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Things That Happened in the Manga

Bakugou rode Kirishima.

Bakugou and Kirishima held hands. 

Kirishima got hard thinking about Bakugou. 

These Bakugou and Kirishima are one of the most canon pairings in Boku no Hero Academia. 

im just so glad that Ochako and Bakugou’s japanese VA’s view the characters and the ship the same way i do, where Bakugou is weak to her b/c he just doesn’t know how to deal with her

it’s just. so nice to hear that aaaahhhhhh

(i would also like to mention that Bakugou’s english VA also ships kacchako. not quite related to the topic since the japanese VA’s didn’t mention shipping at all, but i feel like i should mention this)


I came up with this while I was on the bus one afternoon and I just had to jot it down. My friend also helped me with some of them:

  • Midoriya plays the oboe because as a kid he thought it was the coolest thing that an oboist would be responsible for tuning an orchestra. Bakugou found it absolutely annoying though.
  • Uraraka sings and she can play the flute. She can actually sing a bit of opera but she gets embarrassed when people ask her sing in that style. In terms of singing, she specialises in contemporary musical theatre.
  • Iida is a fucking conductor because of course he is but as a proud member of the student orchestra, he plays the violin.
  • Bakugou plays the drum kit since he likes to take his anger out by hitting things. Even the soundproof walls and doors can’t hold back the amount of noise he makes when practising in the percussion department.
  • Todoroki is a virtuoso pianist (but seriously imagine him in his concert attire like fuck my life). His hair is often required to be slicked back for the concerts but he doesn’t like how he looks when he has to do that. Todoroki likes to play music from the romantic period and he expresses almost all of his emotions through playing music. Endeavor is actually a well known pianist/professor and he specialises in playing 20th century music. He forced Todoroki to learn the piano at the age of three and Todoroki hated what his father taught him.
  • Kirishima plays the trumpet but secretly he wants to learn how to play percussion instruments and he does sneak into the percussion department to practise them in secret. It is also an excuse for him to visit Bakugou but since Kirishima is so loud, he always gets kicked out of the department for adding to the amount of noise Bakugou is already making.
  • Yaoyorozu is so talented she can sing and play a huge range of instruments. Her favourite is the clarinet though. Whenever someone important is missing in the orchestra, she can fill in for them temporarily because her sight reading skills are second to none.
  • Kaminari plays the electric guitar but if you make him play a solo part he goes stupid because the pressure is just too much for him. Pray for this poor boy.
  • Jirou can play the electric guitar and the bass guitar since it’s pretty much canon. She can also play the acoustic guitar and does that when she is feeling down. She also has perfect pitch.
  • Tokoyami can sing opera but he refuses to sing for anyone if they ask casually. He actually wants to learn the french horn but his anatomy doesn’t allow for that. Instead he has taken up the double bass so he can sit amidst the shadows at the edge of the orchestra. Since he’s so small, he actually looks ridiculous playing it.
  • Sero plays the cello. duh. Sorry that’s not even a funny joke.
  • Tsuyu plays the marimba and she’s really good at it.
  • Ashido plays the accordion and instead of being really focused on music like everyone else, she joined both the gymnastics club and dance club.
  • Aoyama plays the chime tree without a question. It makes him sparkle the most he says.
  • Shouji plays the timpani because he has so many limbs. No one can take over his position in the orchestra.
  • Ojiro plays the acoustic guitar and his technique is the most refined out of all the guitarists because he is simply the most hardworking. He wishes to take up the trombone one day so he can play in the orchestra.
  • Kouda plays the tiniest and most innocent glockenspiel.
  • Satou brings snacks to the orchestra when they rehearse because his cooking is simply the best. In the orchestra, he plays the tuba.
  • Hagakure is actually the mascot for the orchestra but her primary role is to be a page turner for everyone since she is invisible. She brings flowers for the people that play a solo in the grand concerts.
  • Mineta plays the fucking triangle.

dragonfishdreams  asked:

Since I saw your Toshi and Deku Treasure Planet comic, I cannot stop thinking about Uraraka and Bakugou in the Dr. Doppler and Captain Amelia scene - Ba: "We must stay together and- (groans)" Ur: "And what? What? We must stay together and what?!" Ba: "Uraraka... you have wonderful eyes..." Ur: "Deku, he's lost his mind!!!" It just feels so THEM.

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sO i actually flipped the roles b/c i felt like this fit them better, haha

plus i just wanted to draw Bakugou screaming “SHE’S LOST HER FUCKING MIND!!!” b/c Uraraka called his eyes pretty 

(this was really fun to draw omg)

A few adaptation highlights I liked

In manga we just get a view of his back

now turns to bakugou staring at a wall

this still scene

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being animated in full = a+

and of course

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All Might’s wicked nonsense flip we needed XD