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Woodstock69’s questions:

1) Which countries have you visited? Spain, Tunisia, France, Belgium, Scotland, Wales, ^_^

2) Favorite book?
 Divergent by Victoria Roth

3) Art or Science? Why? Art, it’s more expressive than science which is just pure fact

4) Who is your favorite person in the world? Why? My mother because she’s hilarious and understands what I’m saying when I’m not saying anything

5) Best day of your life? Worst?
 Best has been anytime out of the city and worst is in more detail but basically, I was 2 years old, my mom had a hypo and needed to be taken into A&E and I remember feeling petrified and so frightened of my own mother.

6) Which goals do you want to reach in this year?
 Get an A in psychology, continue making my own decisions and relax.

7) Do you like tea? Which is your favorite?
 I love tea! Green tea and cranberry or any fruit tea!

8) Which is your favorite Disney movie?
 The Incrediblessssss!

9) How many times have you been in love?
 4, with my animals. I don’t believe in relationship love :’)

10) Who’s your favorite painter?
 Ooh, I’m not sure, Banksy I think because his art speaks to society in the best way

11) Where are you from? Birmingham, England :-)

My questions:

1. How old do you think you truly are? Other than biologically.

2. Are you religious or a believer in your own beliefs?

3. Your favourite scent?

4. Favourite song to listen to that makes you happier or more energetic?

5. Where do you live in the world? ^_^

6. What is your favourite thing to study?

7. Are you ambitious? Why/why not?

8. Do you like to travel? Where would you love to travel to that you haven’t already?

9. Favourite material item you own?

10. Where is your favourite place to relax?

11. What star sign are you?

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Bohofien BOTM
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You, yes you can become my blogger of the month! All you have to do is reblogging this picture on your blog. Likes do not count. You have untill 25/08 to reblog this, then I’ll pick my 8 favorites and create a poll. You’ll be able to vote untill 1/09. Afterwards, i will chose my favorite blog out of the 3 most popular blogs! My BOTM will have her own page, a regular promo and screenshot!

I wish you all the best luck!
Lots of love, Fien xx