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Art Deco Trends for Your Interiors

Art Deco is universally acknowledged as the most influential and visual design and arts movement which surfaced for the first time in France from 1925 to 1940s. The style brings out the impressions of Egyptian, Mediterranean, and French culture which represented by vibrant colors and geometric patterns. If you are interested in this kind of design, you can have it into your home by following these several trends which will be discussed in this article.

Begin with Geometric Design
During the movement of Art Deco, it had a strong relation to bold geometric designs and shapes. To bring out the style into your home, you can start with bold wallpaper that has a robust geometric design. The forms of catchy curvilinear and rectilinear are able to represent the style excellently as well as make your room more alive.

Displaying Sculptures and Artworks
During 1930s and 1940s, the world of arts and entertainment started to showcase their talents and home decor did not want to miss the trend. Displaying sculptural table lamps, detailed furniture, bold oil paintings, and ornate bedroom furniture was rather common at that time. Hence, it is a smart move for you to do if you want to bring out the infamous design into your home interior or exterior.

Bold Colors
Choosing bold colors for your rooms is the next step. For example, you can choose tile in monochromatic black or deep browns for your kitchen and bathroom. Another way to create the style is by selecting porcelain or ceramic tile that has contrasting colors. Beautiful mirrors will complete the look as well.

Visual Drama and Cosmopolitan Style
During the movement of this kind of art style, visual drama and cosmopolitan style had important role. At the time, furniture had distinctive lines and was decorated with bold fabrics with chevrons, zigzags, stripes, or plain textiles that would compliment silky fabrics which displayed drama as in the Hollywood Regency style.

Neutral Finishes
Early Hollywood tended to use neutral color and combined them with shiny fabrics, subdued lighting, and soft material that looked luxurious for the touch and the eye. You can have the same style by hanging fabric behind your master bedroom bed.

Even though its emergence had started years ago, but Art Deco design still looks amazingly beautiful to apply for your home decoration. Several trends that had been mentioned above will assist you to bring out the look in your home.


Accessed on 13 June 2015


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