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OtaYuri: Physical Ideals

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I feel like Otabek has the aesthetic that Yurio likes. Otabek is effortlessly dangerous, punkish, and badass. Not to mention JJ is impressed by him and Otabek can shut JJ up in a few words without getting worked up.

 He rides a motorcycle, wears a leather jacket and sunglasses, and has a really collected/cool persona. Yurio, for most of his life off-ice, has been trying to emulate that type of ideal through his personality and fashion.

Additionally, Otabek is ridiculously masculine and strong. His facial structure, body shape, and voice is also very bold and sexy. 

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Physically, he is a contrast of Yurio, but also acts as Yurio’s ideal. I mean, my cat son wanted to skate to “eros” and the idea of eros/masculine and mature sexiness appealed to him but he really had none of those qualities (which isn’t a bad thing, by the way). BTW, check Mila and Sara’s fangirl faces seeing Otabek skate. Otabek is conventionally attractive/sexy. 

On the other hand, Yurio has the aesthetic Otabek likes. Otabek has always been impressed by grace. Yurio has both of those qualities (that he probably doesn’t even notice). Otabek’s most prominent memory of Yurio was when he was in the graceful, resembling a first arabesque, position at the ballet barre. 

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Graceful beauty and flexibility was and is something foreign and difficult for Otabek to express. In turn, Otabek admires these qualities in others. And who, other than Yurio himself, fully embodies such ideals, to the extent that he does, in YOI? 

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TDLR: Yurio and Otabek are each other’s physical ideals and complete the physical aesthetics that both want but don’t have. Mental ideal meta coming soon!

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college gothic
  • there is so much to do, you think. you make to-do lists. you make more to-do lists. you are drowning in bullet points. you continue to make the lists, growing steadily more hyperaware of that which you are not doing. you don’t make eye contact with your textbooks. you keep writing bullet points.
  • all of the lights are on in your dorm, down the hall, in the bathroom. when you look outside the window, the buildings are almost blinding in their brilliance. it is 2:13 in the morning. you have not slept in- well. you have not slept. is that the sun? you drink another cup of coffee and draw the blinds.
  • there are ink marks on your hand and highlighter stains in your hair. scraps of perforated notebook paper are permanently wedged beneath your fingernails. yesterday, you wrote your lecture notes with just your index finger. the notes are still there when you check them- bold and a dark, dark color. you stare at your hands. you take some more notes without reaching for a pen.
  • there is a boy who walks through the campus lobby every hour, like clockwork. no one will look at him as he ambles through the halls, shouting his commentary at whoever he sees. you made the mistake of catching his eyes once, the first time you saw him. there was nothing behind his glasses. you snapped your head down to stare at your feet, and convinced yourself it was a trick of the light. still, you have not tried to look again since.
  • someone whispers the valedictorian will be chosen soon in the back row of your statistics class. your spine gives a lurching shudder before you process the words. you don’t know who was valedictorian last year. no one does. there are only absences in class photos and mis-numbered attendance sheets from old courses. you peek over your shoulder. there is no one sitting behind you. you shudder without thinking, and press your finger onto your notebook until the page is nothing but a puddle of ink. 
  • you probably shaved around the last time you slept, which was- well. there is never any time, you rationalize it. you go to the dorm showers, but someone is always using the good one. you have never seen the stall unoccupied. how do you even know it’s the good one? you wonder, but do not truly consider. when you pull all nighters, you can hear the water rushing through the walls. you think that maybe, you wouldn’t hear it if you fell asleep. maybe.
ieg’s kdrama list

completed (favs bolded): cheese in the trap, weightlifting fairy kim bok joo, strong woman do bong soon, w, uncontrollably fond, jealousy incarnate, you who came from the stars, oh my venus, age of youth, drinking solo, reply 1988, it’s ok thats love, cheer up

watching: oh my ghostess, reply 1997

partially watched/on hold/probably will never finish: doctors, goblin, signal, reply 1994, introverted boss, the liar and his lover, tomorrow with you

