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Based on this speech and the speeches I’ve heard from other NDP candidates, Niki Ashton is now my favourite for NDP leader.

I’ve been waiting for a candidate to boldly try to take the party to the left, and Niki Ashton is doing that and saying that pretty clearly.

She’s channeling a lot of Bernie Sanders and pushing for very bold, very progressive policies and language. Was very pleased to see her describe herself as a democratic socialist. The NDP has lost its way in recent years, and I do feel that with her at the helm it could become a real force for progressive change in Canada. Not ‘Liberal-lite’ as it appeared to be in the last election under Mulcair.


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Wishful Thinking: First Hundred Days after November 8

1. Hillary Clinton is elected President.

2. Democrats take over the Senate, and reduce the Republican margin in the House to just 3 votes.

3. Elizabeth Warren announces she’ll challenge Hillary in the 2020 Democratic primaries if Hillary isn’t sufficiently progressive and bold during her first term.

4. The Democratic National Committee issues new rules eliminating “superdelegates” and requiring open primaries.

5. In her inaugural address, Hillary Clinton promises to “wrest back control of our democracy and economy from the moneyed interests that have taken over both.”

6. President Hillary Clinton nominates Barack Obama to the Supreme Court, who immediately pledges to reverse “Citizens United.” Senate Democrats make a rule change that allows Obama to be confirmed with 51 Senate votes. He is.

7. President Clinton nominates Bernie Sanders for Treasury Secretary and Michelle Obama for Attorney General. Both are immediately confirmed.

8. The chairman of the Republican Party officially repudiates Donald Trump, saying “shame on us for having nominated him.” Mitch McConnell, Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, and Mike Pence appear in a joint news conference in which they apologize for having ever supported Trump.

9. Disgraced and with his brand in tatters, the value of Trump’s properties drops 80 percent. His creditors demand that his personal assets – homes, planes, furniture, all he possesses – be liquidated to pay his bills.

10. Rupert Murdoch fires Sean Hannity from Fox News.

One report on CNN documented the 45 times when Mrs. Clinton had expressed robust support for the trade pact.

The New York Times

But now she says “that the president should ‘listen to and work with’ Democrats to improve the deal and ensure better protections for American workers.”

In other words, she’s pandering to primary voters by expressing mild skepticism about a trade deal that she very obviously supports. What bold, progressive leadership. Hillary 2016.