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7 Days of Christmas ❤ Day 2: Christmas Confession (Jimin, Fluff)

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Jungkook // Jimin

Day 2 for the Christmas collaboration with the lovely @taehxyung!! Check her Jungkook chapter out, it’s absolutely adorable~~ Her next chapter will be posted tomorrow so DON’T MISS IT!!!!!!!!!!

Words: 1542

“I can’t!” Jimin whined, holding tightly to the edge of the ice rink. You smirked at your friend’s incompetence, before going close to him and putting a halt to your movements.

“Come on, you baby.” You beckoned, holding out a gloved hand for him to take. His eyes flashed and narrowed, before he pushed past you and attempted his own awkward walk on the ice

It failed, miserably.

Jimin fell backwards, landing right on his behind and letting out a yelp. Your laughter could be heart from all ends of the ice rink, and his eyes glared up at you.

“I said I’d help you!” You laughed, holding out a hand again. Jimin pouted at your hand for a moment, before taking hold of it. You attempted to pull him onto his knee’s before he pulled back, twice as hard.

You fell on top of Jimin, feeling his whole body shake with laughter once his arms wrapped around you.

“Jimin!” You huffed, trying to pull away. He didn’t allow you to for a long moment, until holding you at arms length and patting your head His nose was blushed red from the cold, but he still managed to look cute.

“Don’t tell the boys I needed help, okay?” He held your waist as you stood, before allowing you to help him to his feet, finally. Jimin’s legs squished together as he tried not to fall back onto the ice once more. You took both of his hands, making eye contact to ensure he wasn’t uncomfortable. Jimin was biting his bottom lip in determination, and he prodded you backward with a nod.

“Keep your feet straight, Jimin.” You commanded, and he warily directed them forward. Instead of just his nose being tinged red, it was his cheeks now, as well.  You kept your pace slow as you brought Jimin forward, making sure not to make any sharp turns to set him off.

The both of you made it around the rink once, and Jimin was significantly stepping up his game. He’d gotten more comfortable on the ice, enough to only hold one of your hands. Still, his feet moved awkwardly and his usual graceful stance was instead looking rather…ungraceful?

“You can let go,” Jimin grunted, loosening his hand from yours. You bit your lip, unsure of whether it was wise or not. If he fell again, he’d probably be too upset with himself and want to leave. Still, you let him go and moved forward. 

You turned your head to see if he had fallen, but Jimin wasn’t even there anymore. He was skating freely on the ice, looking as if nothing bothered him in the world. You couldn’t help but gape at the way he moved.

“Park Jimin, you liar!” You bellowed, coming after him. Luckily, the ice was unusually bare on this occasion, or else you were sure you’d of plowed over multiple children by now. He let out a squeak, before moving at a faster pace than he was before.

“Come catch me!” He coaxed, sticking his tongue out at you. You groaned loudly, watching him stop on the other end of the rink and wait for you. That was it, he was really dead.

Despite being a little uneasy going too fast on the ice, you went at him with a rapid speed. His eyebrows furrowed, before holding out both arms.

“(Y/N), slow down!” He called, watching as you came straight towards him.

“I can’t-” you gasped, spiraling closer and closer to him. Jimin braced himself, and you did your best to slow yourself down. In your furious attempts, you ended up smacking right into Jimin’s body and falling back against the wall.

“Are you okay?” Jimin stammered, helping you stand upright once more. You nodded, taking fistful’s of his jacket so you wouldn’t fall again. His hand’s lay on your waist tightly, and it was apparent to you Jimin was being overly protective.

“I’m fine, but you, you will not be.” You snapped, hitting his shoulder. Jimin didn’t even try to hide his grin. He held you closer so you wouldn’t fall, but the both of you ended up falling quiet. 

“You look cold,” he mumbled. “let’s go…back to my place. I’ll make us some hot chocolate, okay?”

“Mm…” You let go of him, awkwardly hanging you arms in the air in front of you two so you didn’t accidentally touch his hands. Jimin seemed to notice, and he pulled himself away from your waist. The two of you went back to the exit of the rink slowly, not meeting the others eyes.

Once getting off your skates, you left the cold place and went towards Jimin’s car. The ride was unusually quiet, save for the Christmas tunes playing on the radio.

After getting back to his place, Jimin sent you forward with his house keys to wait for him inside the house. He said he was busy with something in the car, so you left him there.

You walked into his place, turning on the kettle to boil water for hot chocolate, before sitting down on his sofa and opening your bag. Last minute Christmas shopping at it’s finest. You’d heard Jimin just the week before complaining about him losing his favorite pair of earrings, so you got him a new pair that looked very similar. He was sure to like it, right?

You placed your bag gently on the floor near his small Christmas tree, holding the nicely wrapped present in your hand. Jimin took longer than you expected, and by the time he walked into the door you were toying with the mug of hot chocolate you’d made. Jimin’s was on the other side of the coffee table.

