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Happy Pride Month! June is coming to a close, but let’s show our Pride for who we are always, every year, every month, every day!
Thank you so much for making this a memorable month, really, it was crazy! Thank you! 

Sorry that I wasn’t able to do all of them, really sorry!  

anonymous asked:

Can you talk about how the first line of the series is the last line of the series? "There were dragons when I was a boy."


To be honest… there’s not much to say. That entire sentence is sort of iconic. The one thing I hadn’t been prepared for when I cracked open those books was the beginning and end of each story, in the withered, enlightened voice of an old man. Seriously, old!Hiccup made those books for me.

There were dragons when I was a boy came off as whimsical, fantastical, mythological.

There were dragons when I was a boy came off as heartbreaking, yearning, nostalgic, regretful.

It’s the same sentence, but it carries such a different weight by the end of the story… one of responsibly, of the truth, and of Hiccup’s very own hands in it all.