bold beauty

MBTI - First Impressions
  • INTP:Cute and geeky.
  • ENTP:Charming and bold.
  • INFP:Beautiful Cinnamon Roll.
  • ENFP:Very confident with themselves.
  • ISTP:Determined and not easily distracted.
  • ESTP:"Why not?" kinda people.
  • ISFP:Super chill.
  • ESFP:Extremely nice and social.
  • INTJ:High standards for most things.
  • ENTJ:Go big or go home.
  • INFJ:Outspoken.
  • ENFJ:Tend to be charismatic and easy-going.
  • ISTJ:Very direct and decisive.
  • ESTJ:Matter-of-fact kinda people
  • ISFJ:Really social but never loud/obnoxious.
  • ESFJ:The popular kids.

Stepping out with bold brows, big gorgeous hair and deliberately disorganized lashes? Maybe people will stare. Maybe you don’t care. Use #NoMaybes to show us how you step out of your comfort zone with a daring look, no apologies, and no regrets!

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