person: hi! how are you?

me: bokuto and akaashi spend time together outside of club activities even though they’re in different years, like, they probably have lunch together all the time and bokuto probably rushes to akaashi’s classroom the moment the bell rings so they can eat together. he probably even packs extra lunch because he knows akaashi has quite the appetite. this probably becomes so much of a routine for them that during the very rare times bokuto fails to show up, maybe because he’s having a bit of an off-day and doesn’t want to ruin akaashi’s mood with his (because no matter how silly he seems to be he’s probably very considerate when it comes to akaashi outside of volleyball in his own subtle way??), akaashi’s classmates ask him where that third year volleyball captain with the hair is. akaashi probably goes and finds bokuto himself during these days because he always wants to have lunch with him, even if it’s with a sulky bokuto, and he wants to make sure that bokuto is okay, they care so much about each other, oh my god

person: what

me: what

i bet the captains just stare at daichi and go like ???????????????? how

because they’re all like LETS GO DO STUFF and their vice capts/right hand men just  side-eye them and are constantly done with their shit

  • kuroo / kenma
  • oikawa / iwaizumi
  • bokuto / akaashi

but then suga walks in like DAICHI LETS GO DO FUN THINGS and daichi’s just like yea ok leggo 

*stares at the fuck out of daisuga* HOW

and then kenma, iwa-chan & akaashi in unison: sawamura-san is so cool, suga-san is so lucky

bokurooi: *loud horrified gasps* excuse m- , what did you just-, how dare- 

but the capts end up resignedly agreeing bc everyone is lowkey in love with daichi anyway LMAO

because @limitlessmonster brought up bokuto kissing akaashi’s knuckles and i’ve been thinking about that all day

Pairing: Bokuto/Akaashi
Theme: college!au: quiet

Bokuto is quiet sometimes. 

Akaashi has found a spot in the quad and, even though it’s only his first year, somehow everyone know that it’s Akaashi’s spot. It’s similar to the unassigned assigned seats in discussions and lectures, except on a much larger scale. And no one else has one. Except Akaashi.


He takes to his spot between classes, either gets work done or takes a nap in the soft grass, under the shade provided by the large tree. But he’s usually sitting upright, since someone else has decided to take up space with his sprawled out body and books scattered nearby.

Bokuto drops his backpack against the tree and then collapses on the ground; he, unfortunately, has early classes and Akaashi had been amused and thoroughly impressed that he makes it to almost every single lecture (and thinks that Kuroo, being his roommate and in the same class, probably has some influence on that.) Arms lifting obediently, Akaashi only lowers them when Bokuto’s head is resting in his lap comfortably and he glances down with a raised eyebrow.

“Up late?”

Bokuto groans, rubs his eyes tiredly.

“There’s never enough sleep when you have an 8 a.m…”

And usually that’s all he says. Bokuto either sleeps or lays there, eyes closed but clearly awake. But there are times where it’s before an exam or it’s the day of a match; then Bokuto is awake, because Akaashi is nervous, shown by the way his fingers are constantly fidgeting. His pencil twirls and dances between his fingers, his nails drum against his notebook, his nails dig into his palm.

So Bokuto reaches up and takes a hand without a word.

The tips of his fingers trace the lines on Akaashi’s palms, a ticklish sensation that he can never quite get used to. Akaashi can’t help but keep moving his fingers at first; it’s not really him trying to pull his hand back, but he’s got so much nervous energy and that’s his habitual outlet. But with Bokuto playing with his fingers, Akaashi’s hand eventually relaxes, and then the other follows. Alternating between just taking his hand and lacing their fingers together, eventually Bokuto graces kisses over his knuckles.


Akaashi feels goosebumps running over his skin, just watching and feeling his kisses. But then he gently flicks Bokuto’s face, gives a small, grateful smirk.

“…Who said I wasn’t?”

“Right, right…” Bokuto answers, lips moving against the back of Akaashi’s fingers.

“My mistake.”


Bokuto is the kind of guy who acts like he loves roller coasters but in reality he’s super scared of them.

Akaashi is the kind of guy who doesn’t show any opinion about them but absolutely digs roller coasters.


“AGAIN! Wanna go for another ride, Akaashi?” “Bokuto-san, that sounds wrong out of context…”

“Hey, hey, hey ‘Kaashi!” A loud voice bellowed from the end of the hallways.

Keiji blinked and stepped slowly towards Koutarou with his bento in his hands.

“I’m going to go get lunch, are you coming with me or do we meet at the rooftop?” Koutarou asked while he jogged in place and Keiji wondered how much energy his senior really possessed.

“I’ll be at the rooftop Bokuto-san.” Keiji replied softly, apologising to every passing student inside his head for the noise in the corridor.

“Okay, I’ll see you! Line’s probably huge by now!” Koutarou shot a finger gun at Keiji before dashing off towards the cafeteria shop.

Keiji sighed and treaded to the rooftop. He knew Koutarou liked to eat out in the open, even though today was a particularly sunny day and Keiji did not like fact that the rooftop would be hotter than usual. However, he still climbed up the stairs and seated himself under the shade he found near the entrance.

Famished, he opened up his bento, not waiting for Koutarou. He ate his food, glancing around at the other people present on the rooftop besides him, leaning back against the wall and began to wonder if Koutarou got the chance to buy food.

His bento was empty now and if Koutarou returned empty handed, Keiji couldn’t offer him anything.


Keiji was caught by surprise by the sudden groan and a weight is placed upon his shoulder.

“The line was so long! But I managed to get food so I’m okay.” Koutarou breathed out, as if he had just returned from a war. He shifted away from Keiji and chomped on his sandwich, eying the bento.

“All done?” Koutarou questions with his mouth full.

“Please don’t speak with your mouth full Bokuto-san.”

“Mm ‘Kaashi…”

Keiji was about to chide him again for manners but his stomach growled instead as if it had decided to take the charge of speaking. He felt his neck grow warm and he pressed his lips into a thin line.

He was still hungry.

He felt something pat his shoulder and he turned to see Koutarou grinning while offering another packed sandwich.

“I knew you’d still be hungry, so I bought an extra one.”

Keiji accepted the sandwich and unwrapped it. He inwardly cursed his stomach for being too obvious but at the same time he was grateful for Koutarou’s thoughtfulness.

“Does this mean you can toss me twenty extra balls in practice?”

Keiji scrunched his face in annoyance and handed the other boy the half eaten sandwich. “You can have this back.”

Koutarou laughed and spoke between wheezes, “I was just joking Akaashi! Eat it!”

Keiji huffed out and looked away. The embarrassment was crumbling him from inside.

“You look cute when you’re like this.” Koutarou pinched Keiji’s cheek playfully making the other freeze in his thoughts.

The darker haired boy got up in reply and picked up his bento. “I guess I won’t toss to you at all today.”

“A-kaashi!! I was only kidding! No wait don’t leave! Akaashi!”

((Keiji made a mental note to toss him five extra balls.))

Akaashi’s a famous writer on his way to a book signing and on the plane, he meets Bokuto who is reading one of his books and won’t stop talking about it to Akaashi as he reads, who is very amused that Bokuto doesn’t recognize him, and when Bokuto gets to the signing he’s very flustered and Akaashi writes his number when signing the book.

I hope this is not considered doubleposting…
I decided to repeat the Akaashi card I first made (upper left) because I felt it was not…right, and as you can see, once I remade it, it looks muuuuch better.
And the second image is how the two cards @edeiel commissioned look together.

Let me please remind you that I make custom cards like these and other commissions, if you are interested!