!! :D

I would just like to congratulate every artist that received an awards or was nominated for the awards. They have worked so hard to get to where they are and deserve everything they are getting.

To Daesang winners Bangtan, Twice and EXO, there is no doubt that you guys deserve these awards. You have worked so hard producing such good music and becoming all rounded artists so I hope that you and your fans are proud.

This was Bangtan’s and Twice’s first daesang so extra congratulations for this achievement and also congratulations to EXO for breaking the records for most daesangs (man thats cool).

It’s important that as fans, we do not try to degrade another fandom and artists so please be proud of each other and acknowledge the hard work each and every artist has done. 

PS: I’d like to note that i started hyperventilating and crying when BTS won. SO PROUD BOIIIIIIZ