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‘Warrior Stance’ - Model: Ajak Deng | Photography: Steven Klein | Styling: Edward Enninful | Hair: Orlando Pita | Make-up: Kabuki | Designer: Vera Wang

POTS OF GOLD - model: Ondria Hardin - photography: Carter Smith - styling: Paul Cavaco - hair: Diego Da Silva - makeup: Hung Vanngo - Harper’s Bazaar September 2016

  • featured designer: Michael Kors Collection dress, Erickson Beamon earrings
  • beauty notes: Smashbox L.A. Lights Blendable Lip & Cheek Color in Echo Park Pink
Earning Forgiveness; Tiffany Smut

Character: Tiffany Hwang
Word Count: 1255
Summary: Mommy Tiffany doesn’t like when her Little misbehaves; especially not during such an important event.

a/n: good golly do I love mommy kink smut. I combined both requests as they were so similar, I hope that’s okay!! and I hope you enjoy, anons ;)

warning/s: not much tbh, just mommy kink?? oh and smut haha

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“You misbehaved tonight, didn’t you?”

“Yes, Mommy.”

“Tell Mommy what you did, so I know you understand how you were bold.”

A pale pink dress hugs her curves in all the right places, although in all honestly, Tiffany’s body had no bad places. The artificial lighting of the bathroom glinted off her fine jewelry, making her diamond earrings, necklace and rings glint extravagantly. Those items were gifts, as a thank you for her being the face of an up and coming new Korean brand. Tonight was another thank you; a dinner in a classy restaurant. Only the best for their beautiful model.

“I played with you under the table,” you admit, looking away like a sulking child. You were sat on the toilet, pouting, while Tiffany towered over you and made you feel small. She looked somehow regal, in the claustrophobic bathroom stall. It was something that only Tiffany could pull off.

“Doing what, exactly?” she hisses.

“Touching your clit.”

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floral dress #whatthelibrarianwore #submission via instagram: lularoejessicales

“There are no faster or firmer friendships than those formed between people who love the same books.” ― Irving Stone, Clarence Darrow for the Defense

Apply a white coat first for a more vibrant and bold color! The same actually goes for eyeshadow- apply a white eyeshadow stick to your eyelid and then applying a bold shadow over that💅

First Dates [are the Worst Anyway] (a Leonard McCoy x Reader Fanfiction)

WHY DO MY SHORT FICS ALWAYS TURN INTO LONG ONES?! SERIOUSLY. Planning this one out in my head I was thinking, “oh, this will be relatively simple and short. It should be a great one to just write out while I’m sick and get out to everyone!” NOT. That’s my own fault though, I just love writing Leonard fics, he’s my big sweety.
Prompt: I wish you would write a fic where bones x reader’s day goes along pretty normal and then it all goes to pot. Probably because Jim did something. - @yourtropegirl
What else is in a normal day for the Enterprise crew except for Jim doing something reckless and crazy?! I bet something like this happens a lot, so when I got the idea in my head for this specific prompt I immediately chuckled and started writing it down. SO without further ado, here it is!
Word count: 2234
Rating: All ages
Warnings: some depiction of injury after violence

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in the interest of negating some of the nastiness of that gross anon: Your fashion inspires me to be more bold and dress how i like, you're a gorgeous person, and count among my top five goth style icons. Keep on spookin' on <3

Aww, thank you so much <3


etsyfindoftheday 1 | FRIDAY FRENZY | 9.2.16

fine art collection dresses: van gogh by purplefishbowl

purplefishbowl specializes in fine art-inspired patterned clothing pieces, like these swingy, flirty, and colorful dresses adorned with some of van gogh’s famous paintings. would you rock the blue or the orange? alone or layered with a september-perfect sweater? :)

my “sanders sides” aka personality pals or whatever cool name idc

1. common sense

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description: the source of all wisdom and logic, rationality, and critical thinking. 

personality: very blunt. concise. doesn’t side with who they like, but rather with what’s as correct as possible. can hinder decisions that require risk, but in a squick, helpful when the time comes.

typical outfit: blouse w mandarin collar, pencil skirt/pressed pants, hair in tight high ponytail, immaculate professional makeup (nudes, neutrals)

alternately: dirty shirt, sweatpants, no makeup, combed hair

2. extravagance 

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*i am very aware that i’m taking this gif out of context but……..whatever

description: all of the fashion, makeup, music, high culture, and media are culminated in a single individual that exceeds standard  conventions of beauty

personality: street and book smart, slightly pompous, always trying to be the smartest person in the room without even realizing that everyone’s slightly annoyed

outfit: old hollywood type gowns, or casual 50s bold colored dress, heels, wavy hair in an updo, red lip and winged eyeliner

