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In which Bakugou is me


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My first piece for @bnhafest Check out the rest of the awesome fanart!

I#17 - Katsudeku - scars; “Wouldn’t change a thing.”


Bakugou Katsuki for Emily  ♡

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Who are your favorite characters from BNHA? Do you have any favorite ships?

Oh jeebus. 

Izuku and Katsuki by far. They are my boys.  

Of the two of them, Izuku is my favorite for a lot of personal reasons, due to how much I relate to him in personality and my own personal past - but that’s another story for another time. 

Katsuki - he’s just grown so much and come so far and he’s becoming such a fine young man in his own right and I’m just so proud of him. I can’t help but feel attached, even more so after everything the poor boy has gone through. 

I personally believe that both Izuku and Katsuki think of each other as their best friend - there is just a lot of complication in their relationship. I already wrote a post about how I headcanon this concept for Izuku,  I have Katsuki’s take on the relationship started but I haven’t had time to finish scanning my manga with all the commissions I’ve been doing ^^: 

Their relationship is so complicated, but at the same time portrayed so well that I think that’s what drew me to it. I see a lot of myself in Izuku and I had a friend like Katsuki back when I was a kid - 10 years of time is a lot of time to just turn away from.  Like I already stated, there’s just so much complication between them that the road for both of them has been rough and I hope to see some of the repair to the relationship once they have a chance to interact again in the manga. 


As for ships, KatsuDeku is very obviously my favorite ship as I write fics for it on here and AO3, post art of it on my art blog, roleplay it on my RP Blog, and cosplay Izuku with my husband’s Katsuki. 

There is so much protenial for their relationship and as someone who strongly believes in “friends before lovers” I guess I’m just a sucker for the whole “childhood friends turned lovers trope” (though i can think of a few sets of friends in other fandoms I don’t ship) They just have so much chemistry to me. I can’t help but ship them. Honestly I started to as a joke, while watching the anime with my husband - making joking comments about Katsuki being ‘tsun tsun’ to his boyfriend and then the hubby goes as looks up actual art for me and tells me he’ll ship with me at con. I fell in to KatsuDeku hell quickly - then I read the manga for my hubby (he’d been reading since it started, i started with the anime) because he wanted to nerd to me without spoilers. I got through the manga that was out at the time (94 chapters) and I saw how Izuku and Katsuki’s relationship progressed and I was sold.  I mean Jeebus those boys. Those boys. God they are so important to each other. 

I can’t. I just love them so much. 

On other side of things, I tend to ship TodoMomo, IidaUraraka, IzuUraraka, BakuMina, TsuFumi, and InkoToshi but really like the only one I’m super invested in is KatsuDeku.  Even just a platonic version of their relationship is so important to me.