A timeline of Ted Bundy’s life and criminal activities:

• 11/24/46 - Is born as Theodore Robert Cowell in a home for unwed mothers in Burlington, Vermont.

• 05/19/51 - Bundy’s mother, Louise, marries Johnnie Bundy and her son takes his step-father’s last name.

• Spring 1965 - Graduates from Woodrow Wilson High School in Tacoma, Washington.

• Fall 1965 - Enrolls at the University of Puget Sound and attends the school until the Spring of 1966.

• 06/23/65 - Murders Lonnie Trumbull and seriously injuresroommate Lisa Wick in their Seattle apartment.

• Fall 1966 to Spring 1969 - Attends the University of Washington.

• 1967 to 1968 - Courts Stephanie Brooks, who closely resembles his future victims.

• Fall 1968 - Brooks breaks off relationship with Bundy.

• Early 1969 - Visits his brithtown of Burlington, Vermont, and learns for certain that he is illegitimate.

• Fall 1969 - Re-enters Univ of Washington and meets Liz Kendall, his girlfriend throughout most of the murders.

• Spring 1973 - Graduates form the University of Washington.

• 11/25/73 - Abducts Kathy Devine from a Seattle street corner.

• 12/06/73 - Devine’s body is found near Olympia, Washington.

• 01/05/74 - Attacks Joni Lenz in her Seattle apartment. Lenz survives.

• 02/01/74 - Abducts Lynda Ann Healy from her basement bedroom in Seattle.

•03/12/74 - Abducts Donna Manson from the campus of Evergreen College.

• 04/17/74 - Abducts Susan Rancourt from the Central Washignton St. campus.

• 05/06/74 - Abducts Kathy Parks from the campus at Oregon St.

• 06/01/74 - Abducts Brenda Ball from Burien, Washington.

• 06/11/74 - Abducts Georgeann Hawkins from an alley near her University of Washington fraternity house.

• 06/17/74 - Brenda Baker’s body is found in Millersylvania St. Park. It is unknown when she was abducted.

• 07/14/74 - In seperate incidents, Janice Ott and Denise Naslund are abducted from Lake Samm St. Park.

• 09/02/74 - A Jane Doe is abducted from Boise, Idaho.

• Fall 1974 - Enters the University of Utah Law School.

• 09/07/74 - Body parts of Ott, Naslund, and Hawkins are recovered 2 miles from lake Samm St. Park.

• 10/02/74 - Abducts Nancy Wilcox.

• 10/18/74 - Abducts Melissa Smith from Midvale, Utah.

• 10/27/74 - Smith’s body is found in Summitt Park near Salt Lake City, Utah.

• 10/31/74 - Abducts Laura Aimee from Lehi, Utah.

• 11/08/74 - Botches abduction of Carol DeRonch but abducts Debby Kent later that day from school in Bountiful.

• Thanksgiving 1974 - Aimee’s body is found.

• 01/12/75 - Abducts Caryn Campbell from a hotel in Aspen, Colorado.

• 02/18/75 - Campbell’s body is found near the motel she disappeared from.

• 03/03/75 - The skulls of Healy, Ball, Parks, and Rancourt are found near Taylor Mountain in Washington.

• 03/15/75 - Abducts Julie Cunningham from Vail, Colorado.

• 04/06/75 - Abducts Melanie Cooley from her school in Nederland, Colorado.

• 04/23/75 - Cooley is found dead twenty miles from Nederland.

• 05/06/75 - Abducts Lynette Culver from her school playground in Pocatello, Idaho.

• 06/28/75 - Abducts Susan Curtis from the campus of BYU while attending a youth conference.

• 07/01/75 - Abducts Shelley Robertson from Golden, Colorado.

• 07/04/75 - Abducts Nancy Baird from Layton, Utah.

• 08/16/75 - Arrested for possession of burglary tools during a traffic stop in Salt Lake City.

• February 1976 - Abducts Debbie Smith in Utah.

• 03/01/76 - Is found guilty of aggravated kidnapping in the DeRonch attack.

• 04/01/76 - Smith’s body is found at Salt Lake International Airport.

• 06/30/76 - Sentenced to 1-15 years in prison.

• 06/07/77 - Escapes from Pitkin Co. Law Library in Colorado while preparing for trial in the Campbell murder.

• 06/13/77 - Is apprehended in Aspen, Colorado.

• 12/30/77 - Escapes from Garfield County Jail in Colorado and flees to Tallahassee, Florida.

• 01/14/78 - Enters Chi Omega sorority house in Tallahassee, killing Lisa Levy and Magaret Bowman.

