boixos nois


Coming from an unbiased point of view, let me try to explain why Barcelona players hold such resentment against Real Madrid. Catalunya is an independent region of the Iberian Peninsula – modern day Spain and Portugal – with its own language, laws and customs.  Barcelona became the industrial and economic power-region of Spain during the 1900′s. General Francisco Franco, however, set out to destroy Catalan separatism and with his victory at the Battle of Ebro in 1938 when he took control of the region, killing 3,500 people and forcing many more into exile.  

The links between senior Real Madrid representatives and the Francisco regime were undeniable. However, these divisions were only further developed by the formation of The Ultras Sur (far-right leaning Real Madrid ultras group) and the Boixos Nois (FC Barcelona left-leaning group)

On the subject of Gerard Pique- Pique was raised by cules, born in Barcelona, and pretty much grew up with the Barcelona identity of non-conservationism.  His grandfather, being the ex-vice president of FC Barcelona. Beating Real Madrid for him, is much more than just a clasico. It’s part of his heritage, and for him and his family it’s redeeming their culture. 

No, but seriously, we need to stop Boixos Nois before it’s too late. But first, know you enemy.

It sounds weird to some of you maybe but Barça fans’ biggest enemy (at least Boixos Nois’) is not Real Madrid but Espanyol. Boixos Nois and Ultras Sur don’t even fight that much, it’s always between Espanyol and Barça.

Both Boixos Nois (Barça) and Ultras Sur (Real Madrid) are not your typical ultras groups. They are not as violent as Frente Atlético (Atlético Madrid) nor good at choreography and supporting like Biris Norte (Sevilla) and Curva (Athletic Club Bilbao, a little different than Herri Norte Taldea). It is probably because Spanish football fans, especially Catalans, are so passive when it comes to supporting their teams (I am not saying they are bad fans but did you ever watch a PAOK or Besiktas or St. Pauli match?) and if you think about the capacity of their stadiums, it seems so ridiculous for bunch of guys to chant all 90 mins while others are sitting. Anyway, there is only one difference between 2 ultras; Boixos Nois are Catalan nationalists and Ultras Sur are mostly Spanish nationalists and royalists. Now, whenever I say this, people think “oh, left wing fans, defending independence, how cute”. No. You can’t romanticize or even defend Boixos Nois. They are fascists and disgusting. 

Boixos Nois was found in 1981. At the beginning, they were actually likable. Left wing fans played a big role, of course. But with time, they became a fascist and violent group. Here some examples;

  • They refused to pay for season tickets, instead they threatened to kill presidents for free tickets.
  • They attacked former Barça president Laporta more than once, even at his house where his family was living. 

Now I am not saying he is a flawless hero but Laporta is a fighter, he is a lawyer and a Catalan nationalist. He didn’t give up, they couldn’t scare him and in the end Laporta banned them from the Camp Nou as a group which was the best thing he has ever done for Barça. But then Rosell wanted to bring them back into our stadium. Because he was a coward and when they knocked at his door for season tickets and even for meals, Rosell invited them, tried to find a compromise. Not acceptable. 

You saw them before actually, last season. They were the ones who tried to stop Messi at the stadium (Messi walked away but Pedro listened them). Or reacted them at airports (I am not sure but the guy who insulted Messi at airport was a BN member), booed etc. They are the ones who stabbed 2 PSG fans. Outside of the stadium, so we can’t control them. It’s ridiculous that people pretend like all Barça fans are like them. It’s like saying all Real Madrid fans are Franco supporters or all Atlético fans are murderers. We all need to get rid of those ultras groups because they are nothing cute. Supporting your team is great and I am not one of those ‘we are all friends, please’ kind of people. I hate our rival teams, I don’t like their fans. But hurting people?! It is madness. They must be stopped. 


Seccion Casuals (Boixos Nois) of Barça, originally made up of communists and fascists who were united by Catalan nationalism/separatism, before Boixos became predominantly made up of fascists in the mid-late 80’s. The north stand of the Nou Camp in the early-mid 90’s was full of fascist Catalan separatist groups who shared a close relationship with the club, until their new president all but banned the group in 2003.