boktai: the sun is in your hand

I sent this to my bestie @therothwoman (since we’ve been mgs fans since cinematech on G4), I’m replaying mgs4 and I had forgotten that I got the ray gun from ‘Boktai: the sun is in your hands’. So when you shoot it snake yells in a loud voice “GO!!!”

I DIDN’T expect what would happened when I charged the gun but he just yells out with much enthusiasmxbxh



You know those messages that you get on the Wii and the 3ds that say “Hey why don’t you take a break and go outside?” Well that’s not exactly a new thing.

Nintendo’s has been trying to encourage people to get off the couch for some time now.

In 2003 Boktai: The Sun Is in Your Hand was released for the Gameboy Advance. It was a game with a simple concept but an awesome twist. You play Django a boy turned vampire hunter out to avenge his fathers death. His weapon is the “Gun Del Sol” a weapon that shoots sunlight. The only way to recharge your gun is by using the game cartridge’s built in solar sensor to collect REAL SUNLIGHT! You basically had to play this game outside to be able to progress.

The game has an in game 24 hour clock that you set in the beginning causing the in game sun to rise and set appropriately making it easier in the day since vampires can’t be exposed to sunlight.