He walked into the living room, putting down the box similar to yours, wrapped with a small red ribbon on it. In his other hand, Jimin had flowers encased in wrapping paper as well.

“Merry…C-Christmas…” He panted, holding out the flowers to you so roughly a few petals fell off into your cup.

“Did you run to the flower shop down the street?” You stood up, placing your cup down and taking the small bouquet. He leaned both hands on his knee’s, gulping down air while giving you a quick nod.

“I didn’t….think my present was good…enough.” He choked out, and you placed the bouquet down right beside your cup. You took hold of Jimin’s shoulder’s, whirling him around and sitting him on the sofa. He caught your wrist, bringing your hand to his cheek.

“Jimin…” You sighed, feeling your cold hand cool his blazing cheeks. For a moment the two of you watched each other carefully. You could feel the color in your cheeks brighten when Jimin stood up. Both of your chests pressed against each other.

“No offense but…I really want to kiss you right now.” You dropped your hand away from his cheek, shocked at the words he spoke so bluntly. Jimin took this as an opportunity to cup your face between both hands and kiss you.

His lips melted against yours, and you had to grip his shirt to keep from falling backward. He was soft the whole time, which made the both of you not want to pull away.

In the end you were both left gasping, but neither of you really ended the kiss. Your noses pressed together as you inhaled deeply, and the gasping soon turned to childish giggling from Jimin.

“Don’t be creepy…” You muttered, leaning your head on his shoulder and looking up at him.. Never before had you seen him up this close, but it was something you could get used too.

“Should we open presents?” Jimin wondered, sitting back down on the couch. You nodded, picking up the gift you had got him and handing it to him. He took your hand and made you sit next to him, before handing you the little box he’d gotten.

“Open yours first,” you waved him away, watching eagerly with a hint of worry. What if he didn’t like them? He ripped the packaging, a goofy grin pressed into his face. Jimin cracked open the box, before looking up from the earrings.

“They look like my old ones! Did you know I lost them?”

“Lost them?” You played dumb, cocking your head to the side innocently. A simple blush popped onto Jimin’s cheeks, before he took them out and placed them in his ears.

“I love them.” He turned back to you, raising his brows as he waited for you to open the present.

You ripped it open, revealing a little silver box. Looking up at Jimin, you opened the lid and placed it in your lap. A sparkly bracelet lay in the box, silver chain and little blue diamonds placed along it. 

“I have the same one,” he held up his wrist, pulling his jacket up his arm to reveal the same bracelet dangling there.

“Friendship bracelet?” You wondered, holding up your own arm. Jimin shook his head, clipping it on.

Relationship bracelet. We’re dating now, you have no say.” Jimin picked his head up smugly, and you snorted.

“I’m fine with that.”

“Good, because you can’t break up with me.”

Never (Dean x reader)

Request from @nondescriptcreampuff

Imagine: Knowing the life well and providing information, medical assistance, and temporary housing for hunters. Although one hunter holds a special place in your heart

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Based in Season 3

A/N: Hey @nondescriptcreampuff , I am soooo sorry this is so late. I did my very best to get it out sooner but being away for the summer made it a little tough, thank you so much for being so patient with me. It isn’t the best butane least I tried
- I changed the idea a little so here goes

Word Count: 3491

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Anonymous: Can I request a scenario of their lover breaking up with them?

(I am back with the second installment! Hope you like this one! It can get a little depressing though, so be warned! Also, there’s a lot of swearing for Laito’s scenario and a little bit for Subaru. Hope you guys don’t mind! Don’t be afraid to heart, reblog and follow! Enjoy.)


“Make sure you put as much sugar as you can,” Kanato ordered you. “but it can’t be too disgustingly sweet! Teddy doesn’t want a toothache.”

You stressfully sighed. “Alright. I’ll make your dessert as sweet and perfect as I can.” You poured all needed ingredients inside a bowl and started mixing; you made sure that you added extra sugar so he wouldn’t be able to complain.

“Tch. Teddy, she thinks she can make her food perfect enough for us? She can’t even cook eggs by herself!” Kanato giggled to himself as though he just heard the best joke in his life.

You clenched your fist on the wooden spoon until your knuckles turned painfully white. You were honestly trying to do what he asks, but every step you took was another mistake to him. He’ll find the simplest errors and criticize them like Kanato himself was the greatest cook in the world.

When you put your mix into the oven, you jumped as the childish vampire screeched at you from behind. “What are you doing?!?” He opened the oven’s door and threw the platter holding the food to the ground. You winced in pain as some of the shards scraped your skin. You decided to be brave. “I’m sorry, Kanato… What did I do wrong this time?”

He ground his teeth and glared at Teddy’s head. “(Y/N)-san is such an idiot, Teddy! She can’t do anything right!” His indifferent face contorted to a furious one. He stared at you with exasperation and looked to the stove. “Do you see that?” Kanato pointed at the boiling dark chocolate you were cooking earlier. “Well, do you? Answer me!”

