The attack of the wild sardinas

Today any nonsense is possible

Espigó del Bogatell - Barcelona

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Day 3: 4.12 miles felt sluggish so it was pretty slow.

The weird face thing is some street art that is relatively new. It is a french artist named Gregos who makes face busts like they are popping out of the wall. We learned about him here in London on a graffiti tour of Shoreditch neighborhood of London. We have seen his stuff in every city we have visited since.

Last, but not least here is a picture of @buckythefrenchy at the Hempstead Heath. I took the pic using my iPhone’s portrait mode, which adds the blurred background and makes him look amazing.

I drew this as a speed paint and was recording the process before my computer froze and I lost the last half of the process orz.

Sometimes it’s nice to just let my mind go blank and draw whatever comes to it.

In other news, the Thanksgiving charity sale went amazingly well!! We raised waaaay more money than expected. I’ll make a separate post with the details and which charity we donated to in a few days (need to do some final calculations and stuff first). Thank you all so much again for the amazing contributions :D