Daydreaming about my next TodoDeku chapter like:

*Kacchan bullies Deku*

Deku (clinging onto Todoroki): “Tocchan! Kacchan is bullying me!”

Todoroki (totally missing the point): “Are you calling me your father?”

Deku (playing along): “Depends, is that kinky?”


@inatodoweek​: Day 1:  From having clashing tastes to having a crush / Hanahaki diseaseflowers

Yoarashi likes Shoto too much to tell him the thistles are too prickly to be used as a flower crown

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Commision me!

Theory: Deku’s dad is dead.

I’m suspecting it due to this [found in Chapter 97]:

Deku’s mom’s reaction seems a bit of an overreaction, but what if Izuku’s dad lost his life protecting someone else?

The next page Inko-san stresses for All Might not to sacrifice his life for Izuku’s. My previous statement makes more sense in this way.

This page clinches my theory further, the way Inko-san spoke is so distant [like she’s trying to reach a person who’s unreachable], and obviously the ‘anata’ in this page is not Deku, nor All-Might. I think she’s speaking to Deku’s dad this way.

I know that Izuku’s dad Hisashi is supposed to be overseas, but there has not been any contact nor any mention of him except in a few chapters, just like how they did with the slow-burn revelation of Nana Shimura-sensei before her death was explicitly mentioned by All-for-One.

So what if Izuku’s dad died being a hero while working overseas?

I know my theory might not make sense to some and that it does have many holes. Or it may have been theorized by other people as well. Feel free to correct me if I have any mistakes on this [if you do that, thank you very much!] I’m not exactly confident with this theory, but as of the moment, as they haven’t revealed much about Hisashi-san, I’m just going with this. It explains [to me at least] why All-Might’s arrival is good for Izuku, as he got the hero he so admired to become a father figure as well.

P.S. I don’t think Inko-san would marry a d-bag, so I’ve ruled out that Izuku’s dad left them both alone. Also I think that if he did die, he would have left an ongoing pension/trust fund for them both, which enabled them to live until now. But yeah, these are just theories, and imperfect ones at best. I hope to be surprised with newest chapters, as BokuAca has been doing to me for the past two years.

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