to watch: she was pretty, the lover, healer, the best hit, bride of the water god, queen of mystery, love in the moonlight, stranger, be arrogant

the 100 ~masterlist~

hello, everyone! this is my masterlist for ‘the 100′ (as made obvious by the title) lol. I will update this either the day that I upload new content, or the day after. upcoming works may be listed, but I’m a little hesitant bc my updates are always oddly timed, I don’t have a set upload date. once I get back into the groove of things, the updates should become more regular.his cute lil bolt symbolizes smut/mentions of it, so beware. every time I reblog/edit this, the new additions will be bolded. so please check them out. thank you for all the positive feedback guys! much love xoxox.

their names in your phone

sorted into hogwarts houses

Bellamy Blake

Commander Lexa

Jasper Jordan

John Muprhy


Monty Green

Octavia Blake

Raven Reyes

types of love

*check venus

Aries: Bold. Aries makes for extremely spontaneous lovers; they are full of energy and they don’t like to beat around the bush (unless that’s the fun of it. They love to tease.) They are surprisingly romantic and give off a child-like fun vibe with every move which keeps it exciting and adventurous. An Aries in Venus knows what they want, and will go for it directly and confidently. Their charm and in-the-moment actions will make them a memorable partner, even if it does not last long.

Taurus: Cautious. Taurus lovers are very careful with who they fall in love with, and will shy away from people who don’t seem secure. They find pleasure in the simple things such as hand-holding and a quick kiss before work. They are also very possessive, although, which may be a problem for some people, but their possessiveness branches from the fear of losing you. Either way, these signs are definitely marriage material for those who enjoy the simple, romantic things in life.

Gemini: Thoughtful. Gemini’s use their knowledge, wit, and stimulating conversations to win others over, and the fact of the matter is that it works. Gemini’s prefer a stimulating relationship over a comfortable one, as they like variety and to have plenty of fun. A Gemini is not someone who will let you hold them down, and they will not be stuck and cling to you. Gemini’s are full of life and adventure and are curious about the world around them which gives them a child-like innocence and approach towards love. However, due to their curiosity, they over-analyze every detail in their relationship, so be prepared.

Cancer: Sensitive. Cancer’s generally want a predictable, committed relationship that feels secure and comforting. It’s not that they crave a fairy-tale ending, but they know that if they hurt, it will hurt badly. They will pay more attention to your feelings rather than your words. They act out for your attention, and sometimes they want it just to know that they can still have it. They are very needy, but when their needs are met they return the favor with patience and love. They are kind, sentimental, and affectionate lovers, who crave the same sort of warmth from you.

Leo: Passionate. Leo’s crave that new, warm feeling in the beginning of a relationship and want that part to last forever. Settled and stale relationships drive them away. They love passion and spontaneity, as well as interesting and exciting people. Leo’s will love to brag and yap about you to anybody who will listen to them, and everyone will know you two are in a relationship. They can be quite demanding because they need to feel special, but everything you give them they will give back. If you can respect a Leo, and appreciate them, then they will never lose interest in you. Feel free to remind them that you have feelings too, and their affection will take into over-drive.

Virgo: Loyal. Virgo’s give devotion, nurture, and love rather than materialistic gifts. They give up their time and effort to see that a relationship works between you two. They enjoy when you appreciate the little things that they do for you, as most of what they do is small and seems insignificant, but they are strong believers that it’s the small things in life that count. They aren’t too keen on getting to know everyone at once, either. They are the definition of “taking things slow” but in the end, it’s all worth it, as they are devoted, loyal, and trustworthy. Definitely someone to take home to your parents.  

Libra: Idealistic. A Libra wants to impress you, and show you how kind and fair they are. These lovers believe that two halves do make a whole, and work in the relationship is 50/50. As long as you do your part, they will do theirs. While this is charming, they may compromise on too many things too often. If you like someone who can take charge and put people in their place, a Libra is not your best bet. They like to keep things civilized and peaceful, and don’t like to argue. However, they are true romantics. They will always consider how you feel, and treat you how you deserve to be treated.

