosperity and happiness. Always thinking of ways to change the world and never hold grudge from anyone. Those born on the 19th, have a great power of achievement, but get angry easily and often have nervous breakdowns, which can affect its health.
Day 20: You are… Sensitive – Who has this number on their date of birth, usually expresses its feelings very well. Facing home, it has a constant desire for peace, love and happiness, but sometimes is contented with little harmonious conditions that impair their ideals. It is peaceful by nature, does not support discussions and do anything to avoid them. You are always wanting new experiences. It is tremendously skilled and versatile.
Day 21: You are… Idealist – Those born on 21 express their feelings and ideas with ease. They are ambitious and dispersive, so do not always finish what they started, allowing others to complete their tasks and receive the glory for it. After 40 years, the determination and the will to win material success will be strengthened and will help them –to reach easily their desired goals. The 21 is considered a lucky number for its owners, enabling achievements in all areas of life.
Day 22: You are… Practical – Who is born on 22 adapts to any type of work and to achieve its objectives it is capable of heroic deeds. As a perfectionist to the extreme, repeatedly fails to take advantage of opportunities to have fun. It has no great material ambitions and does not care about winning or accumulate wealth and, thus, is subject to many financial ups and downs in life. To be accomplished, must maintain a balance between emotions and objectivity.
Day 23: You are… Patient – Who has this number on the date of birth has the ability to deal with people, is patient, have investigative ability and perseverance. Often can discover new ways to solve problems. Has a strong personality, it learns easily, like parties and have more friends of the opposite sex. Also, do not rest until get what you want. Not surprisingly, the 23 is the number of successful material and money.
Day 24: You are… Counselor – Who is born on the 24th is honest, peaceful, lover of the truth and quite tolerant of other people’s failures. Wherever you are, you are almost always the center of attention because of your intelligence out of the ordinary. Due to the great sensitivity, it tends to protect the weak and oppressed and to get carried away by the suffering of others. You can get along as a doctor or psychologist. The greatest care should be regarding its negative trend for jealousy, laziness and censorship.
Day 25: You are… Studious – This is the number of thinkers. Who was born on the 25th has a deep knowledge of various subjects and can stand out and succeed in various sectors such as science, occultism and philosophy. It is also a perfectionist, demanding, has analytical sense and insight. Sometimes you need to be alone and in silence to be able to meditate and be inspired. Its major flaw is to underestimate its own qualities.
Day 26: You are… Honest – Justice, perseverance and moderation are the key features of those born on the 26th . It has a great insight and organization and never give up on its goals. It is usually a solitary and somewhat misunderstood, but is always ready to support those who need help. It is fashionable dressing and despises all that is too modern for choosing the basic and conventional.
Day 27: You are… Audacious – Who is born on this day is generally admired and respected by all who approach it, bringing harmony to various groups. Has bold personality, it is a great lover of the freedom and doesn’t support giving satisfaction of their actions, preferring to work alone. Almost always successful on the material plane, has hardly money problems. Moreover, it is able to make great sacrifices in the name of love. Never looking for confusion, but may become violent if realize that is the target of an injustice.
Day 28: You are… Dramatic – Those born on the 28th are very contradictory. They have willpower, but can also live complaining. They tend to slightly increase the size of their problems, but do not appear and do not agree with that. To overcome this defect they should develop optimism, self-confidence and perseverance of purpose. To achieve success and happiness, they need to study human nature, ceasing to be selfish and seek progress on the material plane and intellectual.
Day 29: You are… Spiritual – Who is born on this day can guide your life for good, can achieve anything you want. The number 29 usually prints strength to the individual. The natives of this day have the moral and the high intellect and using the faith, idealism and spiritual knowledge to achieve their goals. To succeed in life, they need to be in harmony with everything and everyone, as they find it hard to stay in the middle. They can undergo numerous heartbreak but when finding a loved one, do not think twice before getting involved.
Day 30: You are… Insecure – Who has this number on the date of birth hates being criticized, but tends to cancel, devalue and underestimate itself in excess. Constantly need to be aware of its great value and its ability to overcome difficulties. Another challenge is to learn to impose in different situations. It has outstanding personality and is somewhat perfectionist. Not support working in menial jobs or functions.
Day 31: You are… Determined – Who is born on 31 gives more value to their accomplishments than itsself. It excels in community work or together, but hardly fits the strict rules and regulations. As it trusts in all, typically faces more obstacles than others when its time to bond and makes friends and enemies as easily. It has other striking features: work hard, is honest, loyal, determined and economical. Never forgets a favor or an offense.