You fearfully nodded. “Yes, I can see the chocolate, Kanato.”

“Alright,” he grinned at you with wide creepy eyes. “If you do then why didn’t you add it?!” He growled at you, enraged. “Everything would have been so much better if you used that pretty little head of yours!”

You knew that his tantrums weren’t to be taken lightly. “I’m really sorry! I’ll make a new batch! It’ll be a lot better and sweeter and-”

“No! No ! No! Teddy and I have lost our appetite because of you!” He stomped his foot on the ground like a petulant child. Suddenly, he started sobbing into his hands. You were surprised by his sudden change. “I was g-going to enjoy my sweets so much!” He wailed. “I was so hungry and T-Teddy wanted to eat something! (Y/N)-san must hate me so much!” He sobbed.

You were slightly freaked out by his bipolar attitude but you decided to placate him. “Kanato, I don’t hate you!” He shook his head in denial. “Really, I don’t!” The vampire was still bawling loudly. “I’m very sorry! Is there anything you want me to do?” You smiled when he stopped crying.

“You’ll do anything?” He softly asked you with a hoarse voice.

“Yeah, I guess.”

He grinned mischievously and you were starting to regret your promise. “Then… I can pour all of that steaming chocolate on you and you won’t get mad, right?”

“What? N-no, that’s no what I meant! Kanato, please don’t-”

Before you knew it, he poured the boiling hot chocolate all over you. You screeched as the heat touched your skin. It wasn’t enough to damage anything permanently, but it still hurt you a lot. Physically and emotionally.

“I love (Y/N) so much! Even if I hurt her, she didn’t get mad! She’s so sweet, Teddy”. The vampire hummed to himself. You shook your head and hissed a little. “Kanato, this is twisted! Argh! I can’t take this anymore! I don’t wanna see you, you monster!” You cried and rushed to the bathroom with tears streaming down your cheeks.

His purple eyes widened considerably. “Ne, Teddy? She doesn’t mean that, right? My precious (Y/N) won’t leave me, right?!?” He innocently cocked his head to the side.



It was lunch time and you were searching for Laito. He told you to wait for him at the school’s cafeteria but you were too restless. Your gut was telling you that something was wrong; that something was going to happen. You just didn’t know what.

Dejectedly, you closed the door of another empty classroom and checked inside the room beside it. You combed through half of the school and you still couldn’t find the fedora wearing pervert. You were starting to get worried. You knew Laito had the knack to go about and search for unneeded trouble.

Since not a lot of people were walking down the halls with you, the tranquil silence was your only companion. You felt your heart beat faster with every step. The annoying thing is, you have no clue why.

When you reached the end of the large school’s last floor, you decided to turn around and eat alone at the canteen if Laito decided to not show up. Before you could take a step back, you heard loud moaning inside the girl’s bathroom. You blushed and looked away. However, a very familiar voice rooted you to the spot.

“Ah~! Osana-chan is so sweet!” You heard Laito from the bathroom. You stayed quiet and listened. You felt like a creep, but you needed to know what was going on. “I just wanna keep you forever~! You’re the only one for me.” The vampire’s careless choice of words shattered your heart to dust.

You heard girlish giggles and you barely made out the sound of clothing being removed. Sucking in a deep breath, you bit your trembling lip and opened the door to the girl’s bathroom.

When you entered the room, you saw Laito and some brunette girl having a heated make out session. Laito didn’t have his shirt on and his partner was only in her scandalously thin and lacy bra and panties. Your chest hurt when you noticed that Laito was thoroughly enjoying himself.

In an attempt to stop them and to make your faint presence known, you boldly called out his name. “Laito! What are you doing?” You asked with narrowed eyes. You were slightly proud of yourself. Your facial expressions didn’t convey the inner turmoil you were experiencing.

He abruptly stopped kissing the brunette and acknowledged your enraged form. “Eh? What is my Bitch-chan doing here? I thought I told her to wait in the cafeteria…” He innocently pouted and brightened as he spoke his next sentence. “Do you want to join Osana-chan and I? A threesome doesn’t sound so bad~!” He giggled.

“You are such a jerk, Laito.” You smiled bitterly and looked at the ground in humiliation. With a shaky breath, you calmly tried to say what you wanted without looking like a desperate girlfriend. “I mean, I gave you everything, didn’t I? Did you get bored with me? Aren’t I as pretty as her?” You pointedly looked at the blushing whore Laito was still holding.

“Now, now, Bitch-chan! No need to get upset with me! Fu fu~” He smirked at you. “Didn’t you already know what you were getting into when you hooked up with me?”

You stared at him with an aghast front. “I’m not a fucking hook up! I am your girlfriend! You know, the one you’re supposed to run to when your hormones kick in?” You tried to cram that information into his skull. “I loved you, Laito! You’re what my life revolves around right now! And this is what I should expect in return? Stand by as you tell this brunette cumslut that you wanna motorboat her saggy tits forever?”

