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etsyfindoftheday 2 | 7.23.14

‘good vibes only’ banner wall hanging by sharptoothstudio

i really, really need this colorful, hand-sewn banner in my office at work. and in my apartment. basically, everywhere in my life. good vibes only, man.

Hey everyone! Since I haven’t done one of these in a long while, I’ve decided to ring in the new year with a following spree and new faves! If you’re interested in participating please keep reading! 

R U L E S 

  • Must be following me; meralei
  • Must reblog this post at least once 
  • Be an active blogger

P E R K S 

  • A follow from me and a new friend
  • Follower gain ++
  • Endless queues
  • Promos to thousands (max of 2 a week)
  • Spot on a super cute faves page that’s currently under construction

O T H E R 

  • Banner made beautifully by  rehticent ; bannersbyrehticent
  • I will choose 30 winners whenever I feel like enough notes have been made
  • If you have any questions/concerns/comments, feel free to message me
  • Follow my Instagram ; Twitter ; SnapChat: @christincabello 

I wish you all happy and safe holidays! I hope life grants you nothing but blessings. Enjoy the rest of 2016 and welcome 2017 with enthusiasm and positivity. Please know that my ask box is always open to you for love, support or just a friendly chat. Stay glorious my little sauce nuggets! 

With love, Christin 

etsyfindoftheday | 9.28.14

‘anything you want’ handmade typographic gold glitter banner by summerboyfriend

also available in a black velvet lettering option, this hipster wall banner comes in three sizes to display your varying levels of indifference. LOVE.

**Delete the text and I’ll scare you in your sleep**

♡ Introducing my first ever favs page!! 


  ✖ mbf me (you have a 0.000% chance if you don’t)

 ✖ Reblog this (likes are for bookmarking)

 ✖ Can be any blog type, but i’ll be choosing mostly indie, humor & pale        blogs

  ✖ Be nice!

✿ Perks ✿

 ✖ A new friend! (me)

 ✖ A rad new badge for your blog! 

 ✖ More followers (If you want more followers, spread this around more)

 ✖ HTML help

 ✖ I’ll promo you any 5 times 


✿ Higher Chance ✿

 ✖ Reblog this more than once!

 ✖ Talk to me, I don’t bite! (Unless you’re a donut)

 ✖ Tell me why you want to be on my favs page with the tag #sprinkhal

 ✖ Follow my instagrams: sprinkhal and wandhurlust

 ✖ Follow the bestie (She’s super nice)

 ✖ Follow the fashion blog


✿ Credits ✿

 ✖ I made the banner