I spent my downtime today catching up on Netflix and decorating this week’s spread. It’s been a little crazy - I’ve been tabling for 2 out of my 3 jobs at freshman orientation for 7 hours a day AND my boyfriend is moving to Berkeley for grad school at the end of this week! On the bright side, I love busy weeks like this and finally feel like I’ve gotten into a good summer routine. :)

anonymous asked:

Omg that brexit au, I can't stop thinking about it, it's gonna keep me up all night. Clarke's party only putting her up as brexit minister because they want to see her jump from the proverbial glass cliff! Seven space cookies for you to fic it!

I can’t stop thinking abt it either, its fuckin perfect

LIKE OK the people of Britain could name her “the Commander of Death” after the post-Brexit economic crisis “kills” many businesses across the country - ofc Clarke didn’t rly do anything but they blame her for everything because they’re ungrateful shits who only make decisions to worsen their situation - aka the Skaikru.

Bellamy’s massacre could, as his position as BoJo, be something of the like - for example Bellamy Johnson going to a diplomatic negotiation and massacring verbally everyone there because of his short temper and effectively ruining UK’s chance of any good functional or fair trade agreements and such.

Clarke being so done with everyone’s shit but still working day and night because she knows 49.1% of the country didn’t want this and she can’t let them suffer for what the slight majority thought was best.

(and maybe in the end Lexa’s EU presidency ends and Clarke resigns and they move to New Zealand to be sheep farmers and to never speak of politics again)