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Pull Me Closer Part 3

Part 4

Mckayla looked at herself in the mirror and made a few adjustments. When she was completely satisfied, she stepped away from he mirror and grabbed her phone.

She had 3 missed calls from Kate and 4 texts. She rolled her eyes and swiped to the right, and called Kate back.

“Finally! Are you ready to go? I’m almost there with a cab. Get your sexy ass down here! It’s time to meet some men!” Mckayla sighed and rolled her eyes. It was mute to go and meet men. She had two soulmates who were either comatose or almost dead.

“I’m not going to go and meet men. I’m going because I just graduated from university and I’m going to get a kick ass job.” Kate’s soft and light laugh made Mckayla frown.

Did she think that she couldn’t get a kick ass job? Or was she laughing because unlike Kate, she didn’t come from a family of great wealth.

“Hurry up, deadbeat!” Mckayla bit her lip and hung up on Kate and shoved her phone into her clutch. She stormed to the door of her apartment and threw the closet doors aside.

“Deadbeat. What a a bitch!” Mckayla grit her teeth and searched the closet for wearable shoes.

Kate may have been her good friend since elementary, but that didnt mean she wasn’t a bitch. Mckayla wasn’t even sure what they had in common anymore.

Kate was tall, thin and beautiful. She had flowing dark locks that always seemed to be the perfect mix of boho waves and Disney princess. And then to add to the beauty of Kate, she had striking hazel eyes paired with glowing skin.

“What a rude thing to say.” When she found shoes, she pulled them on and then came the moment of truth. Slowly she stood in her uncomfortable heels. She couldn’t very well see what she looked like, but she was sure Kate would love it.

“Here goes nothing.” Mckayla left her apartment and tried not to think about going right back in and cancelling the whole night.

“Few drinks. That’s it. Few drinks.” She locked the door behind her and started descending the stairs, her heels wobbling to some degree.

Mckayla wasn’t the most comfortable in high heels but she did like the way they made her legs look. And she thought, as someone who wasn’t model tall and thing, dealing with a little leg wobble in exhange for good looking legs was fair.


When Mckayla arrived at the bar, which was more of a club, it took her more than a few minutes to walk in. Every time she thought she was going to, she would look down at her wrists and freeze.

She didn’t cover them up, or wear long sleeves and tonight they were bold and brazen. Right out front.

“And I’ve already met one of you.” She studied the dates, analyzed and stared. She tried to guess which of her soulmates she had already met and which she still had to meet.

But the meeting of one of her soulmates raised more questions than it answered. Why was he still so young? Why didn’t he look like he was frailing and old? Was the connection with him some mistake? Was it a trick on her from the universe and her soulmate wasn’t actually a tall, incredibly sexy blonde with muscles upon muscles?

“Damn!” Mckayla quickly grew frustrated and hit her palm against the steering wheel. She did it again and again until her palm was numb and she released all of her aggression.

“Time to go.” Just as she spoke, she saw her phone vibrating, and Kate’s name popped up on screen.

Mckayla rolled her eyes and grabbed her keys, clutch and phone. She got out of her car and glanced at her phone, still buzzing and still Kate.

“Stop calling me! If I say I am on my way and almost there than I am on my way and almost…” She was cut off by a frantic Kate.

“Get in here! Now! There’s a group of sexy superheroes! At this club! Oh my god, I am so getting laid!” Mckayla rolled her eyes, again, and started walking towards the entrance to the bar.

“Why would I care if they’re there or not? I’m only here to have a few drinks and celebrate my graduation and lack of job.” She felt snappy and pissy but that’s because she was snappy and pissy.

Mckayla would say that she was a patient woman, she could stand a lot of bullshit, but she was quickly running out of patient for Kate.

“Get. In. Here!” The phone beeped 3 times letting her know she’d been hung up on. Mckayla gripped her phone in her hand and brought it close to her face.

“I hate you!” She shook her phone a few times and then shoved it inside her clutch. She kept walking towards the bar, this time her footsteps were heavy.

“Welcome to…” She cut off the bouncer. She showed him her I.D. gave him the cover charge and walked in, still steaming.

“Kayla! Over here! Kayla!” She hated when people called her Kayla. Absolutely hated it. But still she walked towards her ‘good friend’, a smile plastered on her face.

“Hi Kate.” She gave her a half-hearted hug and then ordered a drink. God knew she needed one.

“There they are! Over there! Oh my god! They’re so hot! I wonder what they’re doing here!” She ignored Kate’s screeching. Instead of listening to it, she paid for her drink and took a good, long sip.

“Oh my god! There’s Ironman, the guy with the arrows, the redhead who has a smoking body, Captain America. Damn I’d let him do his patriotic duty and do me.” Another eye roll and a snort.

“And…the one that swings the hammer. And some sexy man I’ve never seen before.” Mckayla turned. Leaned against the bar and looked over at the high VIP section.

“The redhead is named Black Widow and the one that swings the hammer is Thor, Norse God.” Her eyes steeped over the Avengers again, landing and staying on a familiar blonde head.

“Oh. My. God!” Mckayla shrieked and slammed her drink down on the table. Several people around her turned and shot her dirty looks, but she paid no mind.

“Kayla? What is it? What’s wrong?” She could feel the pull starting to rise in her. She knew it would be even less time for him to feel it.

“I have to go. I have to go right now. I can’t stay here. He’s here and he’ll see me and I’ll have to talk to him again and I can’t talk to him because if I do…” She inhaled a deep and sharp breath. She had been rambling on while trying not to be seen.

“What the hell are you talking about?!” Manicured nails grabbed her arms and gave her a small shake. Mckayla’s eyes widened and she slowly swung her head back in their direction.

