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Hello loves! We’re Kaelyn (ocea) and Alyssa (suuhbtle) and we’re super excited to host our first tumblr awards together! :D 

So, without further ado..

Ocea and Suuhbtle present the Summer Bucket List Awards.


☀️ Must be following Kaelyn (ocea) and Alyssa (suuhbtle) to be considered.

☀️ Reblog this post at least once. Likes will not be counted but can be used for bookmarking.


☀️ Go to a music festival - Best Overall (x2)

☀️ See Fireworks - Best Posts (x2)

☀️ Stargaze - Best URL (x2)

☀️ Go to the beach - Best Blog Details (x2)

☀️ Have a bonfire - Best Icon (x2)

☀️ Go to a carnival - Best New Discovery (x2)

☀️ Make S’mores - Best Under 1K (to be considered for this category you must submit proof of your follower count here and here.Your tumblr URL must be clearly visible also.) (x2)

☀️ Host a Summer Barbecue - Nicest Blogger (x2)

☀️ Go camping - Best Alternate Blog Style (x2)

☀️ Go on a road trip - Kaelyn’s Favourites (x2)

☀️ Go to the zoo - Alyssa’s Favourites (x2)


☀️ New people to call friends (Kaelyn and Alyssa, of course.)

☀️ A follow from us, if we aren’t already.

☀️ Help with absolutely anything.

☀️ You will feature on an extraordinary awards page (under construction.)


☀️ Reblog this post more than once, the more you reblog the more we will notice you. Please do not spam.

☀️ Reblog Kaelyn’s Awards here, herehere and here.

☀️ Talk to us here and here. We don’t bite, promise!


☀️ Banner made by the wonderful Haniah (rehticent and bannersbyrehticent.)

☀️ We will choose when we are happy with the notes. 

☀️ If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us here and here.

Happy reblogging loves! Stay beautiful! xx

Much love, 

Kaelyn & Alyssa.

Hello loves!! To celebrate reaching 4k and finishing finals I have decided to start picking multiple BOTM! There will be 2-4 blogs featured on my page for a whole month!!


- Must be following me (pls be honest - i will check)
- Reblog this post (likes count as bookmarks)
- Keep the text (it won’t show on your blog!!)
- Please do not self promote on this


- A follow from me, if not already
- I’ll queue and reblog from you very often
- Promos whenever you want (up to 3x/week)
- You can ask for help voting, reblogging your uploads, etc
- A new friend (woo)!
- A spot on my faves page! (holla)
- Featured on my blog for the entire month! You WILL gain!

- Follow my network blog (message me if you do!)
- Reblog this more than once to be noticed more
- Talk to me, I love getting to know you guys!

- I will choose when this gets a decent amount of notes and announce by early January
- Feel free to message me if you have any questions :))
- Banner made by myself! (photo not mine)

If this goes nowhere then nothing happened :)


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♡ Introducing my first ever favs page!! 


  ✖ mbf me (you have a 0.000% chance if you don’t)

 ✖ Reblog this (likes are for bookmarking)

 ✖ Can be any blog type, but i’ll be choosing mostly indie, humor & pale        blogs

  ✖ Be nice!

✿ Perks ✿

 ✖ A new friend! (me)

 ✖ A rad new badge for your blog! 

 ✖ More followers (If you want more followers, spread this around more)

 ✖ HTML help

 ✖ I’ll promo you any 5 times 


✿ Higher Chance ✿

 ✖ Reblog this more than once!

 ✖ Talk to me, I don’t bite! (Unless you’re a donut)

 ✖ Tell me why you want to be on my favs page with the tag #sprinkhal

 ✖ Follow my instagrams: sprinkhal and wandhurlust

 ✖ Follow the bestie (She’s super nice)

 ✖ Follow the fashion blog


✿ Credits ✿

 ✖ I made the banner