Remember when I did that MTV prank show years ago called Boiling Points?  I had a recurring bit where I would hit on guys in front of their girlfriends. We shot one in a hardware store (“This drill penetrates deeeeeeep!”), one in a cooking class (“You wanna pop my cherry pie?”), one in a pool hall (“Your ball is blue, right?”), one in a bowling alley (“My lane is smooth and waxed!”) and a million others. I just got this email out of the blue from my friend Jon Murray who used to be a writer on the show:

“I just came across a Boiling Points pitch of mine where you hit on guys in front of their girls at a chicken restaurant. One of your lines was - ’Why did the chicken cross the road? To make out with your boyfriend’ Can’t believe it didn’t get greenlit.”

Love it.

Boiling Point (Request)

Jimin x Reader
: M for more holy water please
Warnings: Rough
2,113 words
Summary: As soon as you had stepped into the classroom wearing a tight skirt and white blouse, Jimin needed you and what had angered him more was that you knew and continued to do everything just as if it was normal and he was about to reach his boiling point.
Comments: Please lord jesus forgive me for being this thirsty. Damn smuts get a bunch of response, probably everyone’s low key obsessed with Jimjams. Here you guys go :)

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You had been teaching in the very university you had graduated from only four years prior much to your parents disappointment. But money was money, and you hadn’t done well enough in high school so the easy way out was being a teacher, you had always been an easily social person and you knew how to tell people off so it seemed perfect. And it was perfect, that is until this year when the new senior class had filed into the classroom, taking their respective seats, all except one. Park. Fucking. Jimin. He had always done whatever is in his power to get you pissed and it sure worked.

You weren’t stupid, you knew the true reason of his actions. He wanted you. He wasn’t in any way subtle about biting his lip whenever he dropped his pencil, making you bend and get it for him. Any regular teacher would had at that point tell him off, but you started to enjoy the feeling of his gaze all over your body. You had porously worn tighter clothing, push up bra’s and a little bit of more make up. You couldn’t deny your need to sit on top of his toned thighs, have him touch you, but you knew how wrong it was and morality came into play whenever you started to have sinful thoughts about him.

Your crazily religious parents would have lost it if they had any clue that you were prancing around your workplace wearing clothing that left barely anything to the lookers imagination. Sometimes you wouldn’t even wear panties in knowledge of the fact that one gaze from Jimin made you too wet too function to the point were you had to relieve your built up frustrations right after class had left. You had to admit your beautifully manicured fingers could never beat the feeling of Jimin’s.

You snapped out of your thoughts at the sight of your class filing in for the hundredth time. You put on a smile and scanned the room, already knowing that Jimin would be late as usual. You sighed and sat upon your desk leaning over a little to have a conversation with the class about the recent gossip and news like you usually did but you knew where there eyes rested. You let the class sit for a bit so you could grab papers from the copy room. As you were exiting you were met with Jimin, late as usual. He had ruffled hair, from his late night encounter with any girl he picked up, his tie was in his hand being swung around but came to a halt at your presence.

“Put your tie on Mr. Jimin” You told him sternly stepping aside to let the male in.

“Or I could do something else with it” He mumbled, loud enough to make the whole class laugh. You felt your cheeks burn up and anger flooded through you. Being treated like trash wasn’t exactly the way you wanted to be treated.

“Thats it!” You said raising your voice dangerously making Jimin cock his head testing you “You have detention after school” You turned on your heel, making your hair brush across his face, teasing became a habit, something that came without thought at that point.

You stormed quickly back into class with a pile of papers hoping that Jimin would cease his jokes. You felt yourself walk into an object making you loose your balance. You shut your eyes preparing for the fall that never came. You opened your eyes to meet with Jimin’s brown orbs. You gasped and separated yourself from his burning gaze. You bent down to pick up the papers silently cursing yourself for wearing such a revealing shirt after all.

Class seemed to drag on but the red tinted on your cheeks never disappeared. Jimin’s constant gaze annoyed you at this point. Through the months of dealing with him, he had never made an inappropriate joke out loud, though he did speak back to you, he never had the indecency to say a perverted comment, or so you thought. Class finished and you reminded Jimin of his detention curtly, making him roll his eyes, look you up and down then exit the class room last as always.

The classes ended eventually. At that point your hair was pulled up into a pony to stop the burning heat accumulating in your hair. You sighed running your fingers through the papers you had to read and grade for the night. You were so immersed that the noise of the door being banged open made you jump, dropping your pen. You looked up to see Jimin standing angrily in middle of your classroom.

“What an entrance” You said sarcastically, getting up to pick up the pen that had fallen in front of him. You picked it up facing away from him but as you tried to sit back down in your desk you were pulled back into a tight grip by Jimin.

“What the hell?” You asked in disbelief struggling to release your wrists from his iron grip. His eyes bore into your own making you shiver.

“I should be asking you that” He said angrily pushing you away so you’d loose your balance and fall upon your desk.

“What are you talking about” You asked flustered by the minimal distance from him and you,

“You dating the physics teacher huh?” He growled. You caught on. He was jealous of the small date you had went on with the physics teacher but he didn’t interest you so you had no intention of going on more with him. Before you could reject anything he pushed your knees apart to step between them, grabbing your face he crashed his lips into yours making you moan loudly. Every part of your mind screamed no to you but the way your body was set ablaze by his touch made you reconsider. You grabbed at his tie pulling him even closer to you. You got up off the dest dragging him with his tie towards you, but he had other plans, he ripped his tie off, throwing it somewhere across the room and slammed you into your white board.

You wrapped your legs around his waist as he continued attacking your lips while his hands roughly gripped your thigh, leaving evident marks. You moaned into the kiss when he started to grind his clothed length against your heated core. Your moan had left your mouth open for his entrance and he took his opportunity to slip his tongue down your throat. You made sure to grind back into him making an animalistic growl escape his plump lips.

“So you think you can fucking date that limp dicked ass?” He growled against your chin, his nails digging into your skin as he began to move down your neck biting and sucking until he found your sensitive spot and bit down hard to quicken your answer.

“I-I fuck Jimin” You moaned as he snapped his hips so your body jolted.

“Thats right, from now on the only thing you’ll be screaming is my fucking name got it?” He said taking your hair and pulling it aside to get better access to your neck. You snapped your hips up against him and scratched his back making him rip your shirt clean off causing you to gasp. He picked you up again and swiftly moved you near the desk but not before throwing all the material off to creat a clear place for you. He slammed you down roughly and hovered above you squeezing your breasts. You moaned and reached to take off your bra.

“Aren’t we eager” He chuckled darkly watching your needy eyes silently plead for him to please you.

He leaned down and encased his mouth around your nipple, biting harshly making you arch your back causing him to growl and bite your bud then swirl his tongue around it as if to heal the pain. He blew cool air on your hardened bud making you writhe under him. He encased your other nipped and pulled it back while it stuck between his teeth making you cry out.

“Jimin p-please” You gasped

“Please what” he whispered into your ear while biting it making you moan.

“please make me cum please” You whispered begging him.

“Oh honey I will, nothing like what that other piece of shit did” He said roughly taking your skirt off. His face twisted into a smirk in realization of your bare core. He leaned down and you eagerly opened your legs wider for him. He rubbed his fingers along your folds you moaned at the feeling of your wetness.

“Damn and all this time you’ve been pretending to not want me to fuck the shit out of you” He said groaning at the sight

You ran his flat tongue along the bottom of your folds to your clit then stopping to flick your sensitive bud with his tongue making you pant. You screamed as he bit down on your clit making your eyes water with pain and pleasure. He began to lick your folds happily lapping up your juices. You gripped his hair and bucked your hips up making him push you back down. He lifted his head from your core and replaced his skilled tongue with his long slender fingers. He pumped in and out of you fast making you groan loudly. You gasped as he shoved two other fingers into you and mewled as he curved his fingers to hit your spot.

“Jimin please fuck me” You gasped wanted him to take you

“You sure?” he teased

“Fuck I’m sure just fuck me oh god” You groaned as he curved his fingers up again.

He snickered removing his clothing and rubbing his finger over his spilling precum. He rubbed his tip across your folds moaning at your wetness. Without any warning he snapped his length fully in you making you cry out in pleasure. You snapped his hips into yours at a steady position but stuttered at your tightness.

“Fuck how are you so tight” He gasped stopping his thrusts to take a deep breath

“It’s been a while” You gasped. You felt yourself being flipped over so you were on top of the male. You moved your hips up and down his shaft slowly adjusting to his size then you quickened your pace letting out a mix of curses and cries of absolute bliss. You felt your stomach tightening and Jimin felt your walls clenching and lost all of his control, holding your hips down he snapped up into you at maximum speed making you see white. Not even capable of making noise you let out high pitched squeaks as he fucked you open.

He gripped your hair and pulled your head back as he lifted himself slightly off the desk to reach another place in you making you sob in pleasure. “I bet Mr. Kim couldn’t fuck you like this huh?” He growled pulling your hair back more leaving your mouth hanging open. “No-god no” You gasped. He let go of your hair and began to grip onto your hips and began thrusting faster and harder into you, when you lost the energy to move against him he took your hips and began thrusting your body up and down his length making you scream. Knowing he wouldn’t last long he started rubbing your clit sending you over the edge with a loud scream, arching your back.

You collapsed on top of him as he continued pounding into you then releasing his seed into you with a breathy moan of your name. You both laid catching your breaths. You lifted yourself off of him and placed your feet on the floor but only to stumble, realizing that you couldn’t walk properly you sighed. You turned around to find sweaty Jimin silently picking up pieces of his clothing. You had never seen Jimin this way before.

“Same time next week, wear something sexy” he said slapping your ass then walking off as if nothing had happened.