The Last Boost

Ovedue I write this, boosted and with a heavy heart. I’ve put this off for months now. I knew that this would be the final nail, the last dew poured out for our homies; for ourselves. In waiting, I thought I might find some hidden wisdom or profound words to share, but, just like the night of The Last Boost, I’m at a loss. I have nothing to say but “Thank you.” 

Thank you to Dillon. #boifreindz would have never existed if it weren’t for Dillon (and Justin Bieber.) We spent the same four years at Michigan Tech and always pondered what #boifreindz would have been if we had started our first year, but honestly we probably wouldn’t have been half of what we came to be. We would have sucked and broken up. Never before have I so quickly and proudly called someone a brother. 

Thank you to Jake, who, without hesitation, has said “of course” any time I asked him to play music with me. For saying “of course” any time I’ve asked him for anything. For living with me for 3 years and accompanying me on so many adventures.

Thank you to Andrew, for being 100% straight up the greatest human being in the world. For becoming a #boifreind after our first wave of shows. For having the enthusiasm of 80 children and the maturity, hindsight, and deliberation of an 80 year old man. 

Thank you to Alexi, Haley, Sarah, Jade, Kelsey, and Elissa for being #gurlfreindz from start to finish. Never before, and never again, would I have anticipated having a die-hard fan base and support group. 

Thank you to Travis (Baby Jeezy) for also being that support group. For providing us unquestioningly with jerseys, can coozies, and whatever we needed. For taking a 10 hour deadline and crushing it. For providing lyrics and vocals for what I’m often told is our catchiest song. 

Thank you to Marie, my literal #girlfriend, for providing the hand-lettering you’ve all come to know and love during the latter half of the #boifreindz existence. And, infinitely more importantly, for encouraging and supporting me, and the #boifreindz, well before and all throughout our time together. I love you.

Thank you to every single person who has ever boosted with us. Whether in a living room, at the Orpheum, or over the world wide web. Bro Phi Bro, HJBA House, Eben, and so many more of you. I’ll ~be honest~, we started off doing this for ourselves, but we would never have kept going without the insane support and energy you all gave us.

Til death do us boost.

p.s. Thank you to Al Aho for taking photos at The Last Boost, view a few more / hi-res here

p.p.s. The GoPro (thanks Frank!) captured drums and nothing but drums when we all got rippin’, Imma try to get the sound a little more balanced and post another video soon.