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Hey rivvy I wanted to ask whether in your omegaverse fic Viktor still falls for yuuri at the banquet right? His motivation is not just sex related?

Yes! YCPfE stays as close to canon as possible. Victor still has that ‘oh wow’ moment at the GPF banquet (and Yuuri has no clue). And his motivation to coach Yuuri is the same. The sex is just a bonus. 

fr tho like…lance and hunk are best friends???

just think about the shenanigans they got up to in the garrison? like clearly hunk was used to lance dragging him out to do wild stuff at night but just

lets think about like??? lance helping hunk cook in the student kitchens? or in their shitty microwave if you don’t think the garrison would have student kitchens idk. and by helping i mean sitting there and like washing the dishes as hunk actually tries to make stuff and they’re joking and having fun and being happy

or think about like staying up all night even though there’s classes the next day just binge watching shitty tv shows until its four am and they’re both so exhausted hunk says something like “….i think that ants are spies from the government” and lance just?? looses it? and starts laughing hysterically until he rolls off the bed and just continues laughing on the floor?