3. virtue

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description: charity, faith, and good cooking come from this gal.

personality: a southern belle, kind, sweet, and empathetic to others. always standing up for people and letting no one say mean things to her friends. 

outfit: patterned cute apron, button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up, comfy skirt or pants, no shoes or house slippers, hair in a messy bun, glasses, cutesy makeup

4. apathy

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description: all the depression, anxiety, and negative thoughts in a being that is fear incarnate and a true terror. 

personality: uncaring, cold, lack of concern, and blind to hurting others and herself. doesn’t let anyone get close to her. 

outfit: simple stark white blouse, dark bottoms (pants or skirt), sunglasses sometimes, straight dark brown/black bob, black lips and heavy eyeshadow and eyeliner 

Enneagram Types As

What I Think Of When I Hear Each Enneagram Type 

What I think of when I hear 1: 

The brave white knight, valiantly pursuing his cause, the smell of a freshly sharpened pencil, pointy graphite tip just waiting to eagerly touch paper, a freshly washed shirt with the wrinkles being slowly ironed out until it’s smooth, perfectly cooked, crisp bacon with the edges curling up slightly, the frustration an artist feels when they’re just on the edge of the piece being the best it can be but it’s not quite there, the moment before they can declare it a masterpiece, a 5 year old child trying to get the angle on his drawing right and he keeps erasing until the paper is almost ripped, and smudges are everywhere until he tosses it aside and gets a new paper, starting over, a neatly written list with a slender check mark besides each completed duty, the scent of mint gum, a paper airplane soaring above someone’s head and landing on its intended target

What I think of when I hear 2:

A slender girl, helping an elderly woman sit down, the scent of freshly baked cookies, a family event, where it’s loud and raucous and everyone is arguing but there’s so much love that you do it again every year, two children whispering to each other and pinky promising that they’ll always be best friends and wearing matching charm necklaces, years later, still friends, one comforting the other as she cries over a break up, rubbing her back and stroking her hair, laughing so hard with your loved ones that your stomach begins to hurt, a pretend annoyed smile filled with affection as you watch your significant other do something silly, a mother beaming as she holds her newborn child, finally, love overflowing as she stares in awe at its tiny face and flailing fists, desperately holding onto a loved one’s hand and worrying frantically as they’re on their death bed, the bond of siblings who shout and argue all the time but in the end curl up beside each other and fall asleep when the love wins out

What I think of when I hear 3: 

Shiny trophies, the reflection of gelled back hair and a winning smile glinting back at you from the shelf on which they’re presented, a man standing in a mirror, fixing his tie just right and adjusting the sleeves of his suit, overflowing confidence, sipping expensive wine, a woman in a bold, red dress whose heels click on the floor with every step, an athlete who won the race by just a few seconds, bent over panting, hands on his knees, the most popular girl in elementary school affixing a bow to her blonde hair before she strides out the door, a couple at a carnival, a guy just won his girlfriend a stuffed animal and she’s hugging it to her chest, it took him three tries but he finally got it, a burning face when you stumble on stage, a perfectly exacted ballet performance, everyone bows at the end before the curtains slide closed, and then they all sag, exhausted and panting, but so, so proud. 

What I think of when I hear 4: 

The quirky eccentricity of an oddball. The mad musician, playing furiously, pounding their heart out upon those violin strings, sawing away viciously, the dreamer who lies in the grass and stares at the stars, streaks of unusually colored hair, polka dots and stripes combined together boldly, splashes of paint upon an unsuspecting canvas, a quirky, offhanded comment delivered that makes everyone giggle at the oddness of it, earnest expression, a girl sitting on a boulder by a rushing river, dipping her feet in, as she doodles idly in her notebook, multicolored lipstick, focused eyes speaking with depth, staring at a rainbow and believing there really is a pot of gold with a leprechaun at the end, and believing aliens could abduct you at any moment, and not caring, the old man who wears his tin hat proudly, not caring that others believe he is crazy, mismatched knee high socks combined with flip flops, lemonade on a hot summer day through a bendy straw, and walking on the moon, and walking on the ceiling, and the fizz of soda right after you take a sip

What I think of when I hear 5: 

A person fiddling at a Rubik’s Cube and right when they figure it out, twist it all out of place again, causing others to gasp, as they try all over again, a notebook filled with messy scrawl and notes, tossed carelessly onto a desk, pen flung alongside it, a dark cabin, a serious tone, curtains drawn shut as an eye peeks out from the crack between them, curiosity winning out, the nerd in the corner of class who stares out into space, stacks and stacks of thick books with cramped notes in the margins, sweats and hoodies with glasses that are askew, lying awake at night trying to solve a problem one of your friends is having as if it were a mathematical equation, matte everything, sitting in a coffee shop alone with your laptop, sitting alone in a quiet forest, sitting still enough that wild animals come close enough to sniff you, still pond water only ripples ever so slightly, a professor in his element as he begins to lecture the class, slowly gaining confidence and speeding up, the furrow of your brow when you’re trying to remember something and finally do, a black cat sitting on a fence quietly observing

