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Thank you so much for the support! I’m honestly happy that this many people are interested in this blog! Running it has been a fun ride from the very beginning, and I don’t see it ending anytime soon. Also, I reached a moment right now in which I feel like I’m breaking through with my art style and process, and getting closer to what I want to do – so all the more reason to celebrate!!

- Mod

Update: now with a canon!Katsuki edit (x)

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I am flesh and I am bone
Arise, ting ting, like glitter and gold
I got fire in my soul
Rise up, ting ting, like glitter

a song from toastyhat’s playlist really sparked my creativity

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All around smooching to end the night on a happy note (。・ω・。)ノ♡

The user @lazulicons is reposting AND editing fanarts without the consent of the artists and any credits for them!!

They posted from different artists who didn’t allow any reposts of their works!

To give some example, for the YOI fandom, they have edited works from artists like @Gearous , @15_tonno @ammeja , @sasakura34 ect…..

For the Haikyuu!! fandom, they edited/reposted from @viria , @kandismon , @yxxns , @kittlekrattle , @ceejles ect….

For the Naruto fandom, arts come from @Sartika30912 @nipye , @shigegigi ect…

And it concerns many other fandoms as well like Hunter x Hunter, Tokyo Ghoul, Voltron, Attack of Titan, BNHA, SU…..

Of course, we have tried to contact them but they have replied negatively to our request and blocked us then. And since we have linked them some artist pages with “ Do not repost ” written clearly on this, there is no way now they don’t know they’re doing something wrong.

They do it for likes and don’t care at all about the artists.

Please don’t support this blog and block the user to not reblog any unauthorized reposts!

Do not support reposts, respect the artists and encourage them on their pages!

Check our PSA tag for more blogs warnings

“Yes hagakure san, those clothes look amazing on you, and not just because youre invisible.”


There was someone in my inbox talking about Kaminari in a skirt and tbh I usually don’t draw bnha suggestions but the pun came to me and how do you ignore a pun 

(you don’t, that’s how)