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Keith: People will badmouth me like crazy. “he’s not good enough for Lance” They will go on about it.

Lance: Hey, don’t say that. You’re such a pretty guy! Don’t worry. I’ll show everyone that I like you more so that people don’t say that. Look, okay?

Lance: Hello isn’t my boyfriend so pretty?

“yes, he is”

Lance: Isn’t he stunning? He’s so gorgeous.

Keith: You’re crazy! Let’s go.


Anyone: Why are you single 

Me: I just haven’t found anyone yet

Me to Me: No one will ever be as perfect at my bias ever they just haven’t noticed me yet so I’m just waiting for my own little cute korean drama scenario where the most perfect person comes into my life and they love me like Jung Joon Hyeong loves Kim Bok Joo and we live happily ever after where the sunset falls on the horizon and I stare into their eyes forever and ever


Everyone spends their youthful years.
It is a time more beautiful because we are immature and a time that sparkles brightly.
We are not afraid because we have nothing to lose.
Our hearts flutter because we can have anything.
A 24 year old youth – I’m not complete yet but I’m more than perfect already

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  • p:
  • my name is: Ellie
  • i am aged: almost 16
  • from: the Philippines
  • i like: baking
  • Scrapbooking
  • Binge watching tv shows
  • K-dramas
  • Anime
  • Cosplaying
  • Spending time on social media
  • Spending all day in bed
  • Fashion
  • food (who doesn't you know what I'm saying)
  • Reading books
  • Painting
  • Calligraphy(yusss)
  • Disney movies
  • shows i('ve) watch(ed) are:
  • How to get away with murder
  • 13 reasons why
  • The big bang theory
  • Riverdale
  • Anime//
  • Naruto
  • Nisekoi
  • Sword Art Online
  • Shingeki no Kyojin
  • Gekken Shoujo Nozaki-kun
  • Masamune-kun's Revenge
  • Golden Time
  • K-Dramas//
  • Descendants of the Sun
  • Legend of the Blue Sea
  • Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
  • Goblin
  • i like listening to:
  • Twenty One Pilots
  • Green Day
  • My Chemical Romance (shh)
  • Panic! At the Disco
  • One Direction (no shame)
  • Pretty much anything
  • books i like are:
  • The Harry Potter Series
  • The Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series
  • The Heroes of Olympus Series
  • The Maze Runner Series
  • The Divergent Series
  • The Hunger Games Trilogy
  • The Selection Series
  • 13 Reasons Why
  • The Future of Us
  • The Fault in Our Stars
  • Paper Towns
  • To All the Boys I've loved before series
  • Eleanor and Park
  • Fangirl
  • This is what happy looks like
  • My heart and other black holes
  • I ship:
  • Connor and Oliver (HTGAWM)
  • Wes and Laurel (HTGAWM)
  • Asher and Michaela (HTGAWM)
  • Clay and Hannah (13RW)
  • Clay and Jeff (13RW)
  • Percabeth
  • Frazel
  • Jiper
  • Person (Percy and Jason yasss <3)
  • Dramione
  • Romione
  • Fremione
  • Drarry
  • Hazel and Augustus (TFIOS)
  • FourTris
  • I have way too many to name.
  • i also like:
  • Watching youtubers
  • All the cute things
  • S T A T I O N E R Y
  • My handwriting
  • i hate: everything.