boku no tavros

Imagine your OTP sitting in their brand new car after getting ice cream. Person B is wearing tight clothes and is licking their ice cream innocently seductive while person A watches. Person B offers some ice cream to person A but ends up spilling it on person A’s shirt. Person A tells person B to clean it up with their mouth. Person B moves over and starts licking said shirt. This is so hot to person A, that they can’t hold it back any longer, so they go for it and start kissing person B. Person B is more concerned about the ice cream spilling ice cream on the new car, so as person A gets more sexual, person A makes a rule where person B has to hold the rest of the ice cream and can’t spill it. After some steamy first time oral sex, person B drops the ice cream, but person A doesn’t care because he is suddenly in love with person B.