Scorpio: Intense. These lovers are devoted, passionate, and emotional. Scorpio’s don’t beat around the bush when it comes to relationships, their approach is up front and direct. They try to win you over with their honesty and integrity, but even so they have their secrets that they keep to themselves. Scorpio’s are happy to devote themselves to you, but it important that you stay loyal to them as well because they have no problem with leaving you. What you may find although is that Scorpio’s are very controlling in a relationship, and are easy to explode with anger since they take everything to the extreme. They are not afraid of their own emotions but you may be, and that’s where part of the intensity in their relationships come from.

Sagittarius: Adventurous. They have a strong love for life and love to share that with everyone, and although that means they have a tendency to wander from their partner, they always come back. Sagittarius is a flirty sign, they are fun and pretty much open to anything. They always want to be on an adventure, and they want to share their experiences and happiness with you. Though it is sometimes difficult for them to make long-term commitments since they are not the settled type. They don’t like to feel like you are holding them back and not letting them explore, and may leave when things get far too serious.

Capricorn: Responsible. Capricorn’s impress you with their wit, their passion towards their goals, and their smarts. Relatively, they are very successful people with a drive to get things done and do it efficiently. Capricorn’s are generally attracted to those who are stable, serious, and have a set goal in mind with an idea of how to get there. Loose ends make them feel weary, as they take comfort in security. They try extremely hard to not hurt you, and to appear like the perfect partner because they strive for this sort of perfection. They want to be someone that you can count on, and they want the same from you. However, they are still warm and generous people, and have an old-fashioned charm to their love style.

Aquarius: Provocative. Aquarian’s say that there is no rules when it comes to love, as well as no restrictions. They love fun, unique relationships, kind of like the type that really can’t be described in those prime-time shows. They want to be loved for their brains, their uniqueness, and their personality above all. When they commit to a relationship, they actually commit. They are spontaneous, free-souls with high intellect which is easy to be drawn in by. However, they are known to stir up controversy and arguments from time to time, and can be very stubborn when it comes to how they want it to be.

Pisces: Unconditional. Pisces are dreamy, warm-hearted lovers with an old-fashioned romantic charm to them. Definitely someone who care about what’s on the inside rather than on the out, Pisces want to love you passionately and unconditionally. They want to help you through your hardships. Although, Pisces can stretch the truth a little bit, and are not the most reliable when it comes to information, but this comes from the fact that they don’t want to hurt you. Sometimes they forget that it will hurt more later when the truth comes out. They are empathetic, though, and sensitive. They tie in humor with love, and are gentle with affection.

Lance: (pulls out a guitar and clears throat) Hey Keith, we’ve been dating for a while now and… I’ve been saving something a little special :)

Keith: (blushing furiously) Ah.. Go ahead.

Lance: Right, okay. (deep breath) Here goes.

Lance: (singing) Mullet man, take me by the hand, lead me to the land that you understand

A Broken Routine

A Broken Routine (Our Daily Routine Part Two)

Request: Just a lot of requests asking for part two to Our Daily Routine
Rating: T
Warnings: Angst
Word Count: 1010
A/N: I am SO sorry this took so long!

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It was as if everything had been thrown off course when Gaston stopped coming to your home and tried to woo you. There were no more flowers and long speeches that you looked forward to and no more Gaston. As more time passed, you lost hope in him coming back.

To your dismay, however, your love for him just grew with each day without him. The throb in your heart made you breathless and you wished for the old days when Gaston would come and bring a smile to your face with a funny story from his war adventures and a giant bouquet of flowers. Just the thought of your old times with him would bring an ache to your heart and you missed him even more.

You knew you could have just tried to find him, but you were afraid. Afraid of him rejecting you. Afraid of him leaving again. The pain you felt the day when he stopped coming was like a hurricane of emotions. You didn’t want to come back to that pain.

