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hello! meron ka bang complete/accurate list of all the deities from the tagalog and bisayan pantheon? Also, i'm sorry if this question has been asked before ngayon ko lang nahanap blog mo and i'm only now really getting into ph mythology :)

Hi @saetr3noora​. I made one before though I don’t remember which blog I posted it in, this one, or my blog on reviving our old beliefs, practices, and on our general mythologies and folklore at @diwatahan​. Also its an old list that needed to be updated and corrected so I guess it gives me an opportunity to make another one. :)

But here is my complete list on them based on historical research, not modern takes on it. This list is from my notes for my book I am still currently writing and researching for. Any modern deities from recent stories such as Lidaga, Lihangin, Lisuga, etc. are not included on this list as there is not one mention of them in any of the oldest dictionaries or in any historical record accept in the 1900′s particularly during the U.S. colonial period and after and thus based on historical research, they weren’t traditionally worshiped. However this doesn’t mean they aren’t deities as some may just be but never mentioned in historical texts and only known orally, but for the purpose of listing all the deities that were believed and worshiped prior to the Spaniards I have excluded them from the list. I try to put info on each deity as much as possible based on what was written on them but there are a few who are only briefly mentioned in passing either with just the name of the deity alone or the name and the attribute they were known for.

Also note there are other Bisayan deities not listed here that are known to the Sulod of Panay island with the exception of Laon Sina/Alunsina as she was a prominent goddess known throughout the Bisayas. The deities known by the Sulod may possibly be deities that were known by the other ethnic groups in the West Bisayas and elsewhere in the region under different names locally but I have not looked into that intensively and done enough research on that subject so I have left those deities out of this list.

This is a pretty long list so I have cut it off here for those who don’t want to scroll so much on their dash. To read the entire list just press keep reading. 

Anyway I hope this helps all those who are interested in our mythologies and folklore, whether from mere curiosity, for the sake of creating art, or to actually join the movement of reviving our precolonial beliefs and practices to the modern day.

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Do you know of any lists of POC actors/actresses in period films, please? Thank you.

A masterlist of 240+ POC who have starred in period and fantasy roles categorized by ethnicity and gender. Their roles as well as their ethnicity are clearly denoted; if there are any mistakes or wish to make additions please politely message us! LIKE/REBLOG if this was helpful! -C&The Other M

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Ashkenazi Jewish face claims under thirty

I have made a list of young celebrities who are Ashkenazi Jewish and could play a teen/young adult. Be aware some of those listed are mixed race, however it will be mentioned what other ethnicity they are. This list is useful if ever you need a face claim who is of this ethnicity.

  • Ashkenazi Jewish -  A Jew of central or eastern European descent.

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i have discovered that i do not know anything about my people.

the other day,
i met another filipina.
she asked me
what type of filipino i was.
it had never been asked of me like that before:
had always been asked,
“where are your parents from?”
“what part of the philippines?”
“what type of filipino are you?”

never have i faced the acknowledgement
that more groups than i know how to comprehend
call the archipelago i consider home theirs as well.
i did not know what to say, at first,
before i managed to stammer out,
“my mother is boholano,
my dad is from cagayan de oro.”
and she replied, “oh,
my family is visayan also.”

i nodded and smiled,
as if i understood her words’ significance beyond knowing
what that meant geographically.

i did not know what that meant.

i looked up ‘boholano’ today for the first time
and learned that they are also considered visayan.
looked up ‘cagayan de oro’ and learned it means ‘river of gold.’
it shamed me to realize i had never known this before.

shamed me to realize that all i knew of my ancestors’ heritage
was the food and a smattering of language
i can only understand in some contexts.

for a while,
i hesitated to call myself ‘filipina-american,’
as if hyphenating my identity was laying claim to something false.
i do not feel ‘american’:
blonde-haired, blue-eyed, white-skinned
with an inexplicable love for football and hamburgers
but i do not feel i can call myself ‘filipina’
when i cannot even count to ten in tagalog.

my great-great-uncle was a president of the philippines.
i wonder sometimes if he is ashamed of this girl
who calls him relative
when she cannot tell someone how to cook adobo.

my family
told me stories about individuals:
how my grandfather met his first wife hiding in a well,
how my other grandfather rejected japanese treasure
but i do not know if i had other ancestors
who fought against the americans when they came.

i was told stories
about glass slippers and princes turning into frogs
but i do not know the folklore of my homeland
beyond the half-truth tales my father told me
about the ‘dwarf’ in his basement.

my parents
did not speak tagalog to me after a certain age.
i think they told me once
it was because they did not want me to have an accent

i do not know if that is truth or false memory,
but i know
i can speak the languages of the countries that colonized us:

leave me in the streets of madrid or milwaukee,
and i will get on fine,
but if you take me into the heart of manila,
i may only just get by.

and i cannot say
even in poetry
what it feels like not to know these things.
like there is a fundamental part of myself missing
that i can never regain
like i am failing the people who came before me—
my family—
even as i assimilate into the world they longed
or were forced to be a part of.

i do not know anything about my people.
but i know enough to know it feels so much
like not knowing anything about

—  deliberating assimilating by Drea Onzagle