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We don’t believe he’s talking about the physical here but the mental and emotional. The work that needs to be done and the things that we all can and must do. What do you think?

[image description: Painting of MLK Jr by Daniel Henigman in bold colors. (Background is orange, red, white, and yellow strokes of paint.) He’s standing at microphones wearing a blue suit and a matching hat.

Text overlaid that says: “if you can’t fly RUN. If you can’t run WALK. If you can’t walk CRAWL. But by all means KEEP MOVING”]

I am a heterosexual man and I believe that Pokémon has recently fallen too deeply into the girly trend. I have taken it upon myself, a not-gay, to fix one of these creatures in order to make it more masculine and heterosexual (like me).

Above you will see Lurantis, who is now bathed in a bold blood-orange color instead of that dreadful cerise hue he used to have. I gave him rugged jeans instead of those retro pinstripe abominations. Nothing is worse for a straight guy than looking at another heterosexual man’s butt only to see he’s wearing unflattering pants.

I removed that outdated blouse and gave him a manly and masculine deep V-neck—sleeveless, of course. This works much better for him because it shows off his beefy pecs and ripped abs. 

I bulked up his arms, too, just to bring the whole beefcake aesthetic into full effect. I can just imagine how hard that tensed meat would feel in my hand. As a completely straight man, I appreciate another well-defined masculine man like me, you know?

To bring the whole look together, I made his eyes blue like those of fellow straight man Adam Lambert. Now he’s as gay as me (0%).

Also, I gave him a sexy hetero mouth so he can kiss me. Oh, Lurantis.

BTS “Run” MV Theory

The main thing everyone has been noticing is how Jin is not in the photo Jimin holds and burns at the end of the music video despite having been shown in the “prologue” video.

My conclusion–he’s dead. 

Throughout the “Run” MV, several shots foreshadowed Jin’s upcoming death. Here, the stack of cards that he built fell down and you can even see the look of worry on Jin’s face as he wonders what’s going on. 

After piecing things together (as much as I can), it seems that “Run” takes place prior to the “I Need U” MV. That explains why this comeback, the concept is carefree youth and even supported by the bright hair colors such as mint, pink, and orange and bold clothing. In “I Need U,” the concept is much darker with an overall gloomy atmosphere.

If you remember, Jin’s shots in that MV all took place in one room. 

It was all white and extremely tidy with ambient light seeping through the window. Remind you of heaven a bit, doesn’t it? In the room, he burned white flowers as a symbol of the chaos occurring amongst his friends and even looks out the window as though he’s looking out desperately at the members. 

There’s even a scene where Jin is shown with a flower in place of his heart. Because he no longer has a beating heart. He appeared lost and confused throughout the video as one would be if one found themselves alone after a sudden death.

Therefore, all of the tragic events originate from Jin’s death. The members, one by one, get torn apart as they continue to lose their friends and mourn over the deaths. First Tae, breaks and kills his father after losing control, and then proceeds to kill himself. From there on, each member begins to descend into their own path of misery as we can see from the scene where Jungkook is trying to help out an extremely drunk Yoongi. 

Jin was Peter Pan and without him, the Lost Boys truly did become lost. There are also scenes alluding to the events that happen later on in “I Need U”:

Namjoon shown with a lollipop just like the one who had at the gas station–

Jimin being pushed into the bathtub–

Jungkook staring at the car–

Taehyung thrashing around in the water–

Hoseok in the hospital for narcoleptic treatment– 

Jin being outlined like a corpse at a crime scene–

Again, this means that “Run” took place first, the prologue second (past the beginning scene), and “I Need U” last (minus the group shots). That’s why, in the prologue, when Taehyung’s about to jump off, Jin can’t do anything to stop him and can only record him because he’s not actually there with them.

Everything he sees is from a camcorder, basically an illusion where he can watch them but cannot actually be there alongside them. Before jumping, Tae even smiles at Jin as if he’s glad to finally be able to join him…

…on the other side.

So, in other words:

Everyone. Is. Dead.

Thanks Big Hit…

Cross Your Heart

Characters:  Dean x Reader, Sam, Cas

Summary:  Dean says good bye to his girl

Word Count:  974

Warnings:  Death and Angst 

Tags at the bottom.  Please feel free to let me know if you’d like to be tagged/not tagged.

As always, feedback is appreciated.  Thanks for reading my lovelies!

Cross Your Heart

Dying is a lot like what you’d expect and a lot like you wouldn’t. The white light? That’s a fabrication. Though there is color. Lots of it.Everything is more vibrant, more bright. The colors, they run riot, fiery reds and bold brassy oranges.   The emerald green of his eyes are prismatic, shimmering with tears. It’s fascinating how those tears look like diamonds.

The pain, it’s agony, torturous. Like a vise clamping on to your muscles, your veins, your organs, as someone twists harder and harder. That vise twists so hard that eventually the pain stops, pushing the body into shock. It’s miraculous, the way the body instinctually protects itself, even in death.

Interestingly, sounds are muted, as if you’re in a long tunnel. The words are muffled, like when someone tries to talk underwater. His lips are moving, but nothing reaches through the barrier. The tenderness in his eyes is striking.  His lower lip trembles and he screws his eyes shut.

Then there is the nothingness, the void. The emptiness is vast. It should feel alarming and terrifying, but it’s like a cocoon, a place of security and sanctuary.

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