How many?

Today, I reached 100 followers.

That’s fucking insane. (More insane than Bojo)

I have only been posting on this blog for about a month and I have 100 stalkers followers alreaady! AHHHHH!

I couldn’t have imagined a month ago, that one person would want to read my posts! Never mind 100 people!

And suddenly, people want my advice! MINE!

I have come to the conclusion, you’re all psychopaths…But, that’s okay. I am too. ;)

So, Thank you!

I will continue posting my random rants and utterly weird thoughts and I hope you guys keep reading them.

I am very grateful to ‘know’ such hilariously amazing people, so yeah, again…Thanks!

UPDATE: I also have strained my stomach and it is very sore, so since there is no Danny or ‘Former-MP’ around, I will accept ‘Cyber-cuddles.’

Aloguinsan (Part 1)

so my law friends and i decided to do an out of town summer getaway since we will be back to coffee intoxication, sleepless nights, bagillion cases.. basically, we will be back to school next week. sadly, people backed out, so the group ended up as a duo. 

took the 5 AM bus to Aloguinsan which is about 2-3 hours away from Cebu City and arrived at around 8 AM. Had breakfast at the market and we are off to a day filled with adventure and beauty.


I’ve seen photos online and i thought was just a product of good photography skills and HD cameras. i was wrong. the place is truly enchanting. my photos aren’t even close to it’s beauty. (PS: i dont have photography skills and im just using a camera phone)

Our tourguides, the local fisherfolk we’re trained and attended seminars so they can learn the scientific names of the mangrooves and bird species around the area, as well as the history and all those nerdy stuff. so im very much impressed that the river cruise wasn;t just plain sight seeing. i did learn a few stuff.

so thats me and my friend..

and a blurry pic of the bangka haha

and then we went for a little dip. i swear, the water is crystal clear. :)

this is Kuya Lolito. He was our awesome tourguide. I admire him a lot because i think it is quite challenging to row a bangka and discuss about scientific names at the same time. plus he was very friendly, polite and funny. and he tolerates our vanity too. so thank you so much for the wonderful experience. :)

PS: Kuya Lolita and the rest of the guides get a share from the fee, so the more visitors, the more they get. i hope you can visit soon. not only to view this marvelous creation but also to help these wonderful people. i swear, they are really nice and friendly.

Aloguinsan (Part 2)

its a part 2 because we went to a different place after the Bojo River experience.. hihi


white sand. calm, crystal clear waters, Hermit’s Cove is definitely a must-go

since the beach is located on a cliff, you need to go down the stairs. don’t worry, going down is a piece of cake. its about 100 steps maybe. or more. im not sure, i din’t really count. the going up is the challenging part. hihi

the people incharge were very welcoming too. as soon as we got down, one approached us to find a spot with a shade since my friend and i didn’t get a cottage.

uughhhh don’t judge.. haha

they also have this rocky spot where most people take photos. and i will just upload one.. haha

sorry, i wasn’t able to take too many shots.. i was too busy swimming already. hihi

melz-bojo replied to your post: I started the pilot for Supergirl and …

How did you not know? I even knew when the pictures of her costume came out!

I don’t think I ever really paid attention. like i didn’t watch the trailer or look long enough at the costume pics but now i feel like i’ve woken from a long sleep BECAUSE IS SHE GONNA SING ON THIS SHOW. I HOPE SHE DOES

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