Your mother sensed that something was wrong too and began to ask you questions about where Gaston was, and you simply replied with a half-hearted shrug. You didn’t really want to find out where he was either.

“Y/N, you need to get out and find him. You’ve been sulking around the house for three weeks. Go do something!” Your mother sighed as she looked at your miserable form. As much as you wanted to fight back and keep hiding in your blankets forever, your mother did not allow it. She kicked you out of your bed and encouraged you to go out and enjoy the sunshine.

Sighing, you hastily made your bed then made your way to your desk. A couple of letters were spread across the light wood. Over the past few days, you reread all the letters he gave you and your heart felt heavier with each word you read. You wanted Gaston back. So you started planning.

You started writing a heartfelt letter of your own, declaring your feelings for him and how you loved him all along. The words danced and shuffled across the paper, until finally, the letter was complete and ready to give to Gason. You were going to say the letter to Gaston and tell him all your unspoken feelings.

Looking up at a mirror, you flinched. Your hair was a mess from sulking in your bed and there were dark, sullen bags under your eyes. You mentally facepalmed yourself. Going up to Gaston like this could ruin your whole plan! You quickly ran to your bathroom and started preparing, gathering all the expensive soaps and oils from your mother’s “secret” storage box.

You spent an hour fixing yourself up, practicing your speech, and hunting through your closet for the perfect outfit. If you’re doing this, you’re going to make it the most special declaration of feelings Gaston would ever get. It was Operation Get The Gaston.

Finally, with your speech held in front of you and your hair looking its best, you were ready. You quickly glanced at all the old gifts Gaston brought to you and psyched yourself up. You were ready as you’ll ever be.

The minute you were out the door, you started hunting for Gaston. You’re not going to stop until you tell him everything. First, you looked for him at the local town’s pub. And the search began.


It took you hours, but you never found the handsome brunette or his bold red blazer. You checked everywhere in the town. The salon, the mirror shop, even the damn library! But still, your search for Gaston was unsuccessful. You were truly disappointed, but you weren’t going to give up. Not now, not ever. You were going to tell him about your feelings even if it was the last thing you would ever do.

Sighing, you made your way to the town’s marketplace to try and find Gaston here. Plus, you were hungry, so might as well. You walked through the twists and curves of the surprisingly large market, looking at every face you saw. None of them matched the smug and cocky face you loved.

Then, you saw him.

You swore your heart skipped a beat and all your plans went out the window. He was there, in all of his glory.

Walking closer, you saw that he was talking to someone. Since a large crate was blocking the person from view, you couldn’t identify the person. You assumed it was LeFou or one of his “admirers.” He was never alone anyway. Grabbing your composure, you took your speech from your pocket and confidently marched up to him.

When you were finally close enough to Gaston, you realized who he was talking to. It was Belle. And she was holding the same old flowers he used to get you.

Your heart skipped a beat again, but in an unpleasant way. It was the kind that made you want to throw up and run as far away as you possibly could. You were shocked. For once in your life, you were out of words. The letter dropped to the ground.

Suddenly, Belle turned towards you, a small smile on her face. “Oh hello, Y/N!”

Your eyes widened, and you struggled to gather your senses and come up with a reply. “B-Bonjour, Belle!”

You thought that maybe, just maybe, Gaston would turn around, look straight in your eyes, and say that it was all a joke and you would both laugh. But he didn’t. Instead, he looped his arm around Belle’s shoulder and walked straight past you, not even sparing a single tiny glance at your shaking figure.

He didn’t even look at you.

You wanted to crumble right there at the marketplace’s floor, but you didn’t. Not in front of other people. So you took off running, farther and farther away until the town was no longer in sight.

You lost him.

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Hello, everyone! This is my masterlist (as made obvious by the title) lol. I will update these at the end of every day that I upload new content. I’m going to update this tomorrow with things that I will write this coming week, just to motivate myself. Once I get back into the groove of things, the updates should happen a few times a week. This cute lil bolt symbolizes smut/mentions of it, so beware. Every day, the new additions will be bolded. So please check them out. Thank you for all the positive feedback guys! Much love xoxox.

