Amonkhet Bingo UPDATE #1

With the full Amonkhet Card Image Gallery Revealed today, and the three Amonkhet stories we know so far, here’s how the card looks:

Reasoning under the cut:

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In Today’s Magic Story...


  • With a name like Servants, of course Liliana is our narrator.
  • Worthy of note, I don’t think Liliana is controlling these zombies.  She’s just giving them orders, and they’re obeying.
  • Also of note, they’re anticipating her needs, which on a plane which Bolas appropriated for himself, is quite worrying…
  • Despite not having artisans, shops, etc, Liliana is still evidently enjoying the high life.  Somehow.
  • I’m somehow wondering if Kothophed was supposed to die, now that we see the encounter worded like that… I mean, this is Nicol Bolas we’re talking about, the one who arranged her contracts…
  • Plot twist: Razaketh is a planeswalker now, and decided to flee before Liliana arrived.  Unless Liliana can sense her demonic masters.
  • Oh hey, Raven Man!  Glad to see you survived Emrakul.  Where were you in Kaladesh anyways?  Was your absence a reward to Liliana for defeating an Edrazi?
  • Despite being around with Liliana for all her 200+ years of life, he still wears old-style clothing.
  • “Yet here you sit. Eating fruit.” – Raven Man
    • Clearly you do not know Liliana as well as you think you do.

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Theories on Gideon’s fate in Amonkhet

Both of my ideas are based off of the popular theory that the trials of the Gods are a way to discover planeswalkers. Another theory/fear, is that once Gideon completes the trials, Nicol Bolas will come home and kill him. I don’t think that this is going to happen, but I do think that something bad will happen to him.

There are a few reasons why something bad is almost certainly going to happen, and likely to Gideon. First, storywise, is that after a series of successes like the Gatewatch has had, there needs to be something that brings them low, something that they will have to overcome, more so than Bolas is going to do Something Bad. Considering the lengths that the story has gone through to make Boals into the Big Bad, it is really unlikely that he will be defeated here and losing without a consequence is boring and poor storytelling. The fact that Gideon is going to go through the trials, is most enthralled with the Gods, has the most concerns about the dysfunction of the Gatewatch and has other white aligned walkers that could fit his place in the Gatewatch (Ajani, Elspeth once she comes back from the dead) increases the odds that the consequence lands on his shoulders.

From a design standpoint, having the story take this turn allows for a card that has interaction with planeswalkers, which standard sorely needs.

So what happens? 

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Me patea las bolas la gente que se jacta sobremanera de su consumo canábico, como si tuviéramos que asombrarnos ante una hazaña muy exclusiva y única de ellos.

En dos palabras: Hágala piola. 

in the thread of the Raven Man being Bolas in disguise; what if Bolas had other deals with these demons or the demons had something he wanted - or for whatever reason Bolas would want a few demons dead - and found a useful tool in Liliana. he could see her determination and cunning right off the bat and knew she could do the job, killing these demons. Bolas is known for laying plans within plans, of commanding others to do what would have been minor inconveniences just because he can, or to the simple entertainment of moving his pawns around. the ever evolving game of intrigue, tactics and political maneuvering.

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In Today’s Magic Story...

The Writing on the Wall

I didn’t expect a Naya-colored creature, especially here of all places.  Then again, Ajani was from Naya and he opposed Bolas.  Must be a RGW thing… Anyways, welcome, Samut!

  • Malaise is a feeling of discomfort or uneasiness, with an unidentifiable source.  So that’s what its called…
  • Given that we’re listening to the plane, I’m assuming Nissa is doing her Animist thing.
  • “I lived, once.
    He could never truly kill me.  I abhor death.
    Those that die will always return. That is the Curse of Wandering. My gift.
    Their dead were sent here for me to keep them safe from rot…
    This once was my most treasured place.
    I protected the vessels to keep their souls alive and he took… them…
    He took them–!
    Please, he took them all, corrupted them all, end my guilt, I could not protect them–!”
    – Amonkhet
    • Remember how I mentioned Bolas would have to do something pretty f*cked up to rival Tezzeret?  Well here we are.
    • The plane shows undeath as a good thing.  For instance, a mother elephant gets to keep her dead child.  If it hasn’t decomposed, it’s good to go!
    • The dead being kept safe wasn’t a Bolas thing – it was before he even came here.
    • Amonkhet kept the dead souls safe & alive – until Bolas took them to gain power, of course..
    • And Bolas apparently tried to kill Amonkhet – at least the soul of the world.  But he couldn’t.  Hmm…
    • I love this trove of speculation!

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