boice confessions

“I wasn’t a Boice since day one so I didn’t know how it was like when CNBLUE won no.1 after just 2 weeks of debut. Now that Winner took over that record, I was able to appreciate the record CNBLUE made. I could imagine their immense popularity that time with just Yonghwa’s "You’re Beautiful” under their belt. I bet they’ve really captured the audience with their music to achieve that amazing feat. I’m so proud of them!“

“Hearing things like Yonghwa is greedy and he doesn’t give other members chance to sing really annoy me. For God’s sake! CNBLUE is a BAND! And Yonghwa is the MAIN vocalist! Get it? As a Yonghwa fan, should I complain Jonghyun doesn’t let him play the lead guitar? Or Minhyuk doesn’t let him play the drums? Because Yonghwa can play both instruments!”

“I love CNBLUE’s Try Again, Smile Again. Whenever I watch their concert perfs, I love seeing Yonghwa’s face when he’s singing the song. It’s so soothing as if he’s trying to cheer you up and it just expresses his feelings. I get so tearful every time I listen to him sing. The lyrics and his face make me forget about all my problems.”

“Really tired of clueless fans asking why YongHwa needs to go solo when he sings all of CNBLUE’s songs. No, YongHwa does not sing all the songs of CNBLUE alone. Band music is only one kind of music. He can explore all genres of music and have great learning experiences through collaborations with other artists. He composed, wrote and produced an entire album on his own. Talent. It’s because he is uber talented. That’s why he has a solo album.”