5 sets of eyes were on her. 5 sets of eyes were staring at her and her friend.

“I know the blonde. I ran into him earlier. He appears to be my soulmate.“ She turned away from them and faced Kate. She was scared. She was more than scared.

"Hammer blonde or sexy, Captain America blonde?” Captain America. Damn. It made more sense now.

“Captain America blonde.” Mckayla could see the hamster wheels in Kate’s head turning. She could almost see the steam rising from her head as she processed this.

“Oh my god! No way! You have to introduce me to the other blonde and the dark haired, blue eyed living sex-God.” Was Kate for real? Mckayla had just met him that day, earlier that day, and she didn’t even know the other two men.

“Are you out of your mind? No! No im not going to introduce you! I barely know the guy myself! And hello! Soulmate dates! They’re almost 100 years old! Creepy!” She still didn’t fully understand how this all worked.

“So go ask him! And bring me with you.” There was no way Mckayla was going to waltz up to him, in front of other superheroes, and ask him how come he wasn’t a wrinkly old shoe.

“Not going to happen-”


“I’m not going to do it.” They talked over each other and ignored each other’s speaking until the sound of a voice clearing met their ears.

“Hello. My name’s Tony. Tony Stark. Listen, your friend here is one of my very good friends soulmate and he has some questions for her. So if I could steal her…” Mckayla had no chance to protest.

Tony Stark, she definitely knew who he was, had grabbed her hand and was already leading her away before she could process what just happened.

“Hi I’m Tony. You’re Mckenna right?” Wrong.

“Mckayla. My names Mckayla.” Tony smiled small at her and continued leading her towards the upper VIP area.

“Listen Mckenna I don’t know how these things normally work because I’ve been with my own soulmate for so long but…”

“Mckayla. My name isn’t McKenna. It’s Mckayla.” She cut him off and crossed her arms over her chest. She pulled her wrist out of his grip and stood back. She was well aware of the stares she was receiving and it would’ve made her uncomfortable, but she as focused on Tony.

“Mckenna listen…” Was he messing up her name on purpose? Or was he just being an asshole?

“Mckayla! Come on up here!” The 'guy with the arrows’ was waving his hand, a large grin on his face. Mckayla furrowed her eyes brows and threw a glance back at Kate.

She may be annoyed at Kate and frustrated with her controlling behaviour, but she was like Mckayla’s comfort blanket. She needed her.

“We don’t bite!” A round of laughter sent Mckayla’s confidence plummeting.

“5 minutes. Just 5 minutes.” She muttered and followed Tony Stark up the stairs. She was now hyper aware of the marks on her wrists and the pull. It was thick and almost too much.

“Everyone this is Mckenna…” She felt her eye twitch. Mckayla clenched and unclenched her fists a few times, telling herself that if she caused any bodily harm to the famous Tony Stark, she wouldn’t have to worry about a job.

She’d wind up in a county prison washing some other woman’s laundry. That’d be her job.

“Her name is Mckayla, Tony.” She felt a shiver or a shudder roll through her body. His voice was deep and she enjoyed it more than she’d care to admit.

“Mckayla, this is Natasha, Thor, Bucky and Steve, and obviously Tony. And I’m Clint. It’s really nice to meet you. Cap here hasn’t shut up about you.” She felt a second pull. It was a little different than the pull she felt from Steve.

It was needier and a tad bit stronger. It also wavered on the emotional side. It was like whoever it was, was dealing with great emotional strife.

“Nice to see you again, ma'am.” Steve gave her a smile that shook her to her core. She felt weak and wobbly, not just from the heels, and knew she had a red face.

“Don’t call me ma'am.” Mckayla muttered and managed to tear her eyes away from Steve’s, only to get caught again.

This time they were caught in beautifully striking blue eyes. They were different from Steve’s, at least the gaze was. It was intense and more emotional, the pulls were more desperate.

“I’m Bucky.” The air grew thick as he reached out and grabbed mckayla’s hand. Electricity shot through her, like it did with Steve. There was an immediate reaction from your heart and body.

“Mckayla!” Kate’s voice broke the moment and she dropped his hand and turned away. She saw Kate standing by the ropes blocking VIP off, two drinks in her hand.

“Your drink. You forgot it.” A stupid, flirty smile was plastered on her face and Mckayla watched carefully as she walked up the stairs.

She stood up straighter and pushed her breasts out. The dress she was wearing was beautiful and normally Mckayla wouldn’t mind her friends beauty.

But a sting and stab of self-consciousness hit her. Mckayla was not tall or thin. She did not have model beauty like Kate. She did not have high cheekbones and pouty lips.

Mckayla was short, around 5'2" or 5'3" depending on the day. And she was not thin. She had larger hips, which made her have a larger butt. And her breasts were also larger than average, but that stemmed from having a larger family as well.

“Hi. I’m Kate. You’re cute.” Mckayla endured a stab of jealousy as she slided over to Bucky. She shook his hand and placed her flirtiest grin on her face.

Mckayla frowned and focused on playing with the hem of her own dress. She didn’t want to be getting jealous, because she knew that Steve and Bucky were her soulmates. And there was nothing Kate could do to change that.

But still, seeing her 'friend’ flirting with not one, but both of her soulmates, stung. She was pissed off at Kate and upset that she didn’t have have the confidence to tell her off.

“I have to go. It was nice meeting you.” Suddenly the air became thicker and Mckayla felt emotions rising in her throat. She could feel tears pricking her eyes and knew if she didn’t get out now, she would start tearing up.

“Mckayla!” The whining voice of Kate, the slightly high pitched tone, hit her ears. Mckayla didn’t stop, she kept walking down the stairs, ignoring her friends pleas.

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