bois of baltimore


i updated one of my characters !! the top pic is from a year and a half ago. balt is a hyperactive metal enthusiast with a lack of regard for personal space, but is also the type of guy who u can call and he will drive an hour to give u a ride home at 2 am. he has a problem with hair falling out for some inexplicable reason

voiceclaim!! (skip to like 1:19)

Jack held my hand and I talked to Rian about marching band and Zack is so soft spoken and quiet. My friend goes to dulaney and got them to sign her shirt and Jack was like “I used to masturbate in those bathrooms” and I said “I’m not surprised.” And Rian said “really?” and Jack was like “yeah, you didn’t?” I went to high five Alex and just hit his fingers and said “sorry that wasn’t even a high five” and he keeps hitting my fingers with his and goes “that’s okay, we’re just touching hands now.” and Zack pressed his hand against mine for a while and smiled and thanked me for coming and I’m still crying