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Tsuyu and Ochako were one of the few openly lesbian couples in the hero community. It had taken a lot of courage for the two to come out but they had wanted to share their engagement with the world.

it went well at first, their dedicated fans had guessed the two were dating for some time now. The media had a hay day with it as well, most magazines praised them for their bravery but there was one piece that was awful. Tsuyu hadn't realized such homophobia still existed in the world. The only oddity about their relationship was the fact that they were both heroes. Most of the world had accepted the realities of LGBTQ people.  

The couple tried to ignore the few hate comments here and there but what changed their mind was when their hero rankings began to be affected. Neither cared about their rank but it was clear proof of discrimination. The two decided to take their platform and work to advocate for LGBTQ heroes. 


I mean, I could’ve just answered in text, but that’s a losers attitude. I spent all evening on this like a fool :’D. I wanted to do it justice, this HC means a lot to me haha XD. 

I’d say this is maybe between second and third year, or maybe early third year? Other transzawa stuff here and here (I hc a lot of the Shouta’s I paint as trans but its not the point of the pictures, so its not exactly visible, but anyone’s welcome to tag him as such!)

Sorry about the long post, and all the sketches! My sketches are tagged as mal sketches, if you want to blacklist!

[edit!] Adding a fic written by @misanthropicagarjelly based off (and greatly improved upon) this comic <33!! 


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Hey could you do one where Todoroki has a serious crush on the reader who is very sweet and shy?

YES, YES I CAN! A blushing Todo-kun is my fave Todo-kun  ヽ(´∀`。)ノ I hope you like it!!

Todoroki, Shoto

“Todoroki-Kun….. H-Hey, Todoroki-Kun….. are you feeling okay?” Izuku murmured nervously, waving a hand in front of a dazed Shoto Todoroki, who had been staring off into space while everyone in their group had been chatting away. Izuku asked a question to the silent classmate wanting to involve everyone in everything, but that question remained unanswered. The quiet boy blinked a few times and finally looked up at the questionable faces of his classmates surrounding him. His different colored irises widened once he had realized they were all staring at him and that their chit chat had somehow turned towards him.

“What?” he replied, his brows slightly furrowed while a confused look crossed his features. Todoroki hadn’t heard a single word of anyone’s conversation, not a single word. There was a pause before the small group busted into laughter at how oblivious their top classmate could be at times. “Hmm…” he hummed out, unsure of what to say and got lost within his thoughts once again. Those multi-colored irises slowly moving back to where they once were. Izuku, who was too observant for his own good followed Todoroki’s gaze, his friend has been acting odd these past few weeks— odder than usual, he was curious. Come to find out, Todoroki wasn’t just staring off into space, he was watching a fellow classmate, Y/N. Izuku snapped his fingers understanding the situation better, recalling Todoroki’s past sudden interest in knowing who she was when she transferred. “She’s alone again…” Izuku then recalled seeing Y/N always there in the same spot every day since then, alone but Izuku wasn’t the first to realize this.

“She’s really shy! But really cute!” Uraraka suddenly chimed in, placing her elbows on Todoroki‘s desk, her eyes also on the lone girl. “Talk to her Todoroki-Kun!” she urged on, playfully patting at his shoulder. Todoroki’s brows furrowed harder this time around, looking more troubled than before, he dropped his eyes to his lap and bit at his lip some.

“I—-I don’t know what to say…. to her I mean…” Todoroki murmured.

Izuku and Uraraka gasped in unison, “he’s nervous!

Nonsense!” Iida spoke up, his hands chopping at the air, “Just politely walk up to kind girl. Give her a respectful bow, state your name and then proceed with conversation!”

Todoroki listened to Iida’s advice intently, thinking it over with a slow nod,  “…”

“It’s not that easy….” Izuku whispered, his cheeks going red, “…..T-Talking with someone you like isn’t that easy Iida….” with these words coming out, Todoroki’s eyes snapped onto the green haired boy, it was like his words smacked him awake for the second time! Todoroki was incredibly smart and powerful, but he was oblivious to things he was not accustomed to, such as not knowing those strange feelings he’s been experiencing whenever he looked at Y/N was a sign of admiration. Blinking slowly, Todoroki lifted from his chair, taking a deep breath before walking towards the girl he realized he has a crush on. 

“….I like Y/N Y/LN….” he acknowledged leaving the stunned group. Who’s three faces had a slight blush. Their classmate could so easily blurted those feelings out loud!

Clearing his throat, Todoroki surprised Y/N who looked up at the multi-colored hair frantically, shocked at the sudden closeness. Her large eyes darted from his face down to her lap a few times trying her best to smile properly, fidgeting under the boy’s gaze. His face suddenly felt hot, was he loosing control of his left? No, he had never blushed so deeply before while being near a girl. Uraraka was right, Y/N was cute! “To-To-To-Todoroki-Kun….. H-Hello…..!” her voice was gentle and soft, and it made his heart skip a beat when she said his name. This crush of his was a deep one and he needed to know more than just her name!

“Pl-Please have lunch with me…?” Todoroki’s cheeks burned hotter while he suddenly asked. Unsure of what to do next, he bowed at the now tomato red girl. 

If Todoroki was going to be a Pro Hero, he’d have to face off with any obstacle standing in his way. So if he could face the demons of his past and start anew with his mother, then talking to the girl he liked was going to be easier than that, right?


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Being kissed vs kissing!

First post for this new blog! Had to start with my all time favorite boys! 

Bakugou Katsuki

  • Kacchan wouldn’t dislike a s/o who took charge. He would be taken back at first when his s/o stole the first kiss, a loud tch would escape his lips soon after. He’d glare intently at his s/o and insult them for not asking first and for making him a blushing mess but then he would lean in, a large hot hand of his grabbing his s/o by the back of the head to pull them in for a much more passionate peck this time. He didn’t care if anyone looked, hell he would want them too, his s/o was his and that needed to be public knowledge.


  • When Bakugo wanted a kiss, he would take any opportunity to steal one from his s/o lips. Even walking to his s/o’s desk in class even if it wasn’t near his own. He would grab them by the back of their head, pull it back and plant a rough kiss on them. Or grab his s/o by the arm if they passed by him, pulling them down with a rough yank to bring their face low enough to kiss them without even getting out of his chair. He did what he wanted and his s/o was his.

Kirishima Eijirou

  • No matter if it was in public or private, the fact that his s/o made the first move would make him feel slightly unmanly! But that feeling would quickly melt away after a few seconds and he’d pull his s/o in again for even more. Strong, hard, arms would keep his s/o pressed against his toned body while stealing a series of gentle kisses before his lips wondered all around his s/o face. He had a s/o who wanted to kiss him! There would be no complaining coming from that hard boy.


  • Kirishima was always on the more gentle side unless his s/o wanted the opposite. His arms would trap his s/o with no chance of escaping, he wanted a kiss and wanted it now even if the two of them were in the crowded hallway! One of his strong hands would cup his s/o chin forcing them to look up at his bright toothy smile which would quickly soften to a smirk when his eyes darted from his s/o’s lips and eyes a few times. He would kiss his s/o so deeply and for so long that a passing teacher would have to split them up. So unmanly to break lovers apart!