Wishful Thinking: First Hundred Days after November 8

1. Hillary Clinton is elected President.

2. Democrats take over the Senate, and reduce the Republican margin in the House to just 3 votes.

3. Elizabeth Warren announces she’ll challenge Hillary in the 2020 Democratic primaries if Hillary isn’t sufficiently progressive and bold during her first term.

4. The Democratic National Committee issues new rules eliminating “superdelegates” and requiring open primaries.

5. In her inaugural address, Hillary Clinton promises to “wrest back control of our democracy and economy from the moneyed interests that have taken over both.”

6. President Hillary Clinton nominates Barack Obama to the Supreme Court, who immediately pledges to reverse “Citizens United.” Senate Democrats make a rule change that allows Obama to be confirmed with 51 Senate votes. He is.

7. President Clinton nominates Bernie Sanders for Treasury Secretary and Michelle Obama for Attorney General. Both are immediately confirmed.

8. The chairman of the Republican Party officially repudiates Donald Trump, saying “shame on us for having nominated him.” Mitch McConnell, Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, and Mike Pence appear in a joint news conference in which they apologize for having ever supported Trump.

9. Disgraced and with his brand in tatters, the value of Trump’s properties drops 80 percent. His creditors demand that his personal assets – homes, planes, furniture, all he possesses – be liquidated to pay his bills.

10. Rupert Murdoch fires Sean Hannity from Fox News.



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Of Beauties, Psychos, and Wiz Khalifa: The Reinvention of Fall Out Boy

by Erik van Rheenen

Fall Out Boy’s announcement for this summer’s co-headlining tour with stoner rapper extraordinaire Wiz Khalifa and college-kid favorite Hoodie Allen nearly drowned in a riptide of fan backlash, a maelstrom-of-sorts swirling with expected-if-closed-minded comments sticking the band with the obligatory “sellout” stamp and raised wavering eyebrows about FOB’s resolutely un-pop-rockish tourmate.

So here’s a lifeline: the Boys of Zummer lineup makes sense, if not from a spelling standpoint (not fixing that “Z” makes me rebel against my internal copy editor) than from a ticket-selling one. My only real problem with the tour is the co-headliner — I wish the boys of FOB hitched their star to a more technically adroit and refined rapper than Wiz Freakin’ Khalifa — but the mixed-lineup bill, especially with two artists with absolutely inescapable songs, will get butts (and, presumably, well-hidden, sneaked-in blunts) in the seats.

While the staunchest of the new-Fall-Out-Boy-sucks crowd can’t fault FOB for scheduling a high-profile, big venue tour alongside a Top 40 mainstay (I’m almost making this sound like Monumentour, Part Deux yeah?), the gripe I’ve read most often is that touring with Khalifa — as opposed to, say, Paramore or Panic! At the Disco, again — is equivalent to a betrayal of the band’s roots.

 “These aren’t the same guys who played basement shows and DIYs in Chicago,” says the prototypical new-FOB-sucks fan, “They barely play anything off Take This to Your Grave in concerts anymore.”

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Last week, Senate Republicans shamefully killed a constitutional amendment that would reverse Citizens United and restore our democracy. One of those Republicans was Susan Collins of Maine. 

Our friends at MoveOn have released a TV ad that joins Democrat Shenna Bellows in making this vote an issue on the campaign trail. Shenna is seeing double-digit movement in the polls right now due to her bold populist message – and if we win this seat, Republicans cannot win the Senate.

Collins is the political establishment’s favorite so-called “moderate Republican” – except she’s nothing of the sort. She’s a corporate-backed politician who voted against the president’s proposal to raise the minimum wage. She regularly votes against veterans, against seniors, and against strong Wall Street reform.

President Obama won Maine by a 15-point margin in 2012. This isn’t a state that needs to settle for Susan Collins. A bold progressive can win this seat. Maine voters just need a real choice, and they finally have one. 

Shenna Bellows is boldly campaigning on big progressive ideas – expanding Social Security benefits, making sure millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share of taxes, overturning Citizens United, and public financing of our elections. […]

(This is part of an email from Keith Rouda of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee)