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Reasons to watch/ rewatch Knight Rider:

Kitt is hella cool
Kitt is hella funny
Kitt is hella sarcastic
Kitt is hella badass
Kitt is hella bold
Kitt is hella noble English man
Kitt is hella black


Kitt calls dogs and cats “furballs”
Kitt calls donkeys “oversized dogs”
Kitt has always an opinion (and cannot resist sharing)
Kitt judges you
Kitt lets you play Pacman and other video games on his dashboard, however he will judge your gamer skills
Kitt tells terrible jokes
Kitt detests parking lots and will complain about you parking there

erink413  asked:

How would you sort the main group from The Song of the Lioness? Mainly Alanna, George, Jon, Raoul, Gary, Thayet, and Buri.

Alanna, no brainer, total Gryffindor. She’s brave, noble, but not so much that she can be intimidated to back down from a fight. She’s impulsive, always ready for a fight. She kind of a sterotypical one, to be honest. 

George (my love) is a Slytherin. He likes being in power, but more importantly, in control. He picks his friends carefully, that he can not only trust, but also will be helpful to him. 

Jon is also a Slytherin. He wants to be a king, a good king. He enjoys having power and chooses friends the same way George does. 

Raoul, I think is a Hufflepuff. That speech he gives to Kel about being a commander feels like a Hufflepuff speech to me. 

Gary, pretty sure, he’s a Ravenclaw, he’s the one who keeps a level head and more academically focused than the others. 

Thayet might be a Slytherin. She might also be a Ravenclaw. (It’s been a while since I reread the last two Alanna books)

Buri is also a Gryffindor. Bold, fierce, noble. She’s a lot like Alanna. 

Send me characters to sort!!

I just want to let my followers know

If you’re trans, I support you in every way. Body freedom is the most important thing ever and if you feel un-important just remember that you’re the future of humanity - making yourself into what you want to be. It’s bold, it’s noble, it’s honorable. Don’t ever give up.

just seeing some tweets abt this but you ever think abt how the concept of being passive aggressive (as if the only kind of True Aggression is punching someone, which is a conveniently limiting definition of violence and the like) is so associated with women & looked down on as opposed to men’s more noble and bold aggression, even if they do the exact same kind of social subterfuge, which is just clever and strategic when a man does it as opposed to cowardly and duplicitous from a woman. but as though women weren’t restricted to the realm of the home for ages under the guise of “protection” from the evils of the outside world, and were only given worth as far as they could be considered Pure and Kindhearted & etc. so if they navigate social connections and act out their intentions behind five layers of pleasantries and conventions it’s coz Bitches Be Conniving & Catty

and in a related field, how women just talking to each other is gossip. especially with how women protect each other by warning of dangerous people (cough men) and other events that could affect them, what with historically having little social or legal power in their own lives and a crap ton of shit to watch out for. and as though nowadays women’s word is still worth as much as men’s and as though women are considered as smart as men and listened to with equal weight to their words. and people wonder why they just warn each other abt men with “rumors” and don’t speak out individually to the whole world abt it.

Astrology Aesthetic- Leo

Leos are bold and noble. They like the spotlight and attention though they’re humble. They see the good things in life and try to bring those things out for others to witness. If they do something to hurt you, their intentions are usually not bad. They’re hardworking go-getters.

Born on August 29th of the year 1993 was someone that can only be described as an amazing son, an amazing brother, an inspiration, strong, protective, amazing, bold, sweet, noble, kind, perfect, caring, funny, wise, witty, attractive, brave, stunning, breathtaking, warm, big, muscular, loving, thoughtful, valiant, loyal, fearless, ambitious, happy, joyful, fun, and an amazing human being overall. Happy Birthday, Liam James Payne, we all love you.