What I think of when I hear 6:

The gaze of a frightened rabbit, not sure if it’s a fox or something completely harmless, a shout as you slip on something you didn’t notice before, the relief you feel when a storm passes, the rumble of thunder in the sky, but it doesn’t rain and you let out a relaxed sigh, taking steps gingerly, staring out at the vast, blue ocean, the strengthened kick of something struggling to live as its fight or flight response kicks in, visiting an old friend years later, the content you feel when your pet lies in your lap as you sit on the couch, flipping through the channels on tv, old, familiar pajamas you slip into on a Saturday, sips of hot chocolate grasped between freezing fingertips, fuzzy, pink bunny slippers, giving your significant other a kiss on the cheek and just reveling in your relationship, the justified anger you feel when one of your friends is being targeted, when you stick beside them no matter what, getting a reassuring hug from someone you trust, an old tattered stuffed animal you’ve had forever, hugging it as you fall asleep

What I think of when I hear 7: 

The loud “WHOOP,” you shout as you go skydiving or a rollercoaster starts, dancing wildly and laughing hard as you hold your hands on your stomach, the curiosity of a child who asks, “Why?” to everything until it just ends up in the answer, “Because.” Rolling down a hill at full speed, tumbling down and getting all messy and having grass stains all over you, the excited bark of a pet dog as its tail wags, ready to play, the guilty faces of children who just colored on the wall because they didn’t like how blank and boring it seemed but they’re now realizing that they’ll also be in trouble, the big, bright yellow sun every child seems to universally draw in the corner of every drawing, neon colored clothing, making best friends with a stranger in a day, and getting lost and then ending up in an even better situation, the sly gaze of people who have known each other forever and are mischievously planning something when they both make eye contact, and it’s as if an invisible light bulb has popped up above each of their heads

What I think of when I hear 8: 

The sharp bark of a medic who knows what they’re doing when they see someone injured, the heavy sigh of someone who knows the difference between what they want to do and what they have to do and does what they have to, the clang of armor and swords clashing together, the confident stride of someone who can get what they want, and if they don’t, they’ll just take it instead, the clenched fists of someone who’s just seen one of their loved ones be hurt and is taking names, the determined gaze of someone who’s dying when they make their death wish, feeble and wheezing but still manages to grasp their loved one’s hand firmly, the scent of a letter written in pure black ink when it’s still wet and barely drying, applying red lipstick with a wicked grin, the flick of your wrist when you’re drawing on your eyeliner wing, slamming your fist down on a table and demanding justice as you stand, a towering building, still majestic, even in its old age as it begins to crumble, the reverberating echo of a clock after it strikes the hour

What I think of when I hear 9: 

A tinkling laugh, a flowing, white dress, twirling in a circle and flopping down, a shy smile, the scent of your favorite candle, flickering, rain that’s not heavy, but just barely sprinkling and bringing your face up to the sky and closing your eyes, the twinkling of the stars in the night sky, lacing your fingers through someone else’s and feeling their fingertips link through yours, sipping tea on your porch in a sweater, lying in bed and staring at the ceiling, going to an aquarium and watching the fish swim by majestically in awe, with your face up close to the glass and hands pressed to it. A romantic loveletter, a quiet, muffled giggle, talking on the phone for hours, and hanging upside down with your feet on the wall while you do so, drifting off into a daydream, closing a good book with a contented sigh, a concerned, shifting gaze between two friends who have begun to argue, falling asleep and not quite realizing you have yet as you bury your face into your pillow and pull your blanket tighter

Divided Nation, United Hearts

This was cool. It was sorta like a shorter version of Words Heard in Silence by T. Novan and Taylor Rickard.

In this book it’s 1862 and the Civil War has been going on for a little bit. It’s nearing Tennesse where Clara lives with her two younger brothers, trying to help them grow up and take care of the farm as well. (And try to put off the advances of the pushy Jed).

Wil is a former Philly socialite who decides to dress as a man and join the fight against the Confederacy.

It’s a surprisingly long time into the book before they meet, but, they do and in a really cool and weird way.

There’s a lot going on and I really liked not just the main story, but some of the subplots too.

Most of the characters were interesting and unique, although I did think that a few of them were a little cardboardy here and there.

It was an interesting book and despite the not quite fun subject really good. And a blazing fast read too.

I got this ARC through Netgalley on behalf of Bold Strokes Books.