Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai - Episode 01 - DONE!

Well this was a pretty funny show at times, The guy quite honest. This seems like it might be fairly entertaining.

Although I hope Ryosuke does more then just provides energy, but if not then I guess its no big deal, maybe I go read the manga for now to find out.

Being a fan of scythe using girls I’ll try to keep watching this show


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for your ears— [blackout/breathe carolina] + [love gun/veva]

He knew it was sharply ten because he’d not had nearly enough alcohol. He was used to bokuh dots, whiskey breath and someone’s lips on his at half-hour.

So for Jake to only have an appletini and a couple shots was - unprecedented. But with reason. Jake made his way through the party, acute for Kurt’s presence. He’d already drummed up a bit of talk about him. Fashion; personality; how they met. His words were coated in exaggeration and pride. Schmoozing with the Mottas meant serious business, and Jake was privy to the idea of having Kurt within his close circle. Nothing sloppy. That was for later.

But until Kurt arrived, Jake was going to indulge himself in his self-thrown entertainment. The dance floor was sticky with lights; music blaring, shoulders moving; low hums under the chatter. He’d have to swing by the pool after a couple rounds with the gang, raising shot glasses to internships, sex stories, and McKinley - or at least to forget. “Everybody’s wearing too many clothes,” he said, the corner of his mouth hitching a smirk. “That includes you,” he said, tapping - shit, it was Kurt.