You ignored the wetness that streamed down your face. “Do you think you can just get a second rate hand job from a plastic bimbo and get away with it? Do you think I’d hop in a threesome with you? You’re more stupid than I thought, you manwhore!” You shouted brutally.

“But, Bitch-chan~!” He sighed dramatically.

You raised your hand in defeat and glowered him. “I give up! I’m tired of giving you chances. You can go eat a dick, you bastard.” You flipped him off. Before you left them, you scowled at the brunette. “Hey, you tramp! Have fun with the herpes you now have! If you have any questions, go ask Laito over there. He’s a real fucking expert.”



“Subaru, can we talk?”

“Huh? Um, yeah sure.” The albino hesitantly nodded. He wasn’t completely stupid; the apologetic tone you used and your averted eyes were dead giveaways.

You swallowed the lump in your throat. “I’m really sorry, Subaru.” You looked at your shoes as though they were so interesting. “I just want you to know that there are no hard feelings and I completely understand if you want to falcon punch me in the face later.”

“Tch! Spit it out already!” He growled. “It won’t do you any good if you keep rambling nonsense.” Subaru was getting really nervous. He certainly did not like where this conversation going. He wanted to get it over with.

You laughed nervously. “Well, the thing is…” You guiltily looked up at his stunning bright red eyes. “I’m breaking up with you!” Quickly, you said. Your eyes glistened with tears as you finally said those words to him.

Instead of the instant answer you expected from him, you were worried when he simply stared at you blankly. You could practically hear the gears churning in his head as he mulled over your quick confession. This was going to end bad.

“… Why?” He asked you softly. All the evidence of his old brash self was replaced with a calm and accepting persona. “Please, (Y/N). I need to know.” His eyes begged you to reply. He wanted you to say that you were kidding. He wanted you to say that it was an anime thing he didn’t understand. He wanted you to laugh your beautiful laugh and continue the day together like always.

You averted your eyes and looked at anything else but him. You hated saying these words. “It’s nothing you ever did, Subaru… It’s all me. I’m not good enough for you! You deserve someone stronger! Someone much more beautiful! Someone that won’t get you angry every five minutes!” You remained stoic and prevented yourself from crying.

“What the hell, (Y/N)?!?” He yelled at you. “I don’t understand what the bloody hell kind of crap you’re telling me right now.”

You weakly winced at his sudden outburst. “It’s the same kind of crap girlfriends spew when they’re breaking all ties they have with their sweet, awesome and totally-out-of-their-league boyfriend.”

“But… But everything was going so perfectly! You’re lying to me!” He shouted loudly.

You played with your fingers awkwardly. “I’m not, Subaru. Please make this easier for both of us and break up with me.” You wanted to stop. You really did! But you knew that you couldn’t turn back.

“… I really am a monster, aren’t I?” He told himself.

He was going to start monologuing to himself, you knew it. “No, Subaru, you aren’t-”

Your boyfriend looked at you indignantly. “I’m not, huh? Are you sure?!? My own fucking girlfriend doesn’t want me! I’m too ugly for this world; too polluted. I might as well lock myself up.”

You gave one look at his heartbroken face and eloped him in a tight hug. “Oh, Subaru… You’re the sweetest and nicest person I know! I’m leaving you for the greater good.” You finished lamely.

“Okay.” He finally seemed to accept. “I’ll see you around.” He left you feeling like the worst person in the world.


“Did you do it? Can I talk to him now? Do you think I can be his next girlfriend?”

You glared at the girl. “Yeah. He’s pretty fucking sad and vulnerable right now. Knock yourself out.”

“Thanks, (Y/N)-chan! You’re so sweet!” She mockingly gave you a hug. She giggled and whispered in your ear, “Don’t worry, (Y/N)! Now no one needs to know your dirty little secret, right?”

“Go fuck yourself.”

Gift this: Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix (+recipe)

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix - A super simple and easy recipe, a hot drink that is perfect for those cold winter months. Perfect gift for Xmas too!


1 ¾ cup non-fat dry milk powder

¾ cup unsweetened cocoa powder

¾ cup powdered sugar

Mini chocolate chips & white Xmas chocolate chips

Mini candy canes, crushed (i used handmade pillow peppermints)

Mini marshmallows

Simple direction

For a single serving add 8 ounces freshly boiled water to ½ hot chocolate mix in a heat-proof mug. Stir until completely dissolved & ENJOY

take care of yourself, just carry the whole world ; ruvic

I blame @egocentrifuge and the Adam adopting cats talk in group chat; so there was that and then suddenly I birthed this seven thousand word monster. 

(Sometimes it takes knowing you’re not alone for things to finally be alright. content warning: adam’s emotional funks again, a lot of internal thought but! ends on a good note I promise <3 let me know if I need to add any other warnings) if u see glaring erros let me know i write this in one sitting on no sleep its 9:30am im gonna die jfc


Adam ends up in the kitchen at half past three in the morning making hot chocolate, boiling water and stirring in the powder when it’s done, lets the cracked mug sit on the counter and cool off while he paces around a bit.

