I’m a vampire, you are the target, shall we kiss to melt?
I’m a vampire, this hot feelings So Burn Burn let it flow
I’m a vampire, this love is dangerous, this kiss is unstoppable
I’m a vampire, this way of love So Burn Burn like an explosion

Boku Wa Vampire by Hey! Say! JUMP English Translation

© Joey Patricia. Please see the source for the complete translation.

When singing along to HSJ songs
  • Boku wa vampire:~Boku wa vampire, Koi wa dangerous hmmm hmmm hmmm Kiss hmmm hmmm~
  • Over:~Hmmmm Chansu nanda My friend hmm hmmm Stand by you, hmmmm hmmmm goodbye hmmm hmmm It's Over~
  • Super Delicate:~ Kimi ni shika miserarenai kao ga aru, Kimi ni shika miserarenai kao ga aru hmm hmmmmm kureta~