The 100

their names in your phone

sorted into hogwarts houses

Bellamy Blake

Commander Lexa

John Muprhy

Octavia Blake

Monty Green

Jasper Jordan

Raven Reyes


The Originals

Niklaus Mikaelson

Kol Mikaelson

Rebekah Mikaelson

The Vampire Diaries

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ig (race swap)

Bonnie Bennett

Elena Gilbert

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Kai Parker

Matt Donovan

Lorenzo St. John

Damon Salvatore

Stefan Salvatore

Teen Wolf

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Scott McCall

Malia Tate

Stiles Stilinski

Isaac Lahey

Derek Hale

Jackson Whittermore

Theo Raeken

Jordan Parrish

Lydia Martin

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Grant Ward

Gossip Girl

Carter Baizen

Chuck Bass

Nathaniel Archibald


Archie Andrews

Veronica Lodge

Pretty Little Liars

Caleb Rivers

Criminal Minds

BAU Team

Derek Morgan

Emily Prentiss

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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Brooke Maddox

James Buchanan Barnes


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Laughter is Language

We keep it golden, it’s so bright. We’re drawing bold allegro lines–Glen Check (Paint it Gold)

Some stupid, pointless, Yoongi-fluff to alleviate the depressing atmosphere on this blog. Also: Sugamon as neighbors. Woot.

“Baek Yerin, I swear to god. Why do you have so much stuff?” you grit through your teeth as you carry another cardboard box packed full of Disney DVDs and VCRs. “Do you even watch any of these anymore?”

“Hey,” she shouts over her shoulders as she makes her way up the stairs in the apartment building, “I might want to watch them when I’m homesick.”

“That’s,” you grunt, hoisting the box up higher,  “not good enough justification for making me carry all of your shit up three flights of stairs.”

“Oh stop being so grumpy,” she laughs a flight of stairs above you. “Focus on the positives, babe. Think about it, we’re finally moving into our own place!” she squeals and you can’t help but chuckle in agreement.

The two of you have been saving up for a place in Seoul since you were in high school, all the way back to schoolgirls in plaid skirts and big dreams hidden in legal pads. You scrimped by in college, subsisting off dehydrated cup noodles, working two jobs through the school year and three in the summer. And now that you’ve graduated, you finally have enough for a semi-decent apartment in Sinchon. Quarters are cramped, and not really much of an improvement over a college dorm room, but it’s more than you could’ve ever dreamed of. The great, romanticized step of independence, a sharp injection of adrenaline despite the universe’s forecast of entropy and confusion.

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#3: You don’t have to worry, I’m here. (Kyoya Drabble)

“I’m going to count to three, and if you’re not gone by them I am calling the police!” The woman on the TV yelped towards the door. You were watching a horror movie about a robber breaking into some woman’s house at night. If you were being completely honest, it had you quivering.

You gripped tightly onto the blanket that was burritoed around you. “Sh, it’s just a movie. You’re fine and safe in the house.”

There was a loud thud in the room above you, causing you to shoot up from your blanket throne and scream. You scrambled to grab the remote and paused the movie, glancing at the ceiling above you. You grasped the remote in your hand and held it over your chest protectively, making the bold decision to check out the noise.

The trip up the stairs was successful, no injuries occurred on your way up. You approached the room that rested above your living room cautiously. It was closed and the lights were off on the inside. You sighed quietly and repeated “Sh, it’s just a movie. You’re fine and safe in the house.”

You turned the knob and simultaneously screeched at the top of your lungs when you felt a hand on your shoulder.

“What is going on here?” Your boyfriend Kyoya yelped with surprise.

You whirled around and wrapped your arms around his waist, burying your face into his chest. “I heard a noise! I’m terrified!” You cried out, your voice muffled by his shirt.

He chuckled a little bit and patted your back gently cooing in your ear. “You don’t have to worry, I’m here. No monster or man is going to get you.”