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[151207] Vernon’s Twitter Interaction with Fans

Opening Tweet: [17’s Vernon] #whats_up

Fan: What’s up.
VN: Ketchup.

Fan: how have u been?
VN: been working hard for our concert!
(T/N: This was in English.)

Fan: Oppa, I have an exam tomorrow. Please wish me luck *cries* 💕
VN: Bbwaruing*.
(T/N: Vernon’s version of ‘fighting’.)

Fan: Chicken.
VN: Uoh.

Fan: What is Seungkwan doing?
VN: I don’t know.

Fan: Please recommend a good song other than SEVENTEEN’s songs~
VN: All songs by Alessia Cara are good.

Fan: Exactly 5:5.
VN: Oreo.
(T/N: 5:5 middle hair parting. 5:5 – ‘o-de-o’ in Korean.)

Fan: Have you eaten dinner?
VN: I’m going to eat now.

Fan: once u Vernon u can’t vernoff
VN: kk
(T/N: This was in English.)

cr: bex @ what17says
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