• 01/14/78 - Also attacks Cheryl Thomas in her house nearby, seriously injuring her.

• 02/09/78 - Abducts Kimberly Ann Leach from her school in Lake City, Florida.

• 02/15/78 - Arrested while driving a stolen VW in Pensacola, Florida.

• 04/12/79 - Leach’s body is found in Suwanee St. Park in Florida.

• 07/27/78 - Indicted for the murders of Levy and Bowman.

• 07/31/78 - Indicted for the Leach murder.

• 07/07/79 - Leach and Bowman murder trial begins.

• 07/23/79 - Found guilty of the murders of Levy and Bowman.

• 07/31/79 - Sentenced to death for the murders of Levy and Bowman.

• 01/07/80 - Trial begins for the Leach murder.

• 02/06/80 - Found guilty of Leach murder.

• 02/09/80 - Sentenced to death for Leach murder.

• 07/02/86 - Obtains a stay of execution only fifteen minutes before he is scheduled to die.

• 11/18/86 - Obtains a stay of execution only seven hours before he is scheduled to die.

• 11/17/89 - Final death warrant is issued.

• 01/24/89 - Executed in the electric chair at 7:16 AM.

Hey so my school, Timberline High School, is doing a dinner show that serves as a fundraiser for our choir program! Our Jr./Senior mixed choir is putting on a full performance of the Broadway musical “Beauty and the Beast” on February 23rd, 24th, and 25th.

On Thursday the 23rd there will be a showing of just the musical, without a dinner show, starting at 7:00 PM. On Friday the 24th and Saturday the 25th all choirs will be performing in a dinner show with catering starting at 5:30 PM and at 7:00 on both of those nights the musical will begin.

Tickets for Thursday night cost $8 for Students, Senior citizens, and Faculty; while Adult tickets cost $14. The Friday night and Saturday night tickets for both the dinner show and performance are $14 for Students, Senior citizens, and Faculty; while the Adult tickets cost $24. If you have a large amount of people coming you can reserve a table for eight people for $200 which covers seating, dinner, and the show for eight people.

If you live in the area and are interested I highly recommend you coming and enjoying all of our choirs singing Disney and Jazz-themed songs and Encore’s show!

Packard Co. file photograph of a Packard dealership in Boise, Idaho in 1938 showing front of building, car parked on street in front, top of building reads “Motor Center, Packard Motor Cars, Shire Motors, Inc.,” car coming out of “washing” door, car on lift in “lubrication center.”

  • Courtesy of the National Automotive History Collection, Detroit Public Library

The One Direction member makes his first appearance on the primarily rock-driven airplay chart.

One Direction’s Harry Styles makes his first foray to Billboard’s Adult Alternative Songs airplay chart, as “Sign of the Times” debuts at No. 30 (on the list dated June 17).

The song debuts nine weeks after its maiden appearance on the Pop Songs airplay chart (April 22). “Sign” has since risen to No. 12, where it holds for a second week. (1D has never appeared on Adult Alternative Songs.)

Wait: Styles on a chart led by Portugal. The Man (“Feel It Still”) at No. 1, followed by at Nos. 2 and 3, respectively, Dan Auerbach and The Lumineers?

It could seem odd to see a boy band member on a rock-centered chart. But given its sound, reminiscent of ‘70s prog rock, certain programmers are welcoming the song, including Emily McIntosh, program director of KGSR Austin, Texas, which spun the track 32 times in the latest tracking week (ending June 4), according to Nielsen Music.

“I’d be lying if I said there weren’t a few raised eyebrows, both inside and outside of KGSR, when we announced we were adding the record almost immediately,” she says. “But the word that permeated so many conversations about the track consistently was 'surprise.’ Harry surprised us all with a song that shook the conventional boy-band-member-goes-solo aesthetic. And often, that surprise turned to genuine delight.”

“Sign,” says McIntosh, is a “timeless ballad that deserves the attention of programmers and music fans worldwide, regardless of his history as a [pop] musician and performer.”

Other adult alternative stations playing the track high in rotation include KRVB Boise, Idaho (24 detections in the tracking week), KBCO Denver and WMMM Madison, Wis. (23 each). Overall, the song’s adult alternative spins for the week mark just 2 percent of its total, with the bulk driven by pop (63 percent) and adult pop stations (23 percent). - Billboard

Great Horned Owl in Flight:

This Great Horned Owl didn’t give a hoot that I was around. I encountered this male while him and his mate took to some daytime hunting, which the species is known to do during the winter time. He’d definitely spotted something much more interesting than me. The soft whooshing of his wings was simply incredible!