Abusive & manipulative relationships have made me feel rejected & disposable. I never felt worthy of love & thought “this is as good as it gets.” When I finally realized that no man can love me the way God does, I embraced that I am worthy of more than I accepted & that a Princess of The King deserves a Prince, not a jester. That is when God gave me a relationship that is above & beyond what I expected for myself. Adam shows me Christ everyday, & because I have accepted the love He has for me, I can accept a love that I am worthy of. Pure, unconditional, & Godly. ‪#‎BolaDay‬ ‪#‎Bola‬ ‪#‎IAmWorthy‬ #BolaProject

UPDATE 7/20/2012

We are currently brainstorming SO many ideas! I wanted to fill everybody in on our Visions & Dreams for some upcoming and forthcoming events @!

1) Mini Series of Bola Story Videos. Our vision for these videos is set in stone right now & I wish I could let you know the AMAZINGLY creative ideas flowing out of our team, but it would spoil the surprise! Can’t wait to start filming with my good friends at Open Jar Media! It’s gonna be BIG!

2) Missions In America - I have literally been haunted with this idea since I could think for myself, and luckily, I have a very close friend who indeed shares the same burden! We are discussing a Missions Tour of Metropolitan Areas & Universities… I don’t want to give away all the details, but it involves “reaching out” to the homeless, the rich business men, the tourists, the college students… People Meeting People To let them know that they are not ALONE & there is HOPE! (more info as it is revealed!)

3) TSHIRTSSSSSSSSSS - I know the wait has been grueling, but I am ready to get these t-shirts started! I have shared designs with you guys before, but I couldn’t ever decide a) how to afford them & b) what the profit would go towards. I think out Missions in America program is gonna be the perfect fit for the Bracelets & Tshirts!

4) Kickstarter - I have been wanting to do this for quite sometime, but didn’t necessarily have the vision to do so. I think with the addition of our Videos with OJM & tshirts - it will be the perfect balance of incentive & publicity to get it KICK-started!

IF you or anyone you know would like to have input on these or ANY of our ideas or become part of the BOLA team, E-mail us at! We rely on our faithful followers for many things! Keep spreading the word! BOLA is still Alive & Kicking! But must importantly submit your stories & testimonies to








I would rather be JUDGED…

Jesus found the judgement of humanity when He came to Earth.

We find the judgement of Christianity everywhere we go. 

The MOST important Jesus ever gave us was the 11th commandment:


So I assure you, that any extravagant, loud, extreme form of LOVE that we have for our savior WILL be offensive to some…

but I challenge all of you today…

Just as LOUD should our LOVE be for others as it is for our Creator!


This is just as sweet to hear in the Heavens!


“When we got engaged we were so excited with the thought of starting a family. With that idea in mind, we were blessed with the unexpected surprise pregnancy. We were so happy and thrilled, little did we know just a week later we lost our little surprise. Our first loss was very hard to take and we didn’t know if we were ever going to get past this hurt. We knew God had a plan.
After a while, we found out we were pregnant once again! We got more excited than last time and even more excited when I carried further along than the last pregnancy. I was 7 weeks and 3 days along when I started to have a miscarriage. I woke up in the middle of the night with horrible cramping and bleeding. We were devastated. Not really knowing what was going on, my husband took me to the ER and our worst fears were realized I had lost my second little baby. I dont know how we got through our sadness and hurt, but God somehow got us through it.
Here we are, almost a year later and we have gone through a third miscarriage. This one has been the hardest to deal with. Just two weeks before we heard a heartbeat and saw our precious baby. We had a check up and again, our worst fear, no heartbeat.
It was devastating, how could this happen? What could I have done to prevent this? We had decided that a D&C surgery was the way we wanted to go. So the surgery can and went and we began to heal and try to move on.
God gave us the peace to handle and cope with our sadness. God has sent us a wonderful lady in a program just for this type of loss. We thank God everyday for our little angels up in heaven. There is never a day that we dont get sad about it but we know that they are happy and healthy with God.

Mommy & Daddy love you very much Ray, Charlie and, Andy” - Molly & Brandon


It’s FASHION WEEK! So we decided to release our FIRST EVER T-SHIRT! Wear your shirt as a reminder of the Grace of God & the freedom we can choose to live in. Be transparent with your story of God’s overwhelming LOVE in your life! 

“Blood Of the Lamb And…” - Revelation 12:11

The Church is in desperate need of Revival.

And we are carriers of that Reviving.


The Artists.

The Storytellers.

The Outcast.

The Condemned.

The Redeemed.

The I-Once-Gave-Up-On-Church-But-Now-I-Put-Up-With-It-ers

The Passionate.

The Called.

The Future of the glorious Bride of Christ is in our hands.

Whether the Older Generation mentor, intern, encourage, give opportunities & teach wisdom or NOT! 

We Must be Relentles as Jesus is Relentless.

We Must be Righteous as Jesus is Righteous.

We Must be GRACE as Jesus is GRACE.

It’s up to us.

I’ve got my power tools.

Let’s reBUILD.

Taylor - 

Remember there is nothing TOO BIG for Our God to forgive.

We stray sometimes, but if you keep beating yourself up about what happened before GOD changed you, then you are letting the enemy rob you of the very same JOY that God has freely given to you!

If No One else says it… WE LOVE YOU! 

Because of your boldness to proclaim this. 

Because of your commitment to Christ.

Because of the beautiful calling to be LOVE & LIGHT on this earth.

People are waiting with their hands bound… reaching out for someone to proclaim freedom to them. Freedom from the very same thing God delivered you of!


Declare FREEDOM to God’s people. 

Galations 5:

“Christ has set us free to live a free life. So take your stand! Never again let anyone put a harness of slavery on you.”