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7 Days of Christmas ★ Day 4: The First Snow (Rap Monster, Fluff)

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Jungkook // Jimin // Taehyung // Namjoon

DAY 4 FOR CHRISTMAS COLLABORATION WITH @taehxyung!! DID YOU READ HER TAEHYUNG CHAPTER HFJDSHKJFDHS SO GOOD TBH JUST GOTTA TAKE A MINUTE. Also I had like 4 idea’s for this and changed it literally last minute and idk if it’s good but I like it!!

Words:  1748

The mattress sunk in at the weight of Namjoon hopping on the bed beside you frantically. He shook you for a moment, until you groaned and turned over. He fell to his knee’s, leaning over you with a smile on his face.

“Baby,” his voice was quiet, hoarse from just waking up. “It snowed out! Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, wa-”

You slapped your hand over his mouth to silence him, merely cracking open your eyes to glare in his direction. “Shut up, please.”

He sighed into your hand, pulling it away and pinning you against the bed. “No, you promised you’d go out and play with me when it first snowed.”

“Namjoon, what time is it? Oh my god, it’s 7:30 on a Saturday?” You whined, rolling back over and pulling the covers over your head. Namjoon groaned, raking the blankets off of you. You were met by the chill of the room that had you curling up against Namjoon’s feet. He shook you once more, but that one time turned into multiple times that left you dizzy.

“Get up, I made hot chocolate. I didn’t make anything else because it’d probably burn. But I made hot chocolate!”

“Namjoon, I’m this close to kicking you in the throat.” You warned, keeping your eyes glued shut as you reached for blankets. He’d thrown them all the way off the bed.

He picked you up. Well, tried. Namjoon picked up the top of your body into a sitting position before wrapping his arms around your torso. You took fistful’s of the bed, trying your best to outweigh him in strength. He sighed, and then began to drag you off the bed forcefully. “This is for your own good.”

“Own good? You just want to play in snow!” You thrashed against him, pinching his arms. He succeeded in pulling you off the bed, but not without a price.

“It’s not just playing in the snow. We’ll be the first ones leaving a foot print! I promise, I’ll let you sleep in after that.” He clasped both of his hands together, as if sending a silent prayer to the snow gods. You sighed, finally giving in. Namjoon seemed to notice you faltering, so he gave you a quick kiss before moving back into the room to get dressed.

You got dressed as well, zipping yourself up in a warm jacket and the cute boots you’d gotten for when it snowed. Namjoon wrapped a scarf around your neck, patting it down gently with a grin plastered on his face. He looked like a child, absolutely giddy with excitement to play in the snow. Despite your tiredness, you still felt your chest tighten at the way he smiled so cutely.

“Let’s go, let’s go!” He slid his last glove on, practically running out the door. Light was scarcely shining through the clouds once you stepped out into the cold, but for some reason it was still as bright as summer outside. For a moment you hugged yourself against the cold, but soon followed Namjoon out into the practically picture perfect front yard the both of you shared. Before he began to hop onto the grass, it was untouched and perfectly smooth.

The snow had stopped, but it all stuck to the ground around 3 inches deep. The crunch your boots made was loud, but your hearing was almost muffled by the beanie on your head and scarf wrapped around your face. You were sure you looked ridiculous, but anything goes to keep you warm.

“(Y/N), come make a snowman with me.” Namjoon held up  two fist fulls of snow, throwing it like water at the beach. Because of the way the wind blew, most of it smacked him right in the face. You keeled over in laughter, watching him sputter and paw it out of his face like a kitten.

Hair was sticking out from under his beanie, moving in all different directions. If he wasn’t as tall as he was, you would’ve mistaken him as a teenage boy barely past his 12th year of life. Yet, you enjoyed this the most about Namjoon.

You followed him to the middle of the yard, picking up a small hand full of snow and tightly packing it into a ball. Picking up your head, you noticed Namjoon was keeled over as well, probably doing the same thing.

“Oh, are you going to make the body? I’ll make the head, since it’s small and easy.”

He turned his head, giving you a look that looked and smelled like trouble. Namjoon stood up straight, and you backed up slightly, holding out both hands as if it would save you from anything.

“Namjoon, you better not…”

“Do you want to build a snowman?” He sang off pitch, squishing his face up the way he usually did whenever attempting to project his voice. “Or maybe get pelted by it instead?”

“Namj-” You got cut off when the sudden snowball the size of both of Namjoon’s fists was hauled straight for you. The most you could do in a matter of seconds was turn and get hit right in the back of the head. Cold snow ran down your back, quickly melting. Your hysteric screams filled the air, mixed with the insane dancing that always happened whenever something cold touched your warm back.

“Namjoon!” You cried out, turning around again to see him wickedly grinning from ear to ear. He flashed you two thumbs up under his thigh gloves, before falling back into the snow and working on another snowball. “Prepare to die!”

“Shouldn’t you be the one preparing?” He snorted, making a small snowball pile. You ran back towards the house, getting cover behind a petite bush that allowed you to see him still out of the corner of your eye. Mimicking Namjoon, you piled up a supply of snowballs, before taking two and hauling them over towards him. In your fury of hysteric’s, you managed to get as close to him as hitting his toe. Namjoon looked up at you for a moment, and you could see him shaking with laughter.

“You’re too weak, little child!” He hollered from across the lawn, picking up two snowballs and hauling them after you. Ducking, he barely missed you by inches. This. Meant. War.

You picked up another two snowballs, running out from behind your shelter and making a B-line towards him. He watched you, throwing the rare snowball but missing it because of how fast you were running. The melted snow had begun to seep through your gloves, but you didn’t care at the sudden cold biting your hands.

You chucked a ball right at his face, which successfully pelted his nose and sent him stepping back and tripping on his snowball pile. Hopping up and down in pure happiness, you didn’t feel the sudden ball hit your cheek and fall under your scarf.

“You won’t survive, give up!” He called, suddenly picking himself off and dusting as much snow off of his now soaking pants. You squealed, turning around and bolting off in a direction you didn’t know. Namjoon’s boots squeaked in the snow, so you knew he wasn’t far behind you.

You fell into the snow when Namjoon’s hands wrapped around your waist, and he toppled over on top of you. The snow saved you from getting hurt, but the weight of him wasn’t helping the impact. Still, you were bundled up so tightly in clothes you barely felt a thing.

“I’ll n-never give up!” You struggled under his grip, picking up stray snow and burrowing it into his face. Namjoon didn’t seem bothered by it, and he easily pinned both of your arms down against the ground. His cheeks were tainted red from the cold, his nose turning a light pinkish color. Namjoon leaned down, gently kissing your numb nose.

“I’m cold. Let’s go into the house.” He mumbled, getting up off of you and holding out a hand for you to take. You managed to sit up, taking his hand and getting hauled to your feet. Glancing over at the once picture perfect lawn, you noticed how utterly destroyed it was now. A battle field for two. Great.

“Okay, but only if you admit I won.” You perked up, wrapping your arms around his neck and whirling around. He pouted slightly, jabbing his hands into your ticklish sides. You barely felt a thing, because of the layers you wore.

“No way, you didn’t win! I’m just cold, that doesn’t mean I lost. Best two out of three tomorrow?”

“Nope, I won.” You chirped happily, letting go of him and running back towards the house. You shucked off your gloves quickly, prying open the door and stomping your boots free of snow before stepping inside. Namjoon was close behind, and copied your movements to keep the house clean.

You dropped your gloves near your boots, pulling your jacket off and hanging it up. Namjoon closed the door quickly, sighing at the way the warm house immediately kissed his skin.

“I’ll make some food. Do you want hot chocolate?”

“Please,” he grinned, practically hopping to the kitchen to aid you in any way possible. The most you allowed him to do was turn the water on to boil for hot chocolate. He picked out two plates from the cup board, before leaving you to do your thing.

Once appearing in the living room with a tray of food for the both of you, you noticed Namjoon had set up a movie and was patiently waiting with a blanket around his shoulders and on his lap. He picked up the blanket, patting the cushion gently to beckon you over.

He wasn’t wearing any pants.

“Oh my god, Namjoon. You can’t just do that.” You snorted, setting the tray down on the coffee table and sitting down. Namjoon placed the blanket on your lap as well, wrapping an arm around you with the blanket securing your shoulder. He was overly warm, which was absolutely inviting.

“I’ll do whatever I want, especially you.” He winked, earning a soft punch on the arm. Namjoon picked up a plate and dug into the food, un-pausing the movie. You leaned into his shoulder, taking the mug of steaming hot chocolate from his hand and sipping at it.

“Namjoon?” You murmured quietly. He looked at you, sniffling slightly from the cold.

“Yeah?” He wondered.

“I still won that snowball fight.”

Request: can you do a one shot where john leaves sam and dean at bobbys and dean meets another girl who dad is a hunter

“Hey Bobby!” You exclaimed, jumping out of the car and into your favorite person’s arms. 

“Hey kiddo.” Bobby greeted you, squeezing you tight against him. He let go of you and smiled widely. “Go inside and drop your stuff off. I’ve got to talk to your dad.”

You nodded and ran into the house. “I wish she listened to me like that.” You heard your dad joke just as you closed the door. You threw your bag onto your bed and made your way to the kitchen. You immediately pulled down two mugs and started boiling water. You and Bobby always had hot chocolate on your first night with him. You realized you hadn’t said goodbye to your father, and left the house. A new guy had joined your dad and Bobby, a black car pulled in the driveway. 

“I’m going now.” Your dad said once he saw you. You wrapped your arms around him and he kissed you lightly on your head. “Don’t make Bobby’s life too difficult." 

"Aw, but that’s no fun.” You complained. You watched your dad get into his car and drive away. You turned your attention to the stranger and stuck your hand out. “I’m Y/N.” You introduced yourself.

“John Winchester.” He responded, grasping your hand. 

“John’s two sons are gonna be staying with us.” Bobby told you. In all honesty, you weren’t really happy about your time with Bobby being intruded upon, but you put on your best fake smile.

“Cool.” You said. 

“Why don’t you go boil some more water? We’ll be inside soon enough.” Bobby suggested.

You nodded and went back to the house. The water you had originally put in was boiling, but you knew there wasn’t enough for the extra people, so you turned off the heat and added some water, then started boiling it again. 

“What are you doing?” Somebody asked, and you spun around. You saw a fairly tall kid standing in the doorway.

“Boiling some water. What are you doing?” You responded.

“Bobby told me to put my bags down then go to the kitchen.” He replied. “I’m Sam.”

“I’m Y/N.” You said with a smile. 

“Why are you boiling water?” He asked.

“I’m making holy water.” You replied, a smirk playing on your lips.

“That’s not how you make holy water.” He informed you.

“Yes it is! You just take water and boil the Hell out of it.” You joked, and Sam’s face broke into a huge smile.

“That was awful!” A new voice laughed, and a kid who looked about your age entered the room. 

“Oh, and you think you could do better?” You challenged, smirking at the guy. 

“Oh, I know I could!” He exclaimed, standing next to you. 

“Dean, leave her alone.” Bobby ordered, walking into the room. You laughed at the boy, Dean, as he smiled and stepped away from you. 

“So what are you actually doing?” Sam asked, moving next to Dean.

“I’m boiling water for the hot chocolate.” You answered. 

Dean pulled down some mugs and Sam watched the water with you. Once the first bubble came, signalling that the water was getting hot, Sam gasped in excitement, making you and Dean laugh. 

Soon you were all sitting around the kitchen table. Bobby was telling you about one of his first hunts, and how he almost died. It was actually hilarious. You were laughing so hard you were in tears. “Y/N, I’ve got a few cars that I need to fix up, mind helping me?” Bobby asked.

You smiled widely, unable to contain your excitement. “Of course!” You exclaimed. “I’ll clean the dishes and then we’ll go?" 

"Sure.” Bobby agreed. He left the room to get his toolbox and radio, leaving you with Sam and Dean.

“You like fixing cars?” Dean asked.

“Don’t sound so shocked.” You joked. “The first time I stayed with Bobby I was three. I was pissy and mad at my dad for leaving me, and him for taking me. So I basically ignored him for the first two days. Then, he started fixing a car and playing music. My favorite song came on and I couldn’t help but sing along lightly. Bobby noticed and turned the music louder and he started singing with me. Then, he started dancing. He was so horrible at it, but he made me laugh. Next thing I know he’s teaching me how to fix cars and I’ve got oil all over my shirt.” You smiled at the memory, it was just about the best day of your life.

Throughout the story Sam and Dean had been laughing, imagining their almost father acting so silly. You turned your back to clean the dishes. The water was steaming and you scrubbed all the excess food off the plates. You turned to place the dish on the drying board, but somebody started pulling it from your hands. You turned to see Dean. He offered you a small smile and you returned one, then started cleaning again. You had the dishes done within minutes. 

“Ready?” Bobby asked, walking into the kitchen.

“Let’s go!” You exclaimed, running out the door. 

Bobby shook his head in amusement, but followed you nonetheless. Soon the music was blaring from the radio and you and Bobby stood in front of a car, looking under the hood. “Do you know what’s wrong?” Bobby asked.

“Don’t insult me.” You joked. “The transmission’s shot. And I don’t know how, but the engine looks like it’s about to fall apart.” You answered, easily finding the problem. “Can I fix the engine?”

Bobby handed you a wrench and took a step back, giving you the floor. You got to work, pulling the engine carefully out of the car, then placing it on the work table. You replaced some pieces, oiled some others, and just about made the thing shining with beauty. You didn’t even notice Sam and Dean watching in awe until you lifted your head.

You smiled at them, and they both smiled back. Then Dean let out a burst of laughter. “What?” You demanded.

“You’ve got some oil on your face.” Sam told you.

You rolled your eyes and rubbed your cheek. “Nope. You just made it worse.” Dean informed you. You huffed and brought your hand back to your face. “Here, just let me.” Dean suggested, walking up to you.

Dean lifted his hand and lightly rubbed your skin, making his thumb black with oil. You stupidly kept eye contact while he did it, making you blush and your heart race. You hadn’t realized just how cute he was until that moment. 

“Is it gone?” You asked, hoping your voice wasn’t as shaky as you felt.

Dean smiled and nodded, but didn’t move. You got lost in his bright green eyes, and probably would have been lost even longer, if Bobby hadn’t cleared his throat. You could have sworn you saw a light blush on Dean’s face, but he turned around and stood next to Sam, so you couldn’t be sure.

“Looks good.” Bobby commented, pointing to the engine.

“Just wait!” You exclaimed, remembering the task at hand. You placed the engine back in the car, and reconnected it to everything. Then you checked the transmission, which Bobby had fixed, and decided the car was ready to start. Bobby threw you the keys, already one step ahead of you.

You jumped in the front seat and pushed the key in. The engine roared to life and you yelped in excitement. Bobby, Sam, and Dean were clapping their hands as you took the keys out and left the car. 

“I’ll go get some tea.” Bobby offered, going back to the house.

“I’ll help.” Sam said after a moment, then ran after Bobby, leaving you alone with Dean.

“That was awesome.” Dean complimented. You knew your face turned a bright shade of red, but you smiled widely.

“That was nothing.” You said with shrug. Dean didn’t say anything, just stared at you for a moment. You suddenly became very self-conscious, was there something on your face. “Is there something on my face?” You asked.

“No, sorry. I, uh, just…” Dean stuttered, then sighed. “I was thinking about how amazing you are." 

"I’m amazing?” You asked, wondering if you’d heard him correctly.

“And pretty, and funny.” Dean added, nodding.

“Well that’s quite a compliment coming from you." 

"What’s that supposed to mean?” Dean asked, taking your compliment the wrong way.

“It means, that you’re so freaking handsome and funny, and charming, that any type of compliment you give me must be true.” You said, smiling.

You didn’t get to see Dean’s reaction, you were too busy focusing on his lips against yours. You wrapped an arm around his neck and he placed his arms around your back, pulling you closer to him. 

“Y/N, your dad’s gonna kill me!” Bobby shouted from the door, and you smiled into the kiss, but didn’t stop.

(I hope you like it!)

Truth or Dare? Challenge

Write down truth or dares and put them inside a tiny bucket.
You can play with two players or more.

Who in this room do you have a crush on?
Who is the celebrity you would want to make out with?
What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve done?
Would you rather boil to death in hot chocolate or freeze to death in a giant slushy?
What is your most embarrassing nickname? Explain how you got it.
What are your regrets in life?
If you woke up one day and you found that you become opposite sex for one day,what would the first thing you do?
What is the craziest pickup line that you have used?
Can you describe yourself in one word?

Go out and flirt with the first person you come across.
Spend the next round sitting on someone’s lap
Pick your favorite song and dance on the tabletop/outside/etc
Wear your underwear over your pants and run around the house yelling “I Am Super Man!”
Put on a blindfold and feel another players face, see if you can guess who it is buy touch alone
Make sounds like a chicken for 30 seconds
Do your best famous person impression or famous character impression
Prank call someone in your contact list
Let the person next to you text anyone from your phone.
Have a someone put makeup on you while that someone is blindfolded

Winter Wonderland

Taylor’s nose and cheeks were the same shade of pink and Adam thought it was the cutest thing he’d ever seen. Her hair was tucked under the beanie that was on top of her head and her ears were barely visible under the same beanie. Her blue eyes shined when she turned to smile at him and he let himself get lost in the look that she was giving him.

He snapped out of his haze when he was hit in the face with cold, wet mush. He blinked and wiped at his face, hearing his girl’s peal of laughter from a few feet away. Her gray gloves were wet from the snowball that she’d just made. Adam could’ve retaliated—he’d been in many snowball fights in the past—but there was just something about the moment that he didn’t want to ruin.

“What do you think you’re doing, pop star?” She stuck her tongue out and shook her head, not appreciating the term of endearment.

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You're On Your Period

Ashton: “Come on baby Irwin we need to go give mommy hugs and kisses!” I heard Ashton say as he walked in holding our 1 year old. “Awe have my boys come to make me feel better?” I said while taking our baby and leaning my head on Ashton’s shoulder. “Do you need anything right now?” He asked while making faces at our baby. “This is all I need right now but thank you babe.” I said while fully content.

Luke: “Y/n do you want anything? Some candy? Ice cream? Coffee? Pizza? Sou-” Luke asked before I interrupted him. “I’m fine Luke. Just come watch a movie with me.” I said back to him as I got up and took his hand in mine. “Alright just one second baby.” He said while letting go of your hand. A couple minutes later he came back with an arm full of food.

Calum: “Ugh! Calum can you please come bring me some hot chocolate and a bag of chips?” I yelled from our bedroom. “Coming right up baby!” He yelled back from the kitchen. Soon he came running to me holding the chips. “The water is boiling and the hot chocolate will be ready soon.” He said as her sat down to cuddle with you. “I love you Cal!” You said while giving him a peck on the cheek.

Michael: “Michael! Come cuddle and play some games with me while I suffer through these cramps.” I yelled from the living room while munching on some cookies. “OK baby let me just get a couple blankets.” He yelled while running around upstairs. Finally he plopped down beside you and cuddled you as the two of you played fifa

P.S sorry this came out so late today. I was out & about all day & just got home.