boiler rooms

maybe im reaching but here’s an analysis of “Will He” and its seeming ties to abuse cycles

“will he” in and of itself is a song that starts itself almost under the impression its a bad breakup song that he misses this partner

and then it moves to this tone that he’s feeling resent against this girl found another person to date

and then it turns to this mix of heartbreak and hatred-fueled concern "I just wanna make sure you’re okay// I just wanna make sure you’re all safe"

and then in this twist that /he/ was the cause of this problem and he’s feeling apologetic self-hatred due to his actions and giving this girl forgiveness for leaving him
“Will he treat you like shit just the way that I did?
Cause I don’t blame ya”

and then it goes back into this concern

and if you take the Boiler Room performance into account and his insistent screams of “Unblock me bitch”
this in combination paints a masochistic cycle of abuse

wherein he’s trying to convince himself that she misses him and he’s trying to talk to her (i.e. the honeymoon phase)

she ignores him and this strikes anger within him (see: unblock me, bitch)

and then it turns to the apologetic state of “I treated you like shit, I don’t blame you for leaving”

and then its right back to the honeymoon phase of “are you okay is he doing this to you too?”

>>“Just know that I’m trying my best” is a striking parallel to abusers saying they’re sorry and it’ll never happen again

but Joji is putting himself through this cycle alone because this partner refuses to speak to him so he’s never receiving true closure, and he’s putting himself through this ring of emotions on a constant loop