I must confess that I was really disappointed at the bokoblin models in Skyward Sword. I thought they looked really stupid and not at all fierce. I felt like I was beating up circus clowns with huge machetes. Wind Waker had much better bokoblins, and I think Nintendo should have kept a similar, more fierce look to an enemy you’d have to see over and over again.

After playing through Skyward Sword a second time and getting everything I failed to achieve my first time around (like the Hylian shield! Hell yes!), I decided to start Twilight Princess over again because I only played through it once.

And, I’ve got to say..
why are the bokoblin’s so fucking terrifying? GOOD LORD.

Look at this shit:

External image


Bokoblins are talkative

sometimes in Twilight Princess you’ll come across bokoblins that are having lively discussions amongst themselves, complete with hand gestures. I kinda